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MsRickeyX Apr 16, 2024
i cannot believe i have been listening this long! we're getting
поксель Jul 11, 2020
best show
elalemanloco Jan 30, 2018
Love the show, just discovered the archive & can't wait to enjoy the funk!
Fletcher May 24, 2017
Lap #1!! Can't wait to listen and catch up to all the funky goodness lying in wefunks archives....
cozmikd Oct 20, 2016
I was hopping around the archive and having trouble remembering what I've heard, so I'm doing a lap too! Looking forward to the treasures that beckon... :)
Mr. Garnet Feb 27, 2016
Today begins my first lap. A 1$ a day to keep the blues away. I'll meet you on the other side.
wolfgram Feb 1, 2012
Lap 3! Less than a year. Excellent.
Fonky Storm Nov 25, 2011
10 years back... feel good !
Stephen Jul 28, 2011
Just like those below I'm starting lap 2 of these funky funky shows. This time I'm going to make sure to mark my favorites. Cheers to all my fellow Wefunk listeners!
Scuba Steez Apr 4, 2011
BOPPO! One of the many people starting at the bottom and working my way to the top! Mutha Efffing Hyped! I'll be copping a tee real soon, One Love!
wolfgram Apr 2, 2011
Lap #2 on the full archive. BACK TO THE TOP!
Edmiston Nov 15, 2010
Doing a wefunk marathon! This is the first show, listening back to back to see how many weeks it takes.
hody 3ck Mar 21, 2009
bon du début a la fin encore bravo
hody 3ck Mar 21, 2009
respect pour le freestyle
maikel.may Mar 8, 2009
RESPECT for that insane SHOW!!! Keep it Real. Big Up
Dustin Oct 30, 2008
Straight from The Netherlands, Utrecht we love the WEFUNK sound!!! Keep it UP and ON AIR!!! ROF!
agentman Jun 2, 2008
is that the first show? wher si show from 001 to 167 ....wefunk the best radio on the net.. peace
Adyga May 14, 2007
Tham figapsou!
Great music!

cHRISTIAN Jan 2, 2007
Thanks for this great music. every track a bomb. Im from Germany and i search for such radio so long, i think 20 years. Greetz from europe
sophie May 16, 2006
danke, daß es euch gibt... und die Spiellisten dazustellt
Kiko Mar 3, 2006
Sir.A Feb 13, 2006
naud l'ex-gros Jan 8, 2006
C'est franc de la bonne déconne !
Thanks a lot of Kamelote WeFunk.

saoules man Sep 13, 2005
de la bombe cimer
wsl Apr 30, 2005
thank you wefunk...keeping nuremberg on fire..greetings from germany to all the funk heads worldwide
Tim Apr 3, 2005
Tout simplement enorme.
lonecatalyst Mar 4, 2005
thanx for reppin hip hop cultcha properly. & thanx for the mixes..
travis Jan 7, 2005
i've been dancing alone to we funk in my head phones. funk be with you.
chris from Germany Nov 12, 2004
I just wanted to phat ass props to.
I like ya all´s Stile

Ben Jun 19, 2004
yo who play in 15 minutes in this show ?
Ratson Jun 15, 2004
[]-[] [] []D - []-[] [[]] []D and you dont stop !!! peace
tamalesf Mar 19, 2002
you are transporting me. thanks.
mello Mar 19, 2002
just relax and let it roll...and damn, does it feed my soul!!! peace & blessings~
JP Marroquin Mar 5, 2002
indeed, turn it UPPPP!!
420 Sep 21, 2001
turn yo shit UP

Show 168

Featuring freestyles by U-Rock and Mucho, recent underground cuts by DJ Spazmodik, and the usual funk rawness by Professor Groove

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Spazmodik / RECORDED January 26, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963 & sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • joe tex - baby let me steal you
  • talk (over grover washington jr. - knucklehead)
  • cage feat. copywrite - the weather report
  • heltah skeltah - caca gosa vixen
  • lone catalysts - 3 yrs ago
  • common - tekzilla
  • rise - do you know him?
  • akbar - hot ya hot
  • buckshot - the real
  • el da sensei - where ya at
  • commodores - fancy dancer
  • kellee patterson - if it don't fit (don't force it)
  • joseph henry - i feel right
  • j.b.'s - givin' up food for funk
  • lee fields - put it on me
  • j.b.'s - blow your head
  • live freestyles by u rock & mooshow [sp?] (over masta ace - born to roll instrumental, unknown instrumental)
  • beatnuts - no escapin' this
  • east flatbush project feat. ruste juxxx - ruste juxxx
  • rasco - gunz still hot
  • 7l & esoteric - operating correctly
  • looptroop - business & pleasure
  • akrobatik - u got it
  • mr. lif - datablend
  • styles of beyond - spies like us (instrumental)
  • b.t. express - if it don't turn you on (you oughta leave it alone)
  • james brown - talkin' loud and sayin' nothing
  • average white band - cut the cake
  • kool & the gang - love and understanding (come together)
  • rufus thomas - the breakdown (live)
  • kool & the gang - music is the message
  • talk (over curtis mayfield - can't say nothin')

This playlist is courtesy of the WEFUNK Playlist Project. Thanks to Johnathan James, Luc Hebert, Ragnar Orestad & Nicolas for their work in putting this playlist together.

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