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tykeTFO from da Bronx Mar 24, 2011
"...raised in the ways of the funky child."
mathieu from france Dec 20, 2010
rocking show!! loads of classical tunes just awesome. wefunk aka way above. keep it up
jcw1963 Dec 6, 2008
This show is pretty damn good!
Keynaan Sep 11, 2005
Very well done Static. Nice hip hop classics.....
Don -Kalimero- Aug 4, 2005
This shit is tighT!!!!
I love WeFunk!!!
Very nice mix!!!
Keep on spreading good music

[FloW] Mar 17, 2005
High I can't get enough of this funky stuff, greetings from boogie down Germany. i never heard a better radio station than this!
I like the hand work by Dj static this man rules! I'am a [hip hop/funk] Dj since 3 years and love it so much

marcus Mar 7, 2005
Yeah WeFunk!! Is da best radio, eva heard!bavaria city ;) pace.
smartinus Jan 27, 2005
I love it !!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaah wu-tang make me crazy !!! 97' mentality..........:)))

Tony, Funk bass player Dec 5, 2004
Aaah man i love it!! Great stuff!
square-beats Nov 14, 2004
uuu....shit! You are the greatest.
greetings from POLAND.
one question. Can I add here my mix? (if I make:)

Kosta Nov 14, 2004
I'm from Serbia,small country in east Europe.You are the best radio...Thank You for P-Funk Funk and OldSchool
escoe Aug 27, 2004
hey i was juss wonderin if u guys ever play any "manitoba"? juss a thought
ESCOE Aug 27, 2004
slow it down a bit when yr sayin yr phone number! other than that, SOLID as usual
KENT1 Apr 28, 2004
Zmoro Apr 17, 2004
I'm from Poland(small country in east Europe) and this music make me crazy! this is the best radio i've ever heard!
junkf00d aLiEn Mar 14, 2004
Really sick stuff. i love these music
PaulPre Feb 1, 2004
Did anybody know the track-name where the "so step up if you wanna get hurt"-cut comes from???
MrDoctr Jan 26, 2004
this playlist got some nice Wu tracks from back when, keep it comin Jan 25, 2004
I know most of these songs by heart. Static tears shit up in this set as usual. He knows Hip-hop. Please keep spinning guys!
I listen almost everyday!

el guapo Oct 9, 2003
groovy beats, create baselines, good mixing, stupendous mix of music
muggins Apr 29, 2002
If there's no playlist, how do the artists benefit?

Show 216

DJ Static runs things solo with loads of hip-hop, classic and heavy breaks, and of course some nice WeFunk sample moments.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Flex, James, Keith / RECORDED January 11, 2002 / PLAYLIST MARKING antimony / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • lords of the underground - funky child
  • talk (over sadat x. - hang 'em high instrumental)
  • last poets - in time and space
  • de la soul - what's more
  • x clan - rhythem of god
  • paris - break the grip of shame
  • public enemy - caught, can i get a witness
  • chris paul - expansions '86
  • herbie hancock - rockit
  • incredible bongo band - apache
  • jimmy castor bunch - it's just begun
  • salt-n-pepa - get up everybody
  • black moon - how many m.c.'s (blend with salt-n-pepa - get up everybody instrumental, ocean - the usual instrumental)
  • fugees - fugee-la
  • talk (over moka only - this that instrumental)
  • moka only - this that
  • organized konfusion feat. large professor - stress (remix)
  • organized konfusion - prisoners of war
  • babe ruth - the mexican
  • jungle brothers - because i got it like that
  • sly & the family stone - you can make it if you try
  • mobb deep - hell on earth
  • nas - the message
  • smif-n-wessun - let's git it on
  • wu-tang clan - c.r.e.a.m.
  • audio two - top billin'
  • jeru the damaja - da biches
  • cappadonna - '97 mentality
  • notorious b.i.g. - dreams of fuckin' an r&b bitch
  • james brown - blues & pants
  • breakbeats
  • b.d.p. - illegal business
  • talk (over beastie boys - body movin' instrumental)

This playlist is courtesy of the WEFUNK Playlist Project. Thanks to Johnathan James and Nicolas for their work in putting this playlist together.

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