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Auke VanderHoek Feb 24, 2010
We Funk is always playing in my house. And I saw the comment of AJ Rok of the JVC Force. And want to show him lotta love. I'm still playing his music on my iPhone (and when We Funk is not on.) Thanks for the music.
AJ (AJ Rok/ JVC Force) Woodson Dec 11, 2007
yo just wanted to show some luv on ya page and tell u Im listening to show 494 right now and i am feeling what you are doing.
Thank for showing JVC Force some luv

DaPPerDuN Dec 5, 2007
Loved the show as always, big ups to see surreal gettin love on the show, i've been listenin to to him for over a year and he is true hip hop.......PaCe
Live in Uptown NYC Nov 30, 2007
Groove- can you please drop Fat Rat again at some point. That joint is what made me a WeFunk addict 4 Life. And I gots a new shorty that gonna let me get OVA
PB, Shef, UK Nov 30, 2007
Those are some dope ass vibes!

Show 494

Guest DJ Rawsoul selects choice cuts from the new generation of soulful hip hop. Also in the mix: uptempo rap from 2nd II None, JVC Force and Nikki D, unreleased Illmatic-era Nas, and an epic funk journey all the way to Heaven & Hell.

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DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Rawsoul / RECORDED November 2, 2007 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963, sirbaihu & tsangari / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • quad - relief
  • talk (over art & ron - i'm your man)
  • orgone - a wot
  • rufus & chaka khan - somebody's watching you
  • new york community choir - i'll keep my light in my window
  • kirk franklin - it's rainin'
  • curtis mayfield - (don't worry) if there's a hell below we're all going to go
  • devils - the x-sorcist
  • nefew feat. masta ace & wordsworth - admit it
  • median - love again
  • loer velocity - conversation peace
  • samon kawamura - black star
  • g. & o. - time
  • all natural - check the time
  • surreal - moment in time
  • chocolate milk - action speaks louder than words
  • young-holt unlimited - wah wah man
  • three degrees - you're the fool
  • minnie riperton - reasons
  • barbara acklin - am i the same girl
  • natural four - try love again
  • benny golson - i'm always dancin' to the music
  • funk inc. - the better half
  • little beaver - get into the party life
  • sirious productions - street musicians
  • hi-fidel & d.j. crucial - 10th wonderful
  • build an ark - you've gotta have freedom (j-rocc remix)
  • 2nd ii none - be true to yourself
  • perceptionists feat. humpty hump a.k.a. shock g. - career finders
  • j.v.c. force - tear the show
  • nikki d. - freak out
  • nas - just another day in the projects
  • surreal - bum rush
  • d.j. honda feat. gang starr - what you expected
  • talk (over pete rock - glowing, presto - old school to the new)

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