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william Mar 20, 2015
This show still grooves!
William Mar 29, 2011
This show reminds me of good things! It's my all-time favourite!
Cheers from Amsterdam (please come to the Netherlands)

Ignis Mar 28, 2011
The Leon Ware track is "Loceans", but must be an earlier version than from the 2008 "Moon Ride" album.
Mango Jan 14, 2011
I keep coming back to that Leon Ware smooth & soulful ;)
Live in Socal Apr 14, 2009
Top 10 show for sure. LISTEN
dave Mar 27, 2009
I've heard most of the hundreds of shows on the site...this one's the best.
so many dope tunes in one show!

mischa Nov 29, 2008
My favorite show yet, nice work.
SHZM Aug 9, 2007
This shits tha RIGGITY ROCKSTAH!
DJ Loverman Sep 8, 2006
Best show in months!
Keep up the good work!

ED POWERS!! Aug 31, 2006
im from upstate ny...albany AKA hellbany ny and i always listen to your shows and i think its so hot to hear a radio station with that real rawness of funk. i cant even listen to the urban radio stations round here cuz they all fuckin suck ass . there playlist is about as small as a midgets nutsack. with this station you get all aspects of hip hop and rare grooves. dopeness fellas just strictly dopeness
Bombay Aug 23, 2006
Ciao fratello!!!this radio is really fabulous like you said me...Great!!!
Scratchmaster_Matt Aug 23, 2006
Yo wefunk! lovin ure shows especially this 1, got sum bangin tunes goin on. peace
souljah Aug 22, 2006
Another Dope show!
greetingz from Hamburg to Netherlands..............funny to meet u here Willem !!! greetingz to M1 to ;-)

Johnny Aug 21, 2006
Perfect. Brief enough?
willem Aug 21, 2006
With this kind of music I can work 24/7! Thanx WeFunkRadio! Greetings from Amsterdam. the Netherlands
giulio Aug 18, 2006
dude, that's crazy shit.
you played GAZ NEVADA.
well, i know the singer kinda well, he owns the best club in milan.
big ups.

CHU Aug 18, 2006
That zatzenjammers track just blows my head clean off!!!!!
i could hear it over and over again
waird up

Show 432

Scott C dives deep into the soulful sounds -- boogie beats, jazzy hip-hop, steel drums & more.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Scott C / RECORDED July 28, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & empire154 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • garden of eden - everybody's on a trip
  • talk (over bar-kays - holy ghost (d.j. slyde edit))
  • gaz nevada - special agent man (female version)
  • fonda rae - over like a fat rat
  • con funk shun - tell me that you like it
  • rick james - fire it up
  • cosmic force - trinidad bump
  • norman weeks & the revelations - hold on (dixon remix)
  • prince - lady cab driver
  • marcos valle - estrelar
  • jewel - paradise
  • katzenjammers - cars
  • yasuko agawa - l.a. nights
  • dudley perkins - funky dudley
  • leon ware - __   (unknown song)
  • mos def - ms. fat booty (soul children remix)
  • tanya morgan - she moved outta cinci
  • karriem riggins - rhode's island
  • just one - state of emergency
  • nish raawks - head nod shit
  • isis - ode to hip-hop
  • narcicyst - one love (wahid)
  • cvees - necessities
  • black heat - keep on running
  • communicators & black experience band - the road
  • vibrations - ain't no greens in harlem
  • osaka monaurail - uchu
  • undisputed truth - help yourself
  • stevie wonder - shoo-be-doo-be-doo-da-day
  • beginning of the end - come down
  • miami - same ol' beat
  • ballin' jack - telling lies
  • grant green - a walk in the night
  • talk (over jack mcduff - the fourth dimension)

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