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fatburner johnny Apr 2, 2012
y0u guyz are the best !! cant event c0unt how many bands I dicovered thanks to you !! cheers WEFUNK and montreal !
Superchema Sep 14, 2011
Oh my funkin' God... These are truly the best grooves in the world!! Barcelona need your mixes!
anekdprey Jul 23, 2010
thanks for these infinite vibes
matthias Sep 8, 2006
that´s some nice shit, you´re doing there. Great music, nice mixes. Listen to you the first time. But I think this is not gonna be the last time.
Matthias, from Germany, Hamburg

Phil_the_Thrill May 27, 2006
you guys, are the best mixers in the whole f***ing world....germany loves you!! One of the best mixtapes I've ever heard. peace
ladybug May 17, 2006
uuuuuuuuuu ja ;-]
ladybug May 17, 2006
he he he he he he he he he he he
hei guyz...yOr r rily funky......E EE E EE H Hhhhhh.....;]

awesome show!!! May 2, 2006
417 was another winner..... but omg i just tuned in after not listening awhile and now theres this female dj going on. SHE IS SO ANNOYING! She constantly interupts Groove and has nothing to say in the most annoying voice! Leave it how it was! Groove's voice is perfect for the show with occational help from butta beats and whoever else...
Gudo Apr 29, 2006
yoo.. dope hip-hop station.. i've been puttin heads onto it in the US... hip-hop worldwide... keep doin it.. heads are listenin!!
lol. add me.. i know y'all got myspace!!

Vcyne Apr 28, 2006
You did it, once again! Props
Low Country Apr 28, 2006
Once again an excellent mix. Dabrye feat Doom: superb track.
dillz Apr 28, 2006
"completely lazy, it is purely incompetent": You have to be kidding. They don't have to share the music, and they CERTAINLY don't have to provide playlists. You're the one who's lazy. Figure it out for yourself, and be grateful for what these guys are giving you.
patrick Apr 28, 2006
your reference list does not include what track is playing at the present time, therefore it is completely impossible for people to reference what song is playing. Not only is this completely lazy, it is purely incompetent for the promotion of music to previously unintroduced audiences. i usually don't get so involved, but if you're about exposing the best music possible to those who want to hear it, then get your act together, please.....
Burnski Apr 28, 2006

Tabas, Finland Apr 25, 2006
Great show.
kuba Apr 24, 2006
Like the show a lot, keep up the good work.

Show 417

Groove & Static bring 'nuff heat for another CKUT funding drive show, featuring a brand new Wu joint from Ghostface's Fishscale LP, a new Doom collabo with Dabrye, lots of party funk, and freestyle cyphas with Mount Real representatives Buttabeats, Narcicyst and Loes.

Want to help out too? Please make a donation to support CKUT radio, WEFUNK's parent station.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Nesha, Butta Beats, Loes, Narcycist, Think Twice / RECORDED March 31, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • ghostface killah feat. wu-tang clan - 9 milli bros.
  • talk (over deux process - take the dance instrumental)
  • dabrye feat. doom - air
  • juggaknots - trouble man
  • common - chi-city
  • talk (over jay-z - who you wit instrumental)
  • nas - if i ruled the world
  • gwen mccrae - funky sensation (m.a.w. mix)
  • roy ayers - life is just a moment
  • chi-lites - are you my woman (tell me so) (danny krivit remix)
  • ronnie hudson - west coast pop lock
  • d.j. format - we know something you don't know
  • run-d.m.c. - down with the king
  • a tribe called quest - award tour
  • talk (over black moon - act like u want it instrumental)
  • live freestyles & beatbox by loes, narcicyst & butta beats (over nas - halftime instrumental, beatbox)
  • nice & smooth - hip hop junkies
  • del tha funkee homosapien - dr. bombay
  • parlet - help from my friends
  • reuben wilson - tight money
  • talk (over mass influence - nightime groove instrumental, lord tariq & peter gunz - uptown baby instrumental)
  • narcicyst - still a child
  • slum village - ez up
  • talk (over zion i - temperature instrumental)
  • zion i feat. talib kweli - temperature
  • gang starr - skillz
  • nas - got ur self a...
  • all city - the actual
  • talk (over fred wesley & the horny horns - four play)
  • fred & the new j.b.'s - breakin' bread
  • talk (over marvin gaye - t. plays it cool)

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