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jvgraph Dec 8, 2010
OHHH WEFUNK I've been away but know I'm back Thank You so much for my return back !!! :)
funkykayo Nov 11, 2010
Yes, yes yes. Every song a classic from top to bottom.
ben fonic london Jan 15, 2009
woooow, this show is another classic. loving it, toooo funky! ouch! @that bar in dam comment, u still play the wefunk in your caff? next time im in dam im there!! woooo peace..
jay davis /dj shasta Nov 10, 2008
Its just unbelievable the digging you guys do. totally inspirational. much love and reespect from Nelson B.C....come for a visit someday
Tom Aug 24, 2007
This is one of these shows that made me love WeFunk when I started listening. Keep it up!!!
aphrospice Dec 22, 2005
Funk-i-licious! Had to download. Thanks for the mix, Prof!
bas Jul 25, 2005
from cafe ZOOl in amsterdam, a perfect blend of music that gives you that warm feeling! we play wefunk in our bar as much as possible, as long as it's funky...
solomon Jul 25, 2005
I love wefunkradio. Its the best radiostation that I know. I hope the way you are going will not change. greating from Eritrea & Germany to Montreal. Peace & love I wish you all. with respect Solomon
anton NJIE Jun 14, 2005
what can i say!?... "Complete" this playlist is just Complete!
Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark

jason FL. USA Jun 23, 2004
i just found you guys, and all i can say is.... SICK. i normally never listen to any streaming music, but i cannot connect my ipod here at work yet, so i gave it a shot....
i'm hooked.

Aaron Reddick May 18, 2004
One of my favorite shows to play one long funky jazzy nights, and in my top 5 wefunkshows ever. Excellent nonstop mix during last 30 minutes culminating with one of the baddest loudest saxaphone songs ever by john klemmer or bob james.
Devin May 10, 2004
oh YES and I have been FUNKDIFIED.... best radio station Ive come across for as long as I can remember! Keep Rockin...Cheers
Chacona Mar 30, 2004
db Mar 10, 2004
This set absolutely rocks like geology, one of the best
Helen Feb 8, 2004
this show rocks my socks. my workdays have officially been funktified. notorious b.i.g. AND james brown?? good god., y'all. stay on the scene.
Peter Jan 23, 2004
What where does songs during the talk (befor Nas - One Love)? Thought I heard Guru saying he's lovesick... :)
The Netherlands

Thomas Jan 16, 2004
You Funk! Thanks a lot bringing this tight net radio station. Helps me to survive through the boring workdays.
Thomas from Finland

poker Jan 15, 2004
Big Time! Thanx Dudes! I funk 2 here in Germoney. Love these great, great tunes in my happy ears. Big up selector!
redhead Jan 15, 2004
thank you warming me here in cold sweden with this wonderful funk ...
quannum - WOW

Ben Mah Jan 14, 2004
Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Your shows have been helping me keep my sanity at work.
tom chappell Jan 14, 2004
simply put , awesome

Show 313

Smoked Meat joins the Prof, bringing in 2004 with loads of classics

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Smoked Meat Fax Machine / RECORDED January 10, 2004 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • over night low - the witch doctor
  • talk (over clifford coulter - v.j.c.)
  • richy pitch - the lyricist
  • quannum - i changed my mind
  • dubz deluxe - from russia with love
  • notorious b.i.g. - party & bullshit
  • j.b.'s - (it's not the express) it's j.b.'s monorail
  • curtis mayfield - if there's hell below (we're all gonna go)
  • james brown - mother popcorn
  • war - me & baby brother
  • badder than evil - tell that man to go to hell
  • rufus thomas - itch & scratch
  • j.b.'s - givin' up food for funk
  • rufus thomas - the breakdown
  • ike white - love & affection
  • ripple - i don't know what it is, but it sure is funky
  • talk (over j.b.'s - same beat, gang starr - lovesick)
  • nas - one love
  • super cat - dada version
  • george duke - reach for it
  • sly & the family stone - it takes all kinds
  • dr. john - right place wrong time
  • donny hathaway - sugar lee
  • bob james - nautilus
  • john klemmer - free soul
  • labi siffre - i got the (blues)
  • average white band - person to person
  • meters - tippi toes
  • betty wright - clean up woman
  • talk (over beatnuts - find this instrumental)
  • nas - halftime (instrumental)

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