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GQH May 11, 2017
Classic show! Great breaks.
steve Oct 1, 2012
swahililand, the stakes is high for real here!!!!!!
dasmb Aug 19, 2011
this set is a labor of devotion to the culture; it's amazing.
tsuru May 22, 2010
está nada, está suave
nuts!! Apr 10, 2010
mto foda ta osso!!!!!
Shorty Mar 17, 2010
Show 550 takes the winning price for beeing your best show ever!!!
Respect and thank you so much.
Love from Copenhagen

noar@... Feb 5, 2010
wefunk so rock ! Big up from Lyon (France) Hip-Hop accross the world !

curly Nov 27, 2009
Tip O the cap on the web site. Tis absolutely stellar, my #1 funk source!
Nuts!!!! Nov 25, 2009
the best line... brasil!!!
pastafari Nov 19, 2009
this is seriously big time!!!!
ey team dj crew Oct 6, 2009
one of the best sets I ever heard!
Huge props!

P-Money Sep 8, 2009
How the funk I missed this show first time around is a mystery... Untouchable stuff, yo. Brighton UK giving props 1nce again.
DJ Jdeck Jun 30, 2009
Yo you guys killed it!!! My favorite wefunk show ever!!! This is the music I live for !!!!!!! .....Well Done!
DJ Mdeck Jun 30, 2009
One of the illest shows I have heard! killer set, much appreciated putting this one together!
WB86 Jun 26, 2009
Auditivic-orgasm aaaawshiiit! thats my shit! og samples! *falling from the chair*
ronin2 Jun 4, 2009
This is it. Great show. Made breakin feel like kindergarten today.
ceedubz May 2, 2009
Sets of this nature are 'essential' Many thanx..
jvgraph Apr 23, 2009
Yo WEFUNK most definitely one of my favorite shows! From start to finish nothing but the best beats. It's hard to comment on one track when all of them are pure gold. Keep it going WEFUNK and have a great time on tour.
JT-Pixel Apr 20, 2009
..thiz one rocks my bodega...

olipsy Apr 12, 2009
For sure, this tracklist is a milestone!!
TONE Apr 8, 2009

Above Apr 4, 2009
Keep up the fantastic work!!! one of the best shows yet!!!!l
tone x Apr 3, 2009
yet another classic wefunk episode!
Dante Apr 1, 2009
Keeping it real in my We Funk T-shirt here in Brighton, England! Thanks for another wicked show. Peace
tone170 Mar 19, 2009
Bushwick iz listenin'!
Gdd Mar 11, 2009
Cusco Mar 8, 2009
One question...
Is Montreal some kind of a city?
Yes sir!

Mango604 Mar 3, 2009
one of the best shows ever.
flexitus Mar 3, 2009
Just want to say,that I really love what you guys are doing! I can´t find any radiostation here in Germany which makes me dance like wefunk :) Your homepage is also amazing...just great to have every single track saved in the archive!
Keep on wefunking and best regards from Germany!

DJ Seoul Brother #1 Mar 2, 2009
very nice set, i play very similar funky/hiphop, holdin' it down here in Portland, OR!!!
inafunkyway Feb 28, 2009
en vivo de tucuman , argentina ... you simply make us groovy
sammk1 Feb 27, 2009
love dis sheet! - panzant brothers
Zolee Feb 27, 2009
Hi Guys, lots of love from Berlin!
Alexandre Silva Feb 26, 2009
Mixagens perfeitas, obrigado pelo otimo som! Perfect.
mr rogers Feb 24, 2009
I think you might have missed a track between J5 - Concrete Jungle and Ike Turner - Getting Nasty. I'm pretty sure I heard Wu-Tang in there.
Loving the set. Thanks for continuing to rock the funk.

Flager Feb 23, 2009
My search is now finished.Been looking for a fresh new station,listened to 550 and fell in love.Thank you from Newport,Wales.
Live in Socal Feb 22, 2009
"You think it's easy cause you see me shinin you dig...but you gonna have to work to get to this..."

Pandergosk Feb 22, 2009
Much love from Milwaukee - this set kept me rockin all ngith
DJ NAZE Feb 20, 2009
One love to the bubble Crew, wefunk still represent ! keep going! what a showwwwww......
djcutmal Feb 20, 2009
delicious one!
Emba Feb 20, 2009
Ohmygod! Fabulous!! Love your show, greetings from Norway.
Hal Feb 19, 2009
How do you do this? Seriously, how does someone attain this much musical knowledge? Anyway, you continue to amaze me
roach Feb 19, 2009
so ill USA represent baby!! we love y'all... you're the best. wu-tang is for the childrens
Cusco Feb 19, 2009
Thanks guys! I've been with you for over a decade. Stays fresh like Wonder Bread!
Cusco Feb 19, 2009
55 oh man!
the_players_picnic Feb 18, 2009
550!!!!!!!big fan in Athens, GA
terna Feb 18, 2009
uh, long time listener, first time caller... hyuk hyuk. what we do in Cape Town is lug a little bluetooth dongle around and insisting on streaming wefunkradio on the sound system of whatever café we squat for another long day's editing. every new track a fresh grin...
Pugsy Feb 18, 2009
Just found this site and now I can die happy. Well after i've listened back to 550 shows! I've told all my friends... Respect indeed. Many many thanks.
Chemilion Feb 17, 2009
Show 550? The kcufing ish as always!
Big ups to you (Static & Groove) for playing the foundation piece for DnB/Jungle... The Winstons' "Amen, Brother". I bought my first turntables to rock the amen break!

Marty Mall007 Feb 16, 2009
Guys! Guys! I been into ya;; for the pasyt 5 yrs easliy..and i gotta say I am a JUNKIE!
From West Coast Coolin N Cali

jesika jordan Feb 15, 2009
Been playing your sets daily in my art supply shop ( Wet Paint Artist Supply ) in Tempe AZ for the past 4 years. Got a lot of "who is this?" when I was playing this one. Fresh as always.
Julia from Bakersfield CA Feb 14, 2009
love it love it. thanks!!
Olly C. Feb 13, 2009
Congratulations on #550.
I just wanted to say that I started listening to WEFUNK about two months ago. And I literally can't go one day without discovering one new song. I'm pretty deep into this thing. Can't go back.
Thanks so much for everything you and the WEFUNK staff do in putting this together.

RBeezy Feb 13, 2009
impeccable as always
CALOU Feb 13, 2009

SeatownSoul Feb 13, 2009
very dope
lumiskoma Feb 12, 2009
great work homies..i love your music..the biggest greatz from hannover..germany,ruff uncut.peace

Show 550

WEFUNK celebrates 550 shows with our special 2 hour tribute to "The Art of the Sample": from all-time classic hip hop loops, to the 12 essential funk drumbreaks, to 3+3 of the best chops from the Meters and Bob James' crates. Dig in as we take you back to the roots.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED January 30, 2009 / PLAYLIST MARKING andrewjack & tsangari / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • wu-tang clan - uzi (pinky ring)
  • talk (over j.j. johnson - parade strut)
  • ahmad jamal - swahililand
  • nas - street dreams
  • linda clifford - never gonna stop
  • beatnuts - on the 1+2
  • pazant brothers - new orleans
  • masta ace - me and the biz
  • cymande - the message
  • jurassic 5 - concrete schoolyard
  • ike turner - getting nasty
  • wu-tang clan - c.r.e.a.m.
  • charmels - as long as i've got you
  • keith murray - hot to def
  • fat joe - da fat gangsta
  • ohio players - pride and vanity
  • yall so stupid - van full of pakistans (spearhead x. remix)
  • k.m.d. - gasface refill
  • pazant brothers - chick a boom
  • beatnuts - watch out now
  • enoch light & the light brigade - hijack
  • beatnuts - off the books (instrumental)
  • melvin van peebles - break that party
  • buddy baker - sign song
  • sly & the family stone - sing a simple song
  • james brown - funky drummer, part 1 & 2
  • james brown - funky drummer (bonus beat reprise)
  • funk inc. - kool is back
  • sly & the family stone - you can make it if you try
  • melvin bliss - synthetic substitution
  • manzel - midnight theme
  • honey drippers - impeach the president
  • kool & the gang - n.t.
  • skull snaps - it's a new day
  • kool & the gang - chocolate buttermilk
  • incredible bongo band - apache
  • winstons - amen, brother
  • run-d.m.c. - beats to the rhyme
  • camp lo - black nostaljack (kid capri remix)
  • ghostface killah feat. cappadonna & raekwon - daytona 500
  • del tha funkee homosapien - same ol' thing
  • big daddy kane - long live the kane
  • ultramagnetic m.c.'s - ease back
  • n.w.a. - if it ain't ruff
  • ben e. king - a star in the ghetto
  • trammps - rubber band (mr. l. edit)
  • talk (over game - hate it or love it instrumental)
  • notorious b.i.g. - everyday struggle

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