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DRock Dec 8, 2010
Great show guys. Keep the tunes coming!!
jvgraph Aug 18, 2009
This show is great one of the frist shows to go on the ipod and still rockin'. Big up to WEFUNK and there guest DJ.
Dorian Evans Mar 23, 2008
bad ass show keep up the good work andy williams should be in a good month or two that would be cool
ian Nov 28, 2006
you gotta get andy williams in once a month. these shows are insane...
Olivian Doroftei Nov 23, 2005
well what to say...I am very thankful for all the good music and especially for the "flutestrumental"...u ppl at wefunk are givin me an education. Thank you
Manrilla Nov 13, 2005
The show's hot. I got the link from another friend of mine. I wish ya'll the best of luck. I'll tune in for more. - I'll throw a link up on my blog for ya'll.
jason Oct 19, 2005
I really want to play list from 0ct13th. Let me know
TomO Oct 19, 2005
Funking awesome version of Mr Clean! Also, this isn't the Fat Albert Rotunda album version of Fat Mama by Herbie Hancock - where is it from and is it even Herbie playing?
FunkDaddy Oct 19, 2005
Man.... I was floored by this show! The best I sampled yet!
Boneventura Oct 17, 2005
God bless your enthusiasm, fellas!
localPatron Oct 17, 2005
this radio sounds fresh and cool. Thanks alot.
Best from Oslo

brenner Oct 16, 2005
perfect, exactly what i was looking for, funky jazz! you boys got podcast on lock. made my day, thanks.
wefunk listener06 Oct 14, 2005
what is the title of the song with common that was played earlier?

Show 394

A special edition with guest DJ Andy Williams exploring where jazz and funk meet.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Andy Williams / RECORDED October 7, 2005 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • herbie hancock - fat mama
  • talk (over loopdigga - ashby road, soul sonata, & mind touch)
  • marc moulin - aria
  • gil scott-heron - angola louisiana
  • harvey mason - marching in the streets
  • pieces of a dream - mt. airy groove
  • fatback - you gotta believe
  • saundra phillips - miss fatback
  • buster williams - the hump
  • jeremy steig - mint tea
  • david frost & billy taylor - bright star in the east
  • phillip lambro - main theme from murph the surf
  • david diggs - chew baby chew!
  • don ellis - superstar
  • billy martin - egg roll
  • j.c. - you can't tell the man by the song
  • red beans & rice - let my people go
  • rhythm combination & brass - mr. clean
  • cedar walton - beyond mobius
  • rolf kuhn group - uncle archibald
  • joe mcphee - shakey jake
  • d.j. spooky - ibid, desmarches, ibid
  • chicago underground duo - micro exit
  • hampton hughes - web
  • stone alliance - sweetie pie
  • jimmy jones - live and let live
  • junior mance - don't cha hear me calling to ya
  • talk (over richard "groove" holmes - down home funk)

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