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NJ Mar 22, 2021
Funk finesse as always gentlemen! Love the cuts from JB Cimarons and Antonio Carlos and great mix from No luck club to end the night on a high, woop woop. Big love from the UK
drunken44 Feb 23, 2010
spreading the love. coast to coast.
chris Mar 18, 2009
some of the moments here, as elsewhere in your oeuvre can't be put into words. I'm feelin it.
Ivan Nov 6, 2007
deck bros. Mar 28, 2007
killin it once again!
Willem Dec 13, 2006
This is da shit! Eddie rocks!
Thankx wefunkers! Greetings from Amsterdam

Flow Dec 13, 2006
Funking hell! I can't sit still!!!
pedrada Dec 13, 2006
man... who is this Funky Chef??? My brain is meltin' right now! :D It has some time I didn't listen you guys! WOW!!! wefunk is always the best!!! congratulations guys!
Vern Blair Debate1 Dec 11, 2006
perfect mix, super. expecting more
Edwar Dec 10, 2006
end mix is very nice good work !!!!
sniperSR Dec 7, 2006
zajebiste to jest :D

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No Luck Club blesses WEFUNK with a half-hour live set packed with body-moving breaks and Latin vibes. Plus a James Brown/Diamond D sample moment sparks off a classic late 80s hip-hop set, with a lil' something from the 1st No Luck Club album thrown in the mix.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, No Luck Club, Funky Chef / RECORDED November 17, 2006 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • pazant brothers - chick a boom
  • talk (over bernard purdie - hap'nin)
  • james brown - the drunk
  • cimarons - wicky wacky
  • nathan bartell - jody & john
  • ann sexton - you're losing me
  • nite-liters - cherish every precious moment
  • james brown - (call me) superbad
  • diamond - watch me
  • no luck club - countrified blues
  • gang starr - movin' on
  • big daddy kane - set it off
  • m.c. lyte - lyte as a rock
  • eazy-e - 2 hard mutha's
  • positively black - nightmare on america street
  • roxanne shanté - have a nice day
  • dynamic corvettes - precious woman
  • gene page - movin'
  • eddie hazel - frantic moment
  • marvin gaye - time to get it together
  • antonio carlos e jocafi - kabaluere
  • black heat - you should've listened
  • african music machine - tropical
  • talk
  • live rhymes (funky chef)
  • talk
  • live performance by no luck club
  • talk (over kidz in the hall - wheelz fall off)

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