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NJ Nov 7, 2020
Keep coming back to this show...masterpiece from start to finish. Syl Johnson great choice fo kick things off. Theme de yoyo with those crazy horns! And the long George Benson jam with all the feel good funky vibrations...
Dont stop what you're doing Wefunk ! Love and peace from the UK

NJ Jul 13, 2020
Man, man, man! I love my three course menu of funk, soul and hiphop, but if I can go back for extra portions of funk I am never gonna say now! professor, bowing down to you, this has got the nastiest funkiest STANK all over it! Love that pairing of CQMD with Granny Scratch Scratch and that clavinet going crazy all over it. Excellent cuts from the Roots, and that RAM band, wonder if they've done any other work? Come to London soon!
tinyindian Jan 15, 2014
You guys are awesome! I never get tired of listening to WeFunk :) thanks for the groovy tunes, looking forward to more!
orujo-kid Jan 14, 2012
working on a saturday! Not nice, but with WeFunk blasting out the speakers it's fun!
albert sick al Nov 6, 2010
hi i'm a bboy living in turin, italy. Everyday I wake up and put on your station, to dance, train, or stretch, or even just sit back and relax...u guys are the best!! Thank you!!!
Flagey Oct 23, 2010
I LOVE YOU GUYS.......Keeping me entertained always...Cheers..
Daniel Sep 17, 2010
nothing is better then weefunk prof.Groove. you make my day in Kuwait
larusso Apr 15, 2010
that george benson track is the absolute mutts nuts!! outta sight!
ercu Aug 15, 2008
thank you guys for playing really good music, and coskun you are gebes, thank you for that...
que sera Jul 29, 2007
i was listening to a song with
"sisteas, niggas, crackas" in it?
who was it by?

coskun from turkey Jun 11, 2007
u do play guys.. thnx a lot from turkey
Guime,Brazil Apr 24, 2007
Grat track with debout bustin' loose reggae version,only wefunk if u want good tunes ...thanks
Pbozzer Jan 16, 2007
Hey, loving the tunes, listening here in the UK, respect for the good mixes and fun loving beats to revise to (and some jigging of my ass)!
Bobbie Fine aka. B.Fine Dec 20, 2006
Peace, thanks for playing my old joint "Splendid". Red Alert was one of the 1st to place it in NY so it's good to see it's made it way into your hands. Much respect.

Prokop, St.Petersburg, Russia Dec 4, 2006
Thanx guys! Fantastic musi, I couldn't even dream about it, so much funk all in one place! Russia is grooving with you! Good luck and carry on like this!
Intrika Dec 4, 2006
Nice, I am listening your tasty music rhythms at my work.
Lukas / Art director / Czech Republic

Bernd Dec 1, 2006
Best show ever heard on wefunk! More funk please. Sly Johnson is a champion.
J.jay Nov 20, 2006
Tuned in for the first time and loving everything!
Thank you peeps,
Love and Happiness
J.jay London Town

Faz Nov 17, 2006
Yo Professor - Nicely done!
Curt McGirt Nov 16, 2006
The show is the shit. Keep puttin it down. East Oakland, Cali Out!
Mikeyc Nov 15, 2006
Diggin the choons lads, dusted off a few slabs off pure bliss for this...

Show 446

Professor Groove gets the soul stew bubbling to a steaming simmer, a journey through jazz and soul steeped funk & hip-hop including gems from Alan Hawkshaw, George Benson, Blaque Spurm and The Kay-Gees.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove / RECORDED November 3, 2006 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • syl johnson - is it because i'm black
  • talk (over axis - from sunrise to sunset)
  • mel houston - time and peace
  • talk (over soul serenaders - chicken and rice)
  • ceux qui marchent debout - bustin' loose
  • sound dimension - granny scratch scratch
  • alan hawkshaw - mile high swinger
  • paolo casa - slap it
  • hitchikers feat. the mighty pope - mr. fortune
  • art ensemble of chicago - theme de yoyo
  • carl sherlock holmes investigation - investigation
  • george benson - dance
  • ed o.g. & da bulldogs - gotta have money
  • brand nubian - mind your business
  • roots - silent treatment (beatminerz remix)
  • no i.d. - sky's the limit (doug inf mix)
  • el da sensei - eternally (instrumental)
  • blaque spurm - splendid
  • monk montgomery - bump de bump
  • phil upchurch - inner city blues (make me wanna holler)
  • bobbi humphrey - fun house
  • ivan "boogaloo joe" jones - bag of goodies
  • eddie henderson - open eyes
  • kay-gees - s.t.p. (singing, teaching, preaching)
  • lew jiggs kirton - hold on to what you got
  • organized raw funk - o.r.f. part i & ii
  • mark v unlimited - gone
  • ram - love is the answer
  • talk (over candido - thousand finger man)

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