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Mike zenzey Jun 24, 2011
I'm a writer of Naples and support WEFUNK with passion...Hip hop is beautifull, Hip hop is life!!! support Dj Static and Professor Groove ^_^
jvgraph Sep 13, 2010
SUP WEFUNK this show has some great tracks much thanks for all the work and archived shows.
funkyfresh Jay Feb 28, 2006
hey just 1na say i recon ur station is ace itz the meaning of f-u-n-k
keep it real ..jay

jacko41 Feb 14, 2006
It's the first time I listen to wefunkradio and to this style of music. This set really makes me like this style.
rizzy Jul 8, 2005
hey can you play the song,
play that funky music white boy

Ny love Dec 6, 2004
Thank you for making this available to those of us who are kept from this kind of social revolution. We need it.
Tryin' to keep it real in the USA.

Funky Frogg Nov 11, 2004
This is the type of radio station I've been yearning for all my life, no hate, no materialism. My only wish is that I could meet you give you hugs for what you are putting out. Sarah Jones is an amazingly true poet. Peace and love fom London, UK. Maybe one day I'll make it Montreal to see y'all. Jun 29, 2004
I'm diggin' this set! Word!
boogirok-C Jun 29, 2004
Straight up groove!
cmol Jun 6, 2004
Props from germany!
This show is burnin' from beginin till end! I love it! (Sorry, for my bad english!)
Keep on spinnin!

MIKEP May 29, 2004
I know that different shows are on at different times but this whole WEFUNK is the SHIT! im so glad i discovered this yesterday! much props!

fnord Feb 11, 2004
now 48 mins in and haven't stopped grooving in my chair..sadly the cat isn't up here to enjoy it anymore

Show 289

Crunchy coating, sweet center, and a classic finish

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED June 27, 2003 / PLAYLIST MARKING funkykayo / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • beatnuts - yeah you get props
  • talk (over group home - tha realness instrumental)
  • nice & smooth - how to flow
  • common sense - soul by the pound
  • d.j. vadim & sarah jones - your revolution
  • de la soul - stakes is high
  • lord finesse - hip 2 da game
  • jigmastas - lyrical fluctuation
  • biz markie - turn da party out
  • nas - if i ruled the world
  • ghetto concept - e-z on the motion
  • homeliss derilex - fraudulent
  • wilson pickett - get me back on time, engine number 9
  • over night low - the witch doctor
  • jack wilkins - red clay
  • paul jackson - tip toe through the ghetto
  • minnie riperton - baby this love i have
  • mike james kirkland - the only change
  • larry young - turn off the lights
  • asha puthli - space talk
  • ernie hines - our generation
  • jungle brothers - what 'u' waitin '4'
  • positively black - nightmare on america street
  • biz markie - this is something for the radio (rap remix)
  • big daddy kane - cause i can do it right
  • salt-n-pepa - get up everybody
  • d.j. jazzy jeff & the fresh prince - here we go again
  • jungle brothers - straight out the jungle
  • talk (over mandrill - mango meat)

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