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jvgraph Jul 21, 2009
Very nice blend of grooves and classic tracks just what I needed while I work. Thanks WEFUNK!
Hot Mahony Oct 4, 2007
AT LAST !!!! Pointer Sisters ... years of searching are over.
Please party in collogne sometime ...

ZU Jan 21, 2006
one of my most favourite wefunk shows
DJ Perry Aug 22, 2005
Yo...You Montreal Canadians Sure Are Funky...
Check out my radio station...
Or on iTunes click eclectic and you
will see WERS there....
Thanks for keeping my head up!!
-DJ Perry

Florian Sonntag Aug 22, 2005
Hey great show and big fat funky stuff which you are pumping into the web!!! Cool. Greetings from Overseas Germany
Tokyo Oaktown Jun 10, 2005
ever since my first (show317) taste of wefunk, ive been making my way slowly toward canada from california...
Noodle Jun 9, 2005
yo yo big ups 2 yall out there keep the beats going!!!!
P'z The netherlands
put this on the air man if u want hehehehe *out

Asher Nov 2, 2004
Just discovered WeFunk - where have you been all my life. Don't think there's anything like this in London, UK. Thanks so much, great to hear McGriff and Breakestra etc on radio.
lord mm le funk Nov 2, 2004
show 317 rocks. love it! some utterly demented hard-hitting funk peppered with some sesame street. get in. rock on we funk geezers. big up from london xle funk
silas Jun 1, 2004
Hot damn, i just found out i can download shows!! all shows are consistently off the hook, and i'm definitely a happy camper now that I can save shows!

TN May 15, 2004
Damn, this show is badass. Even a little Al Green, my hometown hero (born & rasied in Memphis, TN)!!!
You guys are rockin' it up in Canadia with full fledged, southern fried-funktafied soul!!

knuckles Apr 9, 2004
lovin' your work baby - i'm feeling funky here in london
QuietOne Feb 21, 2004
damnnnnnnnn hot hot. really felt those joints from specifics, anticipating their next joint
dj problem child Feb 19, 2004
just moved here from New Orleans, found your show and really enjoy it.
Dr. Geoffrey Feb 19, 2004
AAAH! I have always wondered who performed the Pinball Song from Sesame Street - that's funky shit from the Pointer Sisters! Thanks for solving that decades-old mystery!
mika Feb 16, 2004
still the dope past present and future
from paris with love !

Quese Whiteeagle Feb 16, 2004
yo, from oklahoma (indiancountry) I'M diggin' the rare grooves... Quese pronounced (kees) like piece... Peace
I just figured out this g4mac' radio tuner and tuned it... LOVELY

jiggs Feb 15, 2004
Funking trough my homework... Amsterdam reprazent, keep it up!
SCHPILKAS Feb 13, 2004
"kind funk..."

Felima Feb 13, 2004
Hey Guys, just wanna let you know that I LOVE YOU! ;) This is the best radioshow in the world, so keep up the wonderful work. Cheers from Germany!

Show 317

Scott C joins the Prof, and we get into some drum-driven funk, soulful beats, and home-grown Montreal flavors.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Scott C / RECORDED February 7, 2004 / PLAYLIST MARKING havarosk & sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • esther phillips - use me
  • talk (over alan hawkshaw & brian bennett - name of the game)
  • west coast revival - feelin' alright
  • lee dorsey - give it up
  • al green - light my fire
  • les mccann - north carolina
  • harold alexander - mama soul
  • roy ayers - pretty brown skin
  • zap pow - lottery spin
  • little brother - atari 2600
  • butta babees - meditate
  • pointer sisters - pinball number count
  • little brother - make me hot
  • sol uprising - sol uprising
  • eumir deodato - uncle funk
  • tower of power - mahdi (the expected one)
  • talk (over gang starr - gotta get over instrumental)
  • simahlak - kracked beat
  • loe pesci - gotta eat
  • specifics - patience
  • specifics - under the hood (remix)
  • sol uprising - shade out
  • funkdoobiest - rock on (instrumental)
  • lotus & karma - the notice
  • common - tekzilla
  • incubator - blaaow
  • cooly's hot box - make me happy
  • joyce williams - the first thing i do in the morning
  • san francicso t.k.o.'s - herm
  • shirley jean & the relations - if i had a man like you
  • jimmy mcgriff - dig on it
  • soul searchers - ashley's roachclip
  • skull snaps - trespassing
  • talk (over george semper & the rhythm committee - it's your thing)
  • breakestra - show & prove

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