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Bo Feb 5, 2022
amazing work! thank you. first time listening to y'all since yesterday have been suggested to do so by your fan in Brixton. my first connection to reggae was via 5nizza the main sample from the beginning of DJ Vadim set.
spoogy Oct 2, 2021
did you know paul raven is gary glitter
pfunkifized Mar 3, 2011
wow just found this too. groove you should definitely try another solo session, this was an amazing show
Chrome_Child Jun 4, 2010
One of the Top 5 Best Shows in the archive; hands down!!!!!
jvgraph May 13, 2010
SUP WEFUNK thanks Groove once again I love finding great archived shows.
MNnice Apr 29, 2010
Great show! Can't get enough of that LDG- You can be a Star track. Sooo HYPE! Jan 17, 2010
Supa show :-))))
Morrolo Jan 31, 2008
FaNTAAAAAstiiiiic!!! x-D
Sakis70 Jan 15, 2008
Soul Thing by Paul Raven is in fact disgraced popstar Gary Glitter before he became a glam rocker!
Funkopathe Apr 30, 2006
Great funky show.
many thanks
big up from Paris

roo Feb 6, 2006
newborn1wsdm505 Feb 3, 2006
i love the soul and classicbreakbeat cuts..breakdance yo ass off...peace toda 505 hip-hop community!!!
emilie Nov 14, 2005
it's the greater soul mix I ever heard !
(but I've just discover wefunk tonight !)
bravo !!

Dr. Shim Aug 29, 2005
I love this. Even though I tuned in late, I bet the rest was just as good.

Tomek Aug 5, 2005
Nice black music, I think It is the best shoutcast radio with funk!!! PEACE FROM POLAND
Dr. Dizzy Jun 29, 2005
GODDAMN, man! Mighty fine sounds! Respect from tha Belgian cru!
Dj_Promillo Jun 3, 2005
Prob. the best show ever! Germany stays tuned listening!!!
Thanx you all for addicting me to funk. wefunkx!!!!

ANNAHOJ crewser May 19, 2005
do not stop listening to WEFUNK
if you are already adicted. ..
peace `n out
the J`s

maxitotor May 13, 2005
Salut, encore une merveille de plus. Merci pour tout le plaisir que ces mixs nous apporte.
Experimentalist May 11, 2005
Wheres the O.C. you said was
gonna be on here last week?

Keynaan May 10, 2005
Professor Groove very well done.
You are playing all my favorite cuts.
New Generation and Remember me.
good god!!!!

Sp1n May 8, 2005
Great breakz! i was dancin crazy when i heard ur new mixtape..heh:)
propz to yall!

Show 373

A solo session with Professor Groove hittin' the slow soulful funk, uptempo grooves and golden age hip-hop.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove / RECORDED May 6, 2005 / PLAYLIST MARKING carls / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • 8th day - she's not just another woman
  • talk (over soul crusaders - funky jive)
  • paul raven - soul thing
  • cleveland eaton - keep it funky
  • zeke strong & the ladyetts - i laugh and talk (but i don't play)
  • messengers incorporated - soulful proclamation
  • universouls - new generation
  • trinikas - remember me
  • big daddy kane - stop shammin'
  • 3rd bass - product of the environment (project remix)
  • big daddy kane - taste of chocolate (remix)
  • lil' kim - big momma thang
  • gang starr - check the technique
  • marlena shaw - california soul
  • flaming ember - filet de soul
  • lee fields - honey dove
  • talk (over el michels affair - behind the blue curtain)
  • headhunters - i remember i made you cry
  • afrique - black pearl
  • pazant brothers - chick a boom
  • roy lee johnson - the dryer
  • j.b.'s - blow your head
  • charles pryor & power of love - what they doing (funkie junkie)
  • speedometer - wait up
  • dizzy gillespie - alligator
  • fatback band - nija walk (street walk)
  • luther davis group - you can be a star
  • mombasa - african hustle
  • isaac hayes - pursuit of the pimpmobile
  • talk (over blue mitchell - dorado)

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