Add Comment Jan 20, 2006
This station kills it. Sending this shiet out to the Furious Styles Crew out in the 602.
mike c Aug 1, 2005
first off, I'd like to say that this was a bad ass set. I love your station. I was wondering if you could tell the track you played in the free style section towards the end of the show. It was the track with flutes. Thanks and keep up the good work.
dgelz Apr 23, 2005
I rarely give props, but wefunk keeps me bangin' in South Korea. Keep it up.
djvroc Apr 2, 2004
keep that shiet up. Listening this during my day job in md
Emcyze Dec 16, 2003
WeFunk ownz.....we listen to you in France!!
keep it goin!

cherz Dec 6, 2003
that freestyle session was funny as hell!!!
"This summer...."
I laughed out loud when i was studying in the library and i had to leave. you rat bastards.

Qpickup Dec 6, 2003
Excellent show, thank God for playlists like this. Enjoying you down in Charlotte, NC.

Show 284

Narcicyst, Loes, Mottolo and Rawgged drop in for copious freestyles

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Narcicyst, Rawgged / RECORDED May 23, 2003 / PLAYLIST MARKING antimony / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • albert king - cold feet
  • talk (over sly & the family stone - thank you for talking to me africa)
  • ohio players - funky worm
  • j.b.'s - same beat
  • dilated peoples - basics
  • group home - livin' proof
  • consequence - nobody
  • das e.f.x. - kaught in da ak
  • butta babees - understand yourself
  • bob james - nautilus
  • grant green - hey western union man
  • joyce williams - the first thing i do in the morning
  • rufus - you got the love
  • third guitar - baby don't cry
  • chuck bridges - keep your faith baby
  • k.m.d. - nitty gritty
  • son of bazerk - change the style
  • big daddy kane - i get the job done
  • yaggfu front - looking for a record deal
  • kwest tha madd lad - 101 things to do while i'm with your girl
  • live freestyles & beatbox by narcycist, mottolo, loes & rawgged
  • palm skin productions - tryin' to live
  • johnny hammond - star borne
  • talk (over webster lewis - el bobo, jimmy mcgriff - signed, sealed, delivered i'm yours)
  • freddie & the kinfolk - mashed potato popcorn

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