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Stoycho Apr 23, 2013
Man, Professor Groove killed it on this one. Excellent show!
Jon Sep 25, 2012
Im am the crazy guy listining to you all the way from the south Argentina. just gotta say BEST RADIO EVER. Big Ups to you and keep up the amazing work
Solomon Jun 20, 2012
SUPASOUND! - killin it off the get go
JQW Jan 11, 2012
solid mix as always, peace from Amsterdam
Sam Dec 11, 2010
Orchestra harlow- freak off! i thought i had lost that song forever! couldnt remember what it was called or who did the track! thankyou!!!!
shawnobiwan Oct 28, 2010
Just can't enuff of that SUPERSOUND, makes me feel like a shampoo bottle ( lather, rinse, repeat )
RENO 775 Jul 20, 2010
one of the illest shows on here for sure!
Onekoolfella Jul 17, 2010
Was feelin that track "Slippin into darkness" that the PRT sampled. Learned something new everytime I listen to the show.
From the Netherlands May 2, 2010
Awesome set!
Thanx for bringing up Poor Righteous Teachers, Mary Jane Hooper and JB.
Again it was not possible to sit still on my chair! ;-)

brotherpaul May 25, 2007
Killer range, deep cuts and hits, space ghost; R U kidding me. seamless flow and upbeat groove. Top 10 shows for this old school Philly boy.
YB Dec 4, 2006
void Jul 18, 2006
mix of dangerdoom - space hoes with
keith mansfield - morning broadway is fuckin good!_)

B-Bros brother #1 - DJ D-Lux Jul 17, 2006
it can't get fresher than that! spreading the wefunk word is a new hobby of mine :) word to brother #2 - DJ FunkeeFlow
Meltman Jul 13, 2006
Big Up "WE Funk" Radio, you're really the number one radio for Hip-Hop and Funk Music. Thanks a lot for your vibe
dude from Kiel-Germany Jun 21, 2006
Kiko Mar 13, 2006
De la Musik avant toute chose S.Gainsbourg
galipkoç Mar 10, 2006
Vinci Jan 21, 2006
Hot shit!
Cybes Jan 18, 2006
a skyscrapin big set groove, especially that lp, bahamadia & little brother shit.
mad props from hamburg / germany

red Lobstah Jan 18, 2006
that little brother remix is fire!
aphrospice Jan 16, 2006
Thank you for this sweet set, I will be seeding this for awhile!
Sp1n Jan 13, 2006
that was the shit!!!! woot!!
special thanks for bahamadia, large proffessor and dangerdoom(MF Doom?) tracks, those were ill
props to Proffessor Groove...this show was sick!
Sp1n(reppin Vancity)

Show 404

It's Professor Groove in a solo session on the wheels of steel — dippin' into breakneck soul, latin flavor, jazzy hip-hop, sample moments from MF Doom, Stetsasonic and Poor Righteous Teachers, plus JB's full length "Papa Don't Take No Mess".

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove / RECORDED December 30, 2005 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • jimmy castor bunch - supersound
  • talk (over herbie hancock - hang up your hang ups)
  • barrabas - woman
  • spirit of atlanta - hunter street
  • orchestra harlow - freak off
  • kool & the gang - kool & the gang
  • markus kelly & the impassions - pushin' to the top
  • sharon jackson - fakin' it
  • sharon jones - got a thing on my mind
  • mary jane hooper - i've got what you need
  • lillian hale - don't boom boom
  • stetsasonic - talkin' all that jazz (dominoes mix)
  • donald byrd - dominoes
  • big l. - no enz, no skinz
  • poor righteous teachers - rock dis funky joint
  • war - slippin' into darkness
  • counts - why not start all over again
  • danger doom - space ho's
  • keith mansfield - morning broadway
  • james brown - papa don't take no mess
  • a tribe called quest - stressed out (baby phife version)
  • digable planets - 9th wonder (slicker this year) (dania mix)
  • ghetto concept - e-z on the motion
  • gang starr - lovesick
  • large professor - i juswannachill
  • bahamadia - i confess (roots remix)
  • little brother - whatever you say (dela remix)
  • o.c. - far from yours
  • talk (over mr. live - relax y'self instrumental)

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