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polishfunklover Sep 21, 2009
This show kicks ass, im trying to check out all the shows, and 227 its absolutely the best of 80 i've listened in a few months.
Thanks a lot from Cracow

Dat 3 Aug 20, 2008
its great to hear the cheeba cheeba kid. i grew up "rolling one." lighting one, and smkoing one. with him evrey friday night on cjsw in calgary. its amazing to bump in to a nother cheeb mix like 10 years later. Apr 10, 2007
i remember i burned hip hop parts from this show on cd back some years ago;p can't believe its 2007 now. atm this show playing on stream ;p yea chat would be nice Jan 8, 2007
LOVE the incks song right off the intro!! nice find PG....
oli! May 22, 2006
Awww, kickass!
A chat would be awesome on that site! To talk with the listener!

oli! May 22, 2006
Phat! I like!

jbarbo78 Mar 12, 2006
wow baby...!
Scoob Lover Nov 30, 2005
God damn! This is dope! From the roots of hip-hop to the real thing, this is what I want to hear all the time. Keep up the mighty mighty fine work.
pieman May 20, 2005
yessss, this is what ive been looking for, this is the first show i heard on wefunk outstanding, kev from UK
dj chuck May 20, 2005
Show 227 has me doing headspins at my desk at work! Great Mix!
3rd Bass, Public E., Big Daddy, damn! bringing me back...

LEX LETHAL Oct 16, 2004
I am jazzing and funking it UP!!
LEX LETHAL Oct 16, 2004
I love your vibe! You are doing the right thing, and I love you for it.
nojob May 11, 2004
Slammin'! I got pulled in by one track and it just didn't stop. This brought back so many good memories!
Johnny Cache Oct 20, 2003
Quite possibly my all-time favorite WeFunk show. Just when you thought the beats couldn't get any better, they pull the crazy sh*t outa the bag!
schoitlmc Feb 12, 2003
strictly great!!!!
Keep doin guys!

max Feb 11, 2003
unbelievable - just great.
dinky Jan 28, 2003
Incredible hi-energy hiphop mix one of the best i've heard

sessionID Dec 16, 2002
This show just rocks. Period.
Peace from .hu

Show 227

A nice jazz funk-raw funk evolution in the first half, followed by a solid 90s hip-hop mix courtesy of the Cheeba Cheeba Kid.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Cheeba Cheeba Kid / RECORDED March 29, 2002 / PLAYLIST MARKING funkykayo / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • incks - push
  • professor longhair - big chief
  • talk
  • cyril neville - tell me what's on your mind
  • lee dorsey & betty harris - love lots of lovin'
  • talk
  • jimmy smith - root down (and get it)
  • marvin gaye - t. plays it cool
  • ramsey lewis - back in the u.s.s.r.
  • milt jackson - i'm not so sure
  • alvin cash - stone thing
  • meters - little old money maker
  • wild magnolias - ho na nae
  • young-holt unlimited - rubber lips
  • gaturs - gatur bait
  • sir mack rice - bump meat
  • chicago gangsters - gangster boogie
  • public enemy - cold lampin' with flavor
  • 3rd bass - portrait of the artist as a hood (remix)
  • de la soul - keepin' the faith
  • todd terry - b-boy's club
  • art of noise - beat box
  • big daddy kane - raw
  • d.j. chuck chillout & kool chip - mic i grip
  • west side mob - breakdance electric boogie
  • fat boys - on and on
  • schoolly d. - treacherous
  • whodini - any way i gotta swing it
  • bomb the bass - beat dis
  • d.j. chuck chillout & kool chip - roll call
  • beastie boys - egg man
  • curtis mayfield - superfly
  • apollis - what it is
  • sons of slum - what does it take
  • mastermind - hustle bus stop
  • talk (over j.b.'s - blow your head (undubbed version))
  • marva whitney - what do i have to do to prove my love to you

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