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Ben C Moore Jan 10, 2018
Old School sweet Raw Soul!
ivo Mar 23, 2013
cool like
Manue Sep 21, 2011
Great station, great music...thanks for the tunes!!!
sunnyd Oct 7, 2010
droppin' d&d all stars made my night! *Keep Spreadin' the FUNK!*
mgmoves Aug 24, 2010
WeFunk rocks!! thanks from belgium!
kjackson Dec 22, 2009
this show is sick!!
alecks Aug 15, 2009
wow - amazing archive und unbelievable mixes. grettings from germany!
DJ Mylz Feb 13, 2009
Big up WeFunk - my favourite radio station. Period.
Piotr Dec 30, 2007
Great Radio Men !!! I love it... Thanks for Your work. Keep doin Yo thang !! Peace..
gilou Mar 5, 2007
i love you groovy radio you keep me real !! yes i am
Matt Moon Dec 12, 2005
i wanna hear some betty harris mean man
ZACA Feb 17, 2005
You guys play the best funk that there is. LEt's keep on FUNKING like this...

ka_boom Dec 16, 2004
You guys played LA Symphony! Very very nice.

silliconValleyFunk Sep 5, 2002
The comment from Gretchen is right ! (1) I want/NEED your playlists (2) I want to buy more we-funk mixes (just sell me the shows) !
DankNYC Jun 13, 2002
What the track artist and name for #193 ~20 minutes with the "100 hundred ways" sample in it?
Gretchen Jun 13, 2002
Heh, I love it when you get super funky! The first song of this show, "Let me be your love maker... etc.". Who's singing it? She's awesome! The playlists are a great thing, I highly encourage you putting them in as much as possible. I write CD wish lists by the dozen from your show. Thank You for your show!!!
p0rnstyLe May 16, 2002
k. got it :)
same ol' thing is the title :)

p0rnstyLe May 16, 2002
cann anyone please tell me the name of the tribe called quest track @ about 40:00 of part one?
thx :)
btw... gReAt SHOW !!!

mello Apr 1, 2002
Lovin in...once again. and agreed~ all it takes is an open mind (and a little soul!)
peace & blessings~ thanks again my friends!

Darren Dec 13, 2001
Bwoy! This is one killer show your droppin' right now!
I'll be passing thru T-dot and elsewhere next year - make sure you keep it hot!
UK Crew - hold tight!

MIKE Dec 4, 2001
Missed most of the show but liked very much what I heard. I'm listening on Apple's iTunes and I'm lucky to have stumbled on your show. It was great actually. Even the funk that I heard at first which made me almost switch. Pays to be open-minded. Thanks for the show.

Show 193

Featuring hip-hop sets courtesy of Rawsoul

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DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Rawsoul / RECORDED July 20, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • berry street station - chocolate sugar
  • talk (over willie bobo & the bo-gents - broasted or fried)
  • betty wright - let me be your lovemaker
  • ike & tina turner - sexy ida
  • lyn collins - mama feelgood
  • james brown - i feel good
  • m.f. doom - rhymes like dimes
  • lone catalysts - cold turkey
  • pete rock feat. u.n. - cake
  • poor righteous teachers - rock dis funky joint
  • talk (over unknown instrumental)
  • q-tip - same ol' thing
  • l.a. symphony - broken tape decks
  • chris lowe - round and round
  • j.b.'s - same beat
  • maceo & all the king's men - better half
  • meters - keep on marching
  • bobby byrd - if you got a love you better (hold on to it)
  • naomi davis & the knights of 41st street - talkin' about a good thing
  • bobby byrd - doin' the do
  • j-live - yes!
  • wayne live feat. mr. shane - i remember
  • casual - later on
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - one in a million
  • ronnie cash - microphone master
  • edwin starr - easin' in
  • average white band - schoolboy crush
  • brides of funkenstein - love is something
  • d&d all-stars - 1, 2 pass it
  • brassmunk - one, 2
  • mr. len sosa & manchilde - ghetto youth
  • nautilus - twelve
  • diamond & the psychotic neurotics - sally's got a one track mind
  • talk (over main source - live at the barbeque instrumental)

This playlist is courtesy of the WEFUNK Playlist Project. Thanks to Johnathan James, Julian Taylor, Greg Rutter & Pablo for their work in putting this playlist together.

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