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Pascaloop Aug 15, 2018
Kiss from Paris, France !!!
We luv We Funk

thea Feb 1, 2012
you guys.... I've been listening to your great show for a few weeks now, while I'm working on the computer and I don't even know how I've been working before 'you'..... keep up the great great work - peace out and thanks a million, from berlin. thea
Anton Nov 18, 2011
Ha! A sample moment: PE sampled JB's! Wefunk is the radio of my life. Это музыка моей жизни!
Danboy May 4, 2011
Bastid... come on man this is SICK!!!!
Tyrone May 5, 2010
Skratch Bastid did some serious work this show. Excellent music.
Дима Feb 8, 2010
Супер Радио, Супер подкаст!!! Ukraine - one love! wefunk #1
teej Jan 14, 2010
im really feelin this one.. so smooth. thanks alot guys.. holler.
jcw1963 Mar 25, 2009
My god! This show is a real treat for the ears. Treat your ears these tasty snacks!
Seriously, this is a great show... well, all of the WEFUNK shows are great, but 475 is crazy good.

Dj NAZE Dec 29, 2008
so much to listen, whoa
I will hang up myself ..

Fergie in Scotland May 30, 2008
Awsome show, every track was off the hook ! Keep up the good funkalicious tunes ! WeFunk#1
maciokator Dec 5, 2007
Pozdrowienia z Polski dla wszystkich s³uchaczy WeFunk. Wiêkszej czêœci muzy w ¿yciu nie s³ysza³em!!! Pe³en Oldschool
MartyMall007 Aug 13, 2007
Ahh, mannn! DJ SKRIBBLES destroyed every record, every needle & every speaker with this dope ass twisted you face! we funk rockz!
Renee_mw Jul 22, 2007
Great set by the Bastid. Lots of classic darlings especially The Alkaholik's track "Make Room" brought me back. Much respect to WEFUNK for another solid guest spot. Keep up the good work, fellas.
Ryan Mack AZ Jul 21, 2007
Damn, I've listened to this like 12 times now. Play it during a party and people will compliment you. Dope as hell.
MartymAll007, LA, Cali Jul 12, 2007
Yo! Kid! this is HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE! This STYLE is identical to NONE! WeFUNK, bring it! Baabbby!
Alex Jayner Jul 12, 2007
I couldn't sit still with this one, had to go bust a move.
Johnathan James Jul 11, 2007
Skratch was amazing in this set. An awesome mixture of funk, classics and unknowns, original hip hop, all with a Bastid style. Great job!

Show 475

Scribble Jam champ Skratch Bastid blesses WEFUNK with a mega-set, mashing up everything from classic hiphop to electro to original funk samples: D-Train, Strafe, Show & AG, Public Enemy, Rufus Thomas, Eazy-E, Junkyard Band and much more....

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Skratch Bastid / RECORDED June 22, 2007 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963 & sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • ike turner & the kings of rhythm - getting nasty
  • talk (over meters - sing a simple song)
  • camille lil bob - stop
  • continental showstoppers - god bah
  • peter herbolzheimer - wild chick
  • soul searchers - it's all in your mind
  • paul humphrey - super mellow
  • eddie harris - bumpin'
  • talk (over lowrell - mellow mellow right on)   (start of skratch bastid's set)
  • "d" train - you're the one for me
  • maestro fresh-wes - let your backbone slide (blend with "d" train - you're the one for me)
  • strafe - set it off
  • d.j. chuck chillout & kool chip - slave to the rhythm
  • eric b. & rakim - know the ledge (blend with harold faltmeyer - axel f)
  • public enemy - rebel without a pause
  • j.b.'s - the grunt
  • miami - chicken yellow
  • showbiz & a.g. - soul clap
  • showbiz & a.g. - party groove
  • public enemy - welcome to the terrordome
  • public enemy - public enemy no. 1
  • alkaholiks - last call
  • rufus thomas - the breakdown
  • eazy-e - eazy-er said than dunn
  • eazy-e - boyz in the hood
  • masta ace - born to roll
  • original concept - knowledge me
  • junkyard band - sardines
  • invisibl skratch piklz - invisibl skratch piklz vs. the klamz uv deth
  • boogie down productions - duck down
  • m.c. shan - the bridge
  • nice & smooth - old to the new
  • diamond & the psychotic neurotics - sally got a one track mind
  • tower of power - sparkling in the sand
  • brother ali - talkin' my ish
  • talk (over brother ali - uncle sam goddamn instrumental)   (end of skratch bastid's set)
  • heart & brain - blaze and destroy
  • clan destined - plan b.
  • stan getz - keep dreaming
  • travis biggs - tibetian serenity
  • mcneal & niles - summer fun
  • talk (over carlos franzetti - cocoa funk)

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