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Alex Jan 23, 2020
Can’t find solid pleasure sessions tracks! Help!!
bobdany Dec 24, 2011
please go on and dont forget the figth
sara vicious Dec 10, 2010
oldies but goodies. that h.e.a.l jam was awesome
love ths show Dec 10, 2010
Great jams! I got a request in case you take em. The J.B.'s Doin it to Death. classic funk! peace
freshmik Sep 21, 2006
fat show! one of the best!
2 years ago i've found wefunk. i'm listening ONLY this radio!!!
good sounds for chillin'time
greatings from düsseldorf / germany!

nas-t Sep 1, 2006
wowwww one of the best heart is so happy and my soul...brown out - homenage someone has it? pls
big up for dj static....props from Romania.

Martymall007 Aug 12, 2006
Coolin N CALI.

Simon Aug 4, 2006
You keep producing the most quality shows... Best on the net.... Bar none. PG, DJ Static keep up the good work and keep it funky.
carlos Aug 3, 2006
keep on rollin`
greets from argentina, rosario

Fischi Aug 3, 2006
hey WEFUNK-CREW! Your shows are absolutely dope!!! Best stuff in the net! Keep it real and for ever. Thanks for making me flippin`.Thick shout-outs from Germany.
Przemek Tomys Aug 3, 2006
Hell yeah...old school rules. I love it. Since I found WEFUNK on web, I can't turn it off...It was 3 years ago. Keep it movin' cause it's all the best in one place. PEACE!!! from POLAND
DJ Static Aug 2, 2006
The playlist is right. The track after the JBz (Gangstarr "Speak Ya Clout") has 3 parts. Now u know!
Alexis Jul 31, 2006
another dope show! but what're the 2 tracks after jungle brothers - how ya want it? unless they're all the same...
souljah Jul 30, 2006
its Dope!
B. Csora Jul 27, 2006
Hey, check out that crash crew track in the beginning. J5 just sampled it on their new album. As always, thanks again WEFUNK!
Vc Vcyne Jul 27, 2006
Wonderful mix! Dope obscur old school joints and all the usual funking stuff! Keep it up guys!
Graz Jul 25, 2006
Ahhhh, why do they always talk over the funkiest tunes.

Show 429

Static kicks it off with classic 80s joints from Stetsa, Crash Crew & Whodini, then guest DJ Ilya gets into the afro/latin funk and treats us to some exclusives from Mtl's Afrokats Records.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Ilya / RECORDED July 7, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING 4x4fiend / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • stetsasonic - freedom or death
  • talk (over d.j. black steel - wild style theme)
  • crash crew - on the radio
  • whodini - five minutes of funk
  • h.e.a.l. (human education against lies) - heal yourself
  • u.m.c.'s - never never land
  • red astaire - tito
  • brownout - homenage
  • malcolm's locks - get up stand up
  • orgone - funky nassau
  • chango family - otro mundo
  • afrodizz - propaganda pt. 2
  • fela kuti - who're you
  • massak - b.l.a. pt. 1
  • quantic soul orchestra - something that's real
  • speedometer - power generation
  • willie hutch - brothers gonna work it out
  • peppers - stuffed pepper
  • solid pleasure session - solid one
  • solid pleasure session - solid pleasure (vocal)
  • solid pleasure session - solid pleasure (remix)
  • bush babees feat. mos def - the love song
  • busta rhymes feat. rampage the last boy scout - woo-hah!! (jay-dee bounce remix)
  • noel zancanella feat. baatin - could it be
  • slum village - look of love
  • busta rhymes & a tribe called quest - wild hot
  • euphrates - commodore 64
  • mos def - beef
  • jungle brothers - how ya want it
  • gang starr - speak ya clout
  • talk (over choclair - let's ride instrumental)

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