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PhreakOneTwo Feb 16, 2015
*funky! :)
PhreakOneTwo Feb 16, 2015
Groove, you were wondering and laughing in this show about reaching a millennium.. Keep on Keepin' on! And keep it funk! :)
cassimano Jul 1, 2011
Zooboogie Mar 3, 2011
lanny Aug 17, 2010
thanks and love!
P-Money (UK) Feb 16, 2010
Maaaaaan! Cant's top won't stop listening to the Rakim / ATCQ blend. Yo, what's the original track sampled for the Spirit mix and then used for the Rakim cut here? Help me out!
jvgraph Feb 15, 2010
Sup WEFUNK! Hot show guys i got cash brooklyn funk is some funny shit yet sick funk beat!
EASTBAYRK Sep 29, 2009
Butcher Sep 6, 2009
yo, 'I got cash' changed my life!
sei(NST) May 21, 2009
boogie down funky flavahhhhh
GM Mar 22, 2009
Leroy Hutson is my uncle :) Going to let him his song are in rotation on here.
al max Mar 21, 2009
you guys are the best!! you are the only guys that i am aware of that channels my younger days of 1974-now of growing up in the bronx with
dj breakout, chuck chillout, the valley
crew...etc. keep on keepin on.

yaush Mar 6, 2009
Excellent !!!
flexitus Mar 3, 2009
Thank you for wefunk! You guys are amazing!
Best regards from Germany!

CuBe Feb 22, 2009
Big Up, from Estonia. you guys better be comin here ;)
melofelo london, uk Feb 20, 2009
you guys deserve major big ups...ain't heard such eclectic mixes and diverse flavours since my teenage years listening to pirate station back in the early 80's..keep up the good work.. guys kick major derriere ! =o]
staz Feb 12, 2009
BIIIgg uupp Statick and Prof. Groove! incredible music on, everyone i show it to trips! Stream songs in archive is a very good idea, we keep the party rollin all night long! SPAIN- MADRID !! GOOD DAY LADS!
jazzmen & da fizzle Feb 4, 2009
you guys improved the site a lot. it's da BOMB! bring on the funk!
peace from London

filxy Feb 4, 2009
dag, I forgot myself there for awhile. I hadn't been to WF in months. Why? What a fool. This is the baseball card and bubble gum best isht ever.
digable Feb 4, 2009
daaaaaaaam yo, you guys just keep stepping that bar up! improving on perfection!!!
bbtadd1ct Jan 31, 2009
just wanna say that i'm lovin the new site features =) keep up the good work guys Jan 30, 2009
love the new player and how i can pick what songs i want 2 listen 2...
Jean Jan 29, 2009
Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Richardson Jan 28, 2009
So nice and easy! You guys rule! Thank you so much.
Maughtner Jan 28, 2009
Wicked new player, best EVAR
Ribah Jan 27, 2009
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil: I like the WEFUNK!! I listen it!
Positive Vibrations and Wellcome to Brasil!!! Listen!

tone x Jan 25, 2009
big up static and groove for the 716 love... and um mr slayer (below): i think u're asking for tracey chapman "fast car". peace.

NuNdUuN Jan 25, 2009
Yeah very nice this new track option!And it would be nice if there
will be times added when which track is spinned.
Greetz from Germany! You ROCK!

mikecamel Jan 25, 2009
love that new play individual track option. now that'd FUNKY!!!!!
yo yo yo POP Jan 24, 2009
oh, yeah, a player fa da playas... all this and Obama too? I'm fuckin riiiight, y'all...
reem da määän Jan 23, 2009
lässiger sound for beer friday!
spartans Jan 23, 2009
U dudes kick ass!!!! Luv the player..Peace..
poppajes Jan 23, 2009
Love the new player, great way to check individual songs. Thanks!
Professor Groove Jan 23, 2009
Mr.Slayer: "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" samples Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car"
Topolvo Jan 23, 2009
Madrid, Spain enjoy your groooooove!
Topolvo Jan 23, 2009
WeFunk make my day HAPPY! Really thanks for do it!
Mr.Slayer Jan 23, 2009
"sometimes i rhyme slow " == how is the sampled song called?
thanx! Jan 23, 2009
Great new player!

Show 547

Scott Down & DJ Cutler represent Buffalo NY with their "716 Lesson", Brooklyn Funk Essentials and Vaughn Mason get grimy with the synth bass, and DJ Static rocks the classic "Pussyfooter" break from Ultramagnetic MC's "Moe Luv's Theme". Plus a blazing blend of Red & Meth's "How High" with the "Triumph" instrumental, and some sublime chilled-out funk & soul from Aretha Franklin, Al Green and Bootsy Collins.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Parker / RECORDED January 9, 2009 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • leroy hutson - don't it make you feel good
  • talk (over big band katowice - sorcery)
  • scott down & d.j. cutler - 716 lesson
  • jackie robinson - pussyfooter
  • ultramagnetic m.c.'s - moe luv's theme
  • nice & smooth - sometimes i rhyme slow
  • a tribe called quest - can i kick it (spirit mix)
  • eric b. & rakim - i know you got soul (blend)
  • ghostface killah - slept on tony
  • method man & redman - how high (triumph remix)
  • roots - next movement
  • vaughan mason feat. butch dayo - you can do it
  • carol williams - can't get away (from your love)
  • herbaliser - gadget funk
  • brooklyn funk essentials - i got cash
  • infinite mass - g-ride (remix instrumental)
  • m.c. lyte - i cram to understand u (sam)
  • notorious b.i.g. feat. diana king - respect
  • poison pen - fif in da mornin
  • thirstin howl iii - brooklyn hard rock
  • artifacts - c'mon wit da git down
  • al green - what more do you want from me
  • aretha franklin - you're all i need to get by
  • roy ayers - show us a feeling
  • bootsy collins - i'd rather be with you
  • lamont johnson quintet feat. blue mitchell - chow chun's theme
  • bob james - nautilus
  • saukrates - father time
  • mic geronimo feat. o.c. & royal flush - men vs. many
  • soul students - affirmative
  • talk (over common sense - watermelon instrumental)

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