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Richmond, CA May 13, 2020
Don't let these old shows die! I love spinning back in time and hearing them again. #207 is raw goodness from the heart.
Stephen Oct 6, 2011
Another funky classic. Also, the unknown track is Abstract Rude + Tribe Unique feat Slug, Eyedea, LMNO, 2Mex, Busdriver, Xololanxinxo, & DJ Rhettmatic - Frisbee. Thanks again for freaking the funk.
o.d. from prague Sep 23, 2011
yea ollomuck nice :D cant wait for your party in Prague!! thnks 4 da mussick !!! peace !
maxmarsh Mar 19, 2011
love the show guys, still near the start of my marathon archive listen! lovin it!
Killah Dec 30, 2008
aq Oct 29, 2008
super groovy;) thanx a lot dudes! i love your station!
one question:
who is the artist and whats the name of the track before: del tha funkee homosapien - supafiend
who can help me?
greetings aq

galiaa Jun 9, 2006
veryyyyyyygooooooooooooooooooooood show yeahhhhhhhh2072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072072074207207207:]
galia Jun 9, 2006
..::BlueEyedDevil::.. Jan 4, 2006
Your radio is definitly best on the internet! Keep it real. Best wishes from Poland. Peace.
mike Jan 4, 2006
A fabulous work of audio art! Please keep 'em grooving.
Mr-StickUP Oct 12, 2005
props2all of you.I love those funked-out music-mixes, keep on doin´this, please...
keshot Mar 10, 2005
just amazing !
skotti Dec 23, 2004
hey, this is skotti.
can you plan some good jazz/hiphop-funk ? ? ?
i love that shit !
and, still some weeks ago, there was a track, and the refrain was: NO BODY MOVE, NO BODY GET HURT !
did you know that, if yes, can you play that !

LeBon Jul 5, 2004
what the hell was that track before Just to get a rep ?? Super funky !
harjuken Jul 5, 2004
de ounli motiweischon wen ai wörgg! dängs
ERIKEA Apr 7, 2004
Good god ! Keep on grooving !
Xavier May 14, 2003
Big Big Up We Funk Show... Thanx From Paris
CHRIS Nov 29, 2002
I LOVE THESE FUNK SHOWS!!!! thing to hit the net.......get doing it ......I would luv to see more shows that can be downloaded tho...........peace
chico May 14, 2002
aight... again hot stuff :D
benex polaris Dec 18, 2001
fett, fett, fett

Show 207

Professor Groove digs out some breaks, DJ Static takes it from chill to experimental to classic

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Chocolate Thunder / RECORDED October 26, 2001 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • lyn collins - think (about it)
  • bobby byrd - hot pants - i'm coming, coming, i'm coming
  • talk (over bobby byrd - hot pants - i'm coming, coming, i'm coming bonus beats)
  • manzel - midnight theme
  • vicki anderson - super good (answer to super bad)
  • meters - simple song
  • lafayette afro-rock band - hihache
  • dred scott - my mind is driftin'
  • mos def - speed law (instrumental)
  • a tribe called quest - electric relaxation
  • black sheep - still in the ghetto
  • frankie cutlass - puerto rico (instrumental)
  • das e.f.x. - they want e.f.x.
  • jack mcduff - hunk o'funk
  • 9th creation - bubble gum
  • j.b.'s - givin' up food for funk
  • sad rockets - heavy meta
  • del tha funkee homosapien - supafiend
  • del tha funkee homosapien - hoods come in dozens
  • abstract rude + tribe unique feat. slug, eyedea, l.m.n.o., 2mex, busdriver, xololanxinxo & d.j. rhettmatic - frisbee
  • kool keith - back from the pad
  • grant green - hey western union man
  • bobby byrd - doin' the do
  • tami lynn - mojo hanna
  • daktaris - in the middle
  • de la soul - freedom of speak (back & forth with james brown - get on the good foot)
  • cymande - the message
  • gang starr - just to get a rep
  • beastie boys feat. q-tip - get it together
  • common sense - communism
  • jigmastas feat. skam & buildin bloxx - beyond real (remix)
  • talk (over sampleslaya - hot butter)

This playlist is courtesy of the WEFUNK Playlist Project. Thanks to Johnathan James, Philipp Wohlleben, Pablo, Florian Schmidt, Nicolas & King for their work in putting this playlist together.

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