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HAwkwell Feb 28, 2013
Butta Beats
MuFunk Feb 16, 2011
When will u play spanish Hip-Hop??
Max Jun 11, 2006
What a great damn show..
stacey toro Nov 4, 2003
paz all peoples! Butta Beats keepin it live! Rep for nuestra gente bro! This music is our bloodline.
PALITO Oct 19, 2002
thatpatguy Aug 1, 2002
anyone know the name of that track that came on just before "Lickin' Stick" by James Brown?
smokin track.. I gotta find it

Keynaan Feb 24, 2002
This show has got to be one of my all to favorite show. Just listen to blend of Funk and Hip Hip. Speciallizing in (damm they are playing my shit.) This is how music show be. Thanks to Professor Groove FUNK is making A BIG CAME BACK!!!!!
much love,

Ben David Feb 1, 2002
This was some crucial funk
d_ummachine Jan 16, 2002
bootie butta beat boxin. unh.
thanx wefunk, i now have longer earhair.
d_ummachine out.
nyc 01-16-02

DrewDMT Dec 12, 2001
Much better funk hits. Anyone tell me who that is covering hard times?
Oh and butta beats is the worst MC ive heard in a while is he half asleep in a chair mumbling into a mic he sounds scared or bored or both. Dont quit your dayjob butta for real

Just 7 Oct 19, 2001
Butta Beats Sucks Like a straw with a pea in it!!! pleases keep him off the show, your audience will appreciate it!

Show 201

Butta Beats blesses us with beats and rhymes in english and espanol

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Butta Beats, Professor Groove / RECORDED September 14, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & jcw1963 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • rakaa-iriscience - caution
  • mr. lif - front on this
  • mr. len sosa & manchilde - ghetto youth
  • reflection eternal - fortified live
  • maceo & all the king's men - better half
  • bobby byrd - if you got a love you better (hold on to it)
  • baby huey - hard times
  • bobby byrd - never get enough
  • james young & the house wreckers - barkin' up the wrong tree
  • james brown - hot pants
  • joseph henry - never found a girl
  • butta beats - fuck the montreal police (live)
  • live beatbox (butta beats)
  • diamond & the psychotic neurotics - i'm outta here
  • j-live - great live caper
  • black star - definition
  • a tribe called quest - lyrics to go
  • dred scott - check the vibe
  • pharcyde - drop
  • roots - what goes on, pt. 7
  • kool & the gang - dujii
  • sly & the family stone - if you want me to stay
  • average white band - got work to do
  • simtec & wylie - bootleggin'
  • james brown - lickin' stick
  • leroy & the drivers - sad chicken
  • fabulous counts - jan jan
  • kool & the gang - chocolate buttermilk
  • maceo & the macks - paaarty
  • live beatbox (butta beats)
  • boss - progress of elimination
  • lord finesse & d.j. mike smooth - baby, you nasty
  • yesterdays new quintet - mystic brew
  • talk (over yesterdays new quintet - knucklehead)

This playlist is courtesy of the WEFUNK Playlist Project. Thanks to Johnathan James & Philipp Wohlleben for their work in putting this playlist together.

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