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francois MRS Aug 30, 2008
Ca defonce!!!!!
Johnny Mar 12, 2006
That's really a great show.
My Munich loves you.
Johnny Amore

kriga Aug 17, 2005
ier funked eifach perfekt !!!!
dä gäächscht sänder wonni känn!
grüess us ZüRiCh

nariman May 9, 2004
impressive show...just what I was looking for: An urban amooth mix...keep it up
newbie79 May 1, 2004
dicken reh-speck aus deutschland!respect 2 wefunk! from bavaria
2funky selection :) :O
2much talk
2low quality
- still worth listening

professor_snipes/bucktown,chicago Apr 30, 2004
thanx for making the radio worth listening to again, fools are sleep on the Canada scene. really enjoy your original selection of early as well as recent hiphop, i havent heard that shyheim -move it over here in like 7 seven years. you guys dig up the nice funky45's, once again thanx for doing what you do tall head appreciate it.
Nikka Ben aka Nitecrawler - LA,CA Apr 27, 2004
Yo, I've barely been listening to your radio show, and I wanna say that ya'll represent!!! is now my favorite internet radio station, ahead of beatbasement, and smoothbeats. Keep bangin' those underground joints and classic funk, cause they are blazin!!!
mike 205 Apr 23, 2004
show 326 is the best to date. excellent track selection. thanks for slipping in the funky worm. you are my heros!
SLAK Apr 16, 2004
the right kind of mix of the right kind of music. sophisticated hiphop and groovy funk at it's best. all of the shows have several dashing highlights. props from zurich/switzerland.
coco Apr 14, 2004
Good performance, but is speaking too much. More music and less words. Thanks.

Show 326

A thick stew of bubbling funk, gritty hip-hop, and an interview with funkstress Sharon Jones. Thanks to Jon Whitney & for the interview.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED April 9, 2004 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • public enemy - show em whatcha got
  • talk (over lafayette afro-rock band - darkest light)
  • johnny hammond - star borne
  • earth, wind & fire - moment of truth
  • wild magnolias - soul, soul, soul
  • soul searchers - it's all in your mind
  • juice - catch a groove
  • james brown - mind power
  • notorious b.i.g. - freestyle i
  • channel live - mad izm (remix)
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - in the house
  • lost boyz - lifestyles of the rich & shameless
  • visionaries - blessings
  • vakill - out the speakers
  • nas - it ain't hard to tell
  • interview with sharon jones
  • ohio players - funky worm
  • edwin starr - easin' in
  • ramsey lewis - jungle strut
  • detroit emeralds - you're getting a little too smart
  • mello decisions - mello decision
  • organized konfusion - somehow, someway
  • rjd2 - june
  • company flow - 8 steps to perfection
  • mr. lif - front on this
  • talk (over slum village - tainted instrumental)

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