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Leslie Mar 25, 2023
I had to (safely) take a picture of this show's number while I was driving - the iconic samples and down tempo vibe gave me grooving flashbacks down memory lane. I knew I'd be revisiting this in the archives. Thanks, DJ Soo!
Anton Daps Mar 14, 2021
Darth Fader - totally agree! Has nothing to do with We funk vibe. Completely different vibe. Horrible
Jan Jan 21, 2021
This is a huge SHOW! Big up from Zurich!
mr-zinga Jan 20, 2021
drumig bassig like ich
Darth Fader Jan 18, 2021
First time ever I turned down wefunk ´cause I didn´t want my neighbours to hear what I´m listening to.. I wasn´t feeling most of soos tracks.. Though, I turned it up at the end of the second set, but I miss the good old (underground) Hip Hop..! Hope Static dug out sth. in Hong Kong and come back heavily with it in the following shows..!?!

Show 1059

DJ Soo brews a kaleidoscopic blend of R&B, soul and afrobeats with Jarreau Vandal, Debarge, Thundercat, Mura Masa and more. Plus vault gold from Tuxedo, soaring future jazz by Natalie Slade and souled-out flips from J.Robb and Daniel Crawford.

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DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Soo / RECORDED January 15, 2021 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • tuxedo - doin' my best
  • talk (over lvusm - long way)
  • raquel rodriguez - we go together
  • izo fitzroy - slim pickings
  • mac miller - ladders   (start of d.j. soo's 1st set)
  • dugong jr - on my own
  • vision feat. andreya triana & ben westbeech - missing
  • ja rule feat. ashanti - always on time (f.s. green dub)
  • shakka feat. alunageorge - man down
  • mura masa feat. octavian - move me
  • d.j. kwamzy feat. yung d3mz - pamoja
  • jarreau vandal feat. kiah victoria - slow it down
  • chores feat. sharnar - got it (health club remix)
  • stardust - music sounds better with you (juan laya & jorge montiel re-work)
  • franc moody - in too deep
  • calvin harris feat. young thug, pharrell williams & ariana grande - heatstroke   (end of d.j. soo's 1st set)
  • mofak - crenshaw blvd
  • lisa p. - m.u.s.i.c. (opolopo remix)
  • michael jackson - human nature (daniel crawford remix)
  • roots - one shine
  • j.robb - wild thoughts (i made this in the green room just now)
  • thundercat - them changes   (start of d.j. soo's 2nd set)
  • thundercat - them changes (jaël remix)
  • freddie cruger feat. linn - pushing on
  • mick jenkins - rain
  • missy elliott - the rain
  • ann peebles - i can't stand the rain
  • debarge - i like it
  • toni braxton - deadwood
  • childish gambino - redbone (vandalized edit)
  • promnite feat. tzar - 4 letters
  • mura masa feat. christine & the queens - second 2 none
  • louis the child feat. evalyn - fire
  • matt ryder - medicine
  • lily allen feat. giggs - trigger bang
  • d.j. marky & kosheen - hide u (decoder & substance mix)
  • nu:tone feat. natalie williams - strange encounter
  • cleveland lounge - drowning (dave audé drum & space mix)
  • cleveland lounge - drowning (original)
  • zero 7 - in the waiting line
  • portugal the man - feel it still (lido remix)   (end of d.j. soo's 2nd set)
  • common feat. p.j. - what do you say (move it baby)
  • lyric jones feat. phil beaudreau - angelina
  • talk (over kaelin ellis - moons)
  • k-rec feat. moka only & chaplyn - love makes (pt. 1)
  • natalie slade - cloud cover

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