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RioT Mar 15, 2013
I listen on the train, listen at work. My boss likes it, so we play it funky between customers coming into the office. Listen on the way home. Best of the best.
hUGHpHUG Mar 16, 2012
Kendricks, Gil, Wright, Sly, Lewis, Lou, Booker, Quincy, McGriff - all the gods, much love
renn Feb 28, 2012
We Funk . . .absolutely the best internet radio on the waves! THE BEST! Thanks guys.. keep on keepin on...[eace
shakejunt May 30, 2011
respect from poland i was on the show in plan b club worclaw amazing!!!!! ONE
Donny Biggs Dec 28, 2010
You have the BEST radio talent in all MUSIC.I am amazed with the great sounds of all the east coast artists and djs.. I am from West coast California and we NEED more of this out here on the west. We need to learn where the REAL music comes from.. EAST COAST! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! WE LOVE WE FUNK RADIO!!!!
puuhhff Aug 15, 2010
Please don't stop with this funky stuff
bboy ichyman - Funk Roots, philippines Feb 9, 2010
I love this site, brings the funk in everyone..
Chas Bellafonte Aug 14, 2008
For the true Funkateers. Oh yeah. It's real.
rebel from philly... Apr 29, 2006
i've never really been hit up to this type of mix....its grimy and funky... the amalgamation is vicious... more please...
Jason Mar 12, 2006
Damn! Haven't heard RSO in a lot of years (makes me want to dig out the vinyl again..). Thanks from a 35 year old UK hip hop fan - I'll be spreading the We Funk word...
dfbg Feb 10, 2006
dfhne sè
julio Feb 8, 2006
L.A B-BOY Martymall007! Feb 7, 2006
yall keep rocking with the BEST

Digablesoul Feb 3, 2006
Oustanding as always!!
6oh Feb 3, 2006
wicked show....keep hittin' us with them.
benskifater from Budapest Jan 31, 2006
phat show, y'all did it again! ;)
drpepper Jan 30, 2006
Awesome! I'm new to WeFunkRadio and i'm loving it
Dj NAZ From France Jan 29, 2006
Wish you all the best guys!
lovely sounds here...
do appreciate from France,
Big up to all listeners as me from everywhere.

Soulman Jan 26, 2006
Great show

Show 406

DJ Skeptik gets busy on the mix with lots of golden era heat. Groove whips up a jazz/breaks/soul-funk gumbo.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Skeptik, Nancy / RECORDED January 13, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING illissus / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • quincy jones - tryin' to find out about you
  • talk (over herbie hancock - swamp rat)
  • sly & the family stone - love city
  • charles wright - do your thing
  • george benson - water brother
  • lou donaldson - who's makin' love
  • booker t. & the m.g.'s - hip hug-her
  • kamal & the brothers - brotherhood
  • beatnuts - fluid   (beginning of skeptik's 1st set)
  • almighty r.s.o. - badd boyz
  • total devastation - many clouds of smoke
  • vision quest - soul clique
  • dred scott - can't hold it back
  • capital tax - i can't believe it
  • k-solo - i can't hold it back
  • lench mob - freedom got an a.k. (remix)
  • house of pain - on point
  • frankie cutlass - puerto rico
  • brand nubian - steal ya ho
  • black moon - son get wrec (instrumental)
  • group home - livin' proof
  • jurassic 5 - ducky boy (instrumental)   (end of skeptik's 1st set)
  • silver convention - heart of stone
  • sabu martinez - my christina
  • jimmy mcgriff - overweight shark bait
  • ramsey lewis - jungle strut
  • eddie kendricks - my people hold on
  • gil scott-heron & brian jackson - must be something
  • d.j. rogers - bail out
  • mad skillz - conceited bastard   (beginning of skeptik's 2nd set)
  • ultramagnetic m.c.'s - one two, one two
  • keith murray - the most beautifullest thing in this world (instrumental)
  • keith murray - herb is pumpin
  • large professor - i juswannachill
  • warren g. - behind bars (remix)
  • king & i - flip da script (remix)
  • gang starr - the militia (remix)
  • davey dex - back it up (instrumental)
  • d.j. spinna - sunshine (instrumental)
  • a tribe called quest - the pressure (instrumental)
  • hi-tek feat. common & vinia mojica - the sun god
  • common sense - communism
  • jamal - playa
  • maspyke - no big deal
  • talk (over dilated peoples - last line of defense instrumental)   (end of skeptik's 2nd set)

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