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gadjo dilo Dec 24, 2009
playing bass to this stuff lets santa groove
Dj Twelve Dec 11, 2006
Yo, those freestylers are fuckin' wack, seriously. Kepping time with words that don't rhyme and don't follow a congruent though....seriously. Them cats are the meaning of talking loud and not saying nuthin'.
The rest of the format is ill, love funk , soul, blues and real hiphop, but pullin' random cats off the corner to freestyle has to go.

sizerokz Nov 21, 2006
brentford all stars....godanm.........
dannig Aug 5, 2006
what can i say am fan number one from orlando fl we funk make me wanna stay home all day by the computer.
youri Aug 5, 2006
just thank for this real music
(R!) Apr 2, 2006
hands down, butts shakin, this is THE best installment I've heard for y'all....if ever you play out in LA, drop a line!!!
serious funk, man. serious.

samuel Jul 7, 2005
anyone know the identity of that instrumental track that the dj speaks over before "its your thing"?
Lady Killah B Jun 29, 2005
I just want to add to does that have started to listen to this station, Yo this shit is bananas! wat! I love it, you guys play some real intensive real sh&%. Say Word, Amen....Im loving every minute of it, im sitting here at work answering phones and jamming. Im Loving It!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You Guys
DJShoddyPuppet Mar 31, 2005
What's up with the homophobic freestyles? That shit is on the OUT.
Fredde007 Mar 1, 2005
All the way from Sweden.
This is music...
Lords of the Underground - Cheif Rocka is one of the best songs EVER!

Massimo DAM Dec 23, 2004
it's dope friends!!!
MC dolabil Nov 24, 2004
Yo, I had to put the crackpipe down when I heard this show (just joking y'all). The music gives me natural high. Keep up the great work...your biggest fan from the Dirty South and Hotlanta!!!
Alexandre do Guetto Nov 13, 2004
Sou fã de voces WEFUnk é muito foda!!! Very Best, Very Best!!!
cicatrix Nov 9, 2004
great show as always, keep it up! You guys are my best source for where the good shows & nights are at in the 514
Leigh Nov 8, 2004
Amazing. God's gift to DJ-ing. Keep it up.
Nez Nov 8, 2004
Simply Wicked, the sound is reaching over to here in the U.K and warming up these cold, rainy winter days... respect to all Wefunk Dj's and listeners...
Andre Nov 7, 2004
What a great radio you guys got up there. I'm Brazilian, living in Sao Paulo, and I found out your radio on iTunes. Just can't believe the cool jams you do!! Keep it up, 'cause we're listening!!!
sechon Nov 7, 2004
Thank for your website. I'm french. I have discovered excellent artists amongst other already known.
This mix is particularly excellent (lowell fulsom for example).
It's a great therapy !!!

Show 354

Uptempo hip-hop classics plus a KRS-One sample moment, percolating soul-funk & some live rhymes.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Loes, Crux Mottolo, Robs / RECORDED November 6, 2004 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & bogz / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • pharaohs - black enuff
  • talk (over kool & the gang - caribbean festival)
  • salinas - straussmania
  • peter king - shango
  • run-d.m.c. - peter piper
  • original flavor - can i get open
  • lords of the underground - chief rocka
  • gang starr - just to get a rep
  • showbiz & a.g. - a giant in the mental
  • boogie down productions - jack of spades
  • brentford all stars - greedy g.
  • lowell fulsom - tramp
  • rufus thomas - itch & scratch
  • gladys knight & the pips - got myself a good man
  • michael longo - like a thief in the night
  • live freestyles & beatbox by loes, crux mottolo & robs
  • alkaholiks - last call
  • l.l. cool j. - the boomin' system
  • marley marl - the symphony (part 2)
  • a tribe called quest - check the rhime
  • del tha funkee homosapien - undisputed champs
  • james brown - take some - leave some
  • mad lads - get out of my life, woman
  • wilson pickett - is your love life better
  • war - get down
  • joe tex - give the baby anything the baby wants
  • bill withers - better off dead
  • west coast revival - feelin' alright
  • edwin birdsong - pretty brown skin
  • counts - rhythm changes
  • talk (over el michels affair - easy access)
  • isley brothers - it's your thing
  • clarence wheeler & the enforcers - right on

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