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NJ Feb 5, 2013
Just give me some raw, raw soul and funk and you'll make my day. The last segment with Sir Joe, up against Ann Sexton, the Funky President and Maceo is sheer stunning!
Leo Sow Mar 7, 2012
yeaahhh this is the best radio ) Thnx all
Stephen Sep 21, 2011
As always, an amazing show. Also, the Yesterdays New Quintet song is called "Pride & Vanity". Thanks for getting me through the day guys.
ben Moore Aug 10, 2011
Love me some Raw Soul -- nice vintage stuff. Bangin' as always. Best in web radio, indeed....
hb Dec 18, 2010
The best of webradio.
smoke'a'lota bluntz Jan 24, 2007
Oh snap! that was the funky shit!
WilOGodRegin'Supreme Jul 26, 2006
Hype as always.
Killswitch of WAIM105 Jul 24, 2005
I love the music and the funk. I truly wish you all stay around for years to come! Stay true to the music bro's! I am a fan for life!!!

logan Nov 23, 2004
very cool u always make my mornin wefunk!
kyou Mar 8, 2004
the sound before j rawls
kyou Mar 8, 2004
What is that jazzy hip hop sound
chris Jan 27, 2004
I loved this show. I am an itunes user and was thorougly impressed with the quality and variety of the music. Definitely will want to listen to this show some more.
Chris McConnell
disregard the *nospam* part in the email.

Clarence Nov 26, 2003
Great Music, Great Beat. A refreshing change from the norm
Felix(FeelX) Oct 31, 2003
Hi groovy people,
i´m working here in my bureau looking out at the grey colonian sky and your sound makes me think about the pleasures coming up at the weekend.
Keep on funkin´!!!!
I stay wit´ya....
Feel X

Basco5 Vancouver Canada Jun 2, 2003
I love the smooth beats of this show, nice poetry and rhymes. Brings me back to first falling in love with HipHop, we all know what that was like. ahhhhhhh
severine Oct 16, 2002
awesome show... love "how to break up with your girlfriend" & all the classic funk nuggets!
d3LTRoN Oct 16, 2002
i need infos about the track you played. primo used it in his "deep concentration". who is this?
cyphur umc en May 21, 2002
nice beats man! i love this stuff.
wefunk-adict Jan 3, 2002
Show 198 saved my day.
Some German Nov 5, 2001
I like this show - great mix.

Show 198

Rawsoul drops in again with fresh funk and hip-hop

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DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Rawsoul / RECORDED August 24, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & leprechaun / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • brother to brother - chance with you
  • talk (over meters - sing a simple song)
  • maceo & the macks - cross the track (we better go back)
  • vicki anderson - answer to mother popcorn (i got a mother for you)
  • yesterdays new quintet - pride & vanity
  • kool & the gang - summer madness
  • silent poets feat. anomolies - somedays
  • edo g. - too much to live fo'
  • infamous m.c. feat. kali wild - attitudes
  • jean grae - how to break up with your girlfriend
  • all natural - renaissance
  • j. sands & geology - won't stop
  • bar-kays - holy ghost
  • parliament - give up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker)
  • brothers johnson - get the funk up out ma face
  • chuck brown & the soul searchers - bustin' loose
  • trouble funk - get on up
  • kool & the gang - carribean festival
  • shorty long - here comes the judge
  • bull & the matadors - the funky judge
  • azeem - contradictions
  • rasco - hip hop essentials
  • maspyke - played list (instrumental)
  • double edge - the odds
  • kool keith - is thug or what
  • roots manuva - witness
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - back on the block
  • james brown - she's the one
  • ann sexton - you're losing me
  • sir joe quarterman & free soul - (i got) so much trouble in my mind
  • bobby byrd - keep on doin' what you're doin'
  • herbie hancock - wiggle waggle
  • meters - hey! last minute
  • maceo parker - better half
  • j.b.'s - givin' up food for funk
  • kool & the gang - give it up
  • talk (over milt jackson - i'm not so sure)

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