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NJ Mar 25, 2021
Great to have AG on the phone for that interview. great sample moment there from c.l. smooth to the ambassadors, and awesome rootsy Jamaican rendition of RockSteady! And 2000 Blacks never stops being a killer track... big love from Newcastle, the UK
danni g Apr 8, 2010
that ambassador was the jaaaam
Rapha Dec 22, 2009
Yeah, Bois!
Ein besseres Internetradio gibt es nicht!!!

derchris Dec 3, 2008
von mir auch danke danke danke!!!
ihr seid der beste radiosender überhaupt!!!!

Adam Schwartz Nov 15, 2006
Ho shiet this radio is the best offfff radios i am from brazil :) i like your radio my inglesh is bad sorry . .
Congratulation !!

sophie Nov 11, 2006
danke, daß ihr dasmacht
Mmmmm Nov 7, 2006
This music takes us to the heart of our existence, every appointment will be moved to next week! Thanx
lewis Nov 6, 2006
great show
love the way you put a hip hop track followed by the soul track that has been sampled. ya guys educate our ears

Isern Nov 4, 2006
love stuff you send
gclinton Nov 3, 2006
i'ma french boy et votre emission dechire cpntibuez comme ca

Show 444

WEFUNK talks to AG, the "giant in the mental" about his new album, the DITC crew and the art of sampling. Funk & soul moments: Lee Michaels gives the Hammond a wailing workout, the Ambassadors provide Pete Rock's soul source, and Roy Ayers & Fela Kuti forge an epic afrofunk take on "2000 Black".

Extra: Check out live video from this show

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED October 20, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & jcw1963 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • nas - the message
  • talk (over grand puba - a little of this instrumental)
  • camp lo feat. jungle brown - nicky barnes a.k.a. it's alright
  • d.i.t.c. - day one
  • ten thieves - straight from the slums
  • smif-n-wessun - bucktown
  • black sheep - without a doubt (salaam's mix)
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - i got a love
  • ambassadors - ain't got the love of one girl (on my mind)
  • earnest jackson - funky blackman
  • fried chicken - funky d.j.
  • positive sounds - the creeper
  • whatnauts - heads up
  • memphians - slidin' in and out
  • baby huey & the babysitters - mighty mighty
  • lee michaels - tell me how you feel
  • ron holden - i need ya
  • marvels - rock steady
  • inell young - what do you see in her
  • a.g. - take a ride
  • interview with a.g. (over d.i.t.c. - thick instrumental, showbiz & a.g. - next level instrumental, big l. - m.v.p. instrumental, lord finesse feat. roy ayers - soul plan instrumental)
  • lord finesse - hip 2 da game
  • main source - what you need
  • roy ayers & fela kuti - 2000 blacks got to be free
  • chequers - get up stand up
  • wganda kenya - shakalaode
  • nina simone - see line woman
  • talk (over dizzy gillespie - alligator)

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