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gOOseWylde Sep 23, 2010
Look! I've looked high and low for a decade and a half for something like this. Thank God for this. My whole crew will hear about this site. Big ups!
jvgraph Aug 14, 2010
SUP WEFUNK been busy but always come back to the archives. Ghostface killed it with crack spot, great show much respect from SoCal.
EDU May 4, 2007
bay area Mar 25, 2007
that roots joint in the beginning... holy shit... keep up the awesome hip hop y'all.
JKWIK Feb 4, 2007
I've been a fan and listener for years. From a fellow DJ to you guys,

Luang from BRASIL Jun 26, 2006
GROOVE RULES !!!!!!!!!! Jun 20, 2006
Definitley hooked down here in Raleigh, NC... I cannot work without WeFunk now.. I designed 2 sites last night on my way to 7 straight hours of WeFunk. Keep up the good work!
Vcyne Jun 18, 2006
Not your best mix besides you deliver us a solid show.

Droid -1- SF Jun 16, 2006
2 my knowledge, the greatest show discription you've ever wrote. lol. my munchies have arrived so on to listenin' to wefunk as i usually do bout this time.

deziak1906 Jun 15, 2006
you guys are awesome!!!! and i am from the bay area and got a hold of your show and I have been signing in for about 5 days now straight.

Show 423

The Roots drop the first single "Don't Feel Right" from their latest album, Busta shouts out the whole NYC on a new tribute track, and Groove takes two hits and passes the sticky funk, movin' on to a chicken trio when the munchies strike.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED May 28, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING daniel / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • roots feat. big daddy kane & kool g. rap - boom
  • talk (over afrika bambaataa & the soulsonic force - planet rock)
  • aceyalone - supahero
  • gnarls barkley - crazy
  • joe washington - blueberry hill
  • miami - chicken yellow
  • rasputin's stash - hit it and pass it
  • frankie beverly's raw soul - color blind
  • jackie lee - the chicken
  • roots - don't feel right
  • biz markie - biz dance pt. 1
  • k-solo - spellbound
  • jungle brothers - belly dancin' dina
  • black sheep - pass the 40
  • people under the stairs - pass the 40
  • lee williams & the cymbals - shing-a-ling u.s.a.
  • speedometer big band - what am i gonna do?
  • pure funk - nothing left is real
  • millie jackson - all i want is a fighting chance
  • manzel - jump street
  • henry mancini - streets of san francisco theme
  • lakim shabazz - let me find out
  • finsta - crush
  • smif-n-wessun - gunn rap
  • ghostface killah - crack spot
  • bronze nazareth - the pain
  • busta rhymes feat. swizz beatz - new york shit
  • bar-kays - in the hole
  • vera hamilton - but i ain't no more (g.s.t.s.k.d.t.s.)
  • allen toussaint - goin' down
  • skull snaps - i turn my back on love
  • booker t. & the m.g.'s - chicken pox
  • dynamites feat. charles walker - slinky
  • talk (over bo diddley - go for broke, wayne mcghie & the sounds of joy - dirty funk)

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