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NJ Mar 24, 2020
Digging back into your archives... nothing else more to say than you two always bring it! Solid, heavy, funky matter all the way through. Btw, think the Chico Mann track in groove's set is actually Say What, not Mayombe - it's off the same album though!
Cheno99F May 5, 2013
from BKK ,Thailand

tekky Nov 2, 2010

lovebirds Apr 16, 2010
awesome show .. great selection!
Cyberg Mar 2, 2008
Great party music.
10x lads

markus_gclass Feb 20, 2008
that blacula strikes joint could possibly be the greatest funk tune I have ever heard, which is saying alot
d-roc Feb 20, 2008
crazy. i just started listenin to watts 103 like a month ago... this mix looks pretty damn solid. might there be any chance of including a .cue file so that the tracks can be split up into separate files?

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Now Born Click makes the beat bang on their '93 classic "Now Born Soldiers." Ill Insanity and Q-Bert come correct with turntable techniques on "Five Fingers of Death." The funk struts, strikes and twists with standout tracks by the Gaturs, Sugar Billy and Maceo & All The King's Men. The Lions come with a fresh slab of afro-reggae funk, and Static dips into Montreal's hip hop flavors with tracks by Preach, Cordata and Manchilde.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED February 1, 2008 / PLAYLIST MARKING jcw1963 & illissus / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • wu-tang clan - gravel pit
  • talk (over yaggfu front - slappin' suckas silly instrumental)
  • now born click - now born soldiers
  • wu-tang clan feat. isaac hayes - i can't go to sleep
  • maceo & all the king's men - thank you for letting me be myself again
  • gaturs - funky funky twist
  • funkshone - purification
  • chico mann - mayombe
  • c.s. crew - bread power
  • genius/gza - breaker, breaker
  • de la soul feat. tash, j-ro & xzibit - my writes
  • ill insanity feat. d.j. q-bert - five fingers of death
  • tom c3 & prince po feat. motion man & kool keith - apocalyptic medicine
  • jedi mind tricks feat. l-fudge & louis logic - trinity
  • preach ankobia - war report
  • cordata - cityscape
  • manchilde - it's a man's world
  • allen toussaint - what is success
  • danny woods - try on my love for size
  • charles wright & the watts 103rd street band - what can you bring me
  • gene page - blacula strikes
  • lions - jungle struttin'
  • sugar billy - too much, too soon
  • talib kweli - mamma can you hear me
  • jean grae - love thirst
  • duo live feat. talib kweli - caught up
  • nicolay & kay feat. chip fu - gunshot
  • black star - brown skin lady
  • gil scott-heron & brian jackson - we almost lost detroit
  • shawn phillips - i don't want to leave you, i just came to say goodbye
  • brecker brothers - dream suite (a) asset shop
  • talk (over patrice rushen - haw-right now)

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