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Chris in Ireland Jul 13, 2019
Great's still amazing! A classic, love these archives!!!
bzn Jul 29, 2012
what a mix! it's a classic
DJ Nov 30, 2010
Julieta Garmendia Sep 22, 2010
greetings from Argentina! the funk is incredible!
chefbond Feb 2, 2010
Parliament never messes up the flow, only enhances was one of my favorite parts of the mix! Sorry to disagree
NickNameless Aug 21, 2009
Coulda done with out that Parliament interlude, kinda fuct up the flow but er'ythin else is niice. Could see getting laid easily after putting this show on..
Mr.IMP Jun 2, 2009
Dam it! WeeeFuuunk & DJ Platurn nice selection as always! The Puncher "Shot Out" are you kidding me?!?! Siiiiiick!!!
Bumping this Sh!t in SoCal 24/7.......

kouglof May 16, 2009
All the night to find something about the island EIK & Trubrot, but nothing!
If anyone can help me in my research: scandinavian music: so hard to find!

damienb Apr 10, 2009
Lol that should be a tear to my eye, not my ear, unless the beats are so stupendously cold that my body functions have reversed themselves. (which it is) thanks.
damienb Apr 10, 2009
The Icelandic stuff is so beautiful. It brings a tear to my ear. If this is a sound I have been looking for it would be that. Awesome, awesome show, and so obscure. Really a treat.
jp Apr 8, 2009
I stand corrected, I think I'm getting a little rusty. Prof. Groove, you dig deep. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Professor Groove Apr 8, 2009
@jp: Actually Black Sheep sampled the original version of "Today" by Jefferson Airplane. You're thinking of Tom Scott's cover version that Pete Rock sampled for TROY.
jp Apr 8, 2009
'Today' is by Tom Scott and not Jefferson Airplane. Check it!
DrGeoffrey Mar 23, 2009
Definitely a handful of rough mixes in there, but some amazing music. Definitely a favorite show packed with favorite cuts.
Strategy Mar 21, 2009
Platurn got funky! you guys have the dopest show hands down.
jvgraph Mar 19, 2009
Going from guitar rip to drum machine in this show WEFUNK gots it down from front to back!
willem Mar 19, 2009
I've been away for too long!
Again a dope show! Keep the funk alive! ciao from amsterdam

Kool Bear Mar 19, 2009
this is sooo funkeee
chefbond Mar 18, 2009
Much funk love from Kentucky to the WeFunk crew and DJ Platurn for kicking the San Fran/Icelandic Superfunk! Y'all are kickin' it live!Peace.
hody 3ck Mar 18, 2009
chaud comme la braise à consommer sans modération. Ça tue que le correcteur corrige le français. Très bonne équipe. Merci pour mes oreilles.
Thordis Claessen Mar 14, 2009
DJ PLATURN is the coolest - the boy got true skills !! ROCK ON drengur ! xxx
Alamo Mar 11, 2009
you guys never cease to amaze me. The new player is off the hook!
DaOpossum Mar 11, 2009
It gave me the right rythm\timeline of the day :)

Dizzle Mar 11, 2009
Props to Iceland!
Rodji Mar 4, 2009
Just discovered this radio show and can stop listening to it !! Excellent funky selection on this show, loved the Parliament/Staple Singers mix ! Big up for DJ Platurn and the WeFunk crew !
HXFOUR Mar 4, 2009
Siiiiiick! great job homie, also saw the video blog of it at
DJ NAZE Mar 3, 2009
great song of Colonel bagshot !
Shout to DJ Platurn from one of the coldest country !
by the way, do you like french wine....
I do everyday...
France connection Canada !

zenstate Mar 3, 2009
chillaxing in prague listening to the latest show. kickin' up the funk as usual!!! aaw yeah!
jcw1963 Mar 3, 2009
Lovin that 'Foxy Girls in Oakland' track. Go WEFUNK go! Don't stop!
CAP. Mar 2, 2009
Wow DJ Platurn nice set!! Really dug the Sir Nose/Do it Again/Good day mix and the Iceland grooves. Funk on man!
DJ Old School Mar 2, 2009
Damn, that Black Sheep tune takes me back...;-)
mcigee Mar 2, 2009
Cool Mix and nice selection PLATURN! Iceland rocks, hope the country is gonna get back on track like the sounds played in this one! Like it says: gulloldin okkar var ekki ur gulli
Calou Mar 2, 2009
Quite a cool one ;-)

ThomaZZZ Mar 2, 2009
great show, some classic feelin-good-in-the-sunshine tunez. one of my favorits.

Show 552

Special guest DJ Platurn shows love to his hometown (Bay Area) and homeland (Iceland) with a groove voyage from dusty Icelandic breaks to West Coast funk & hip hop favorites.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Platurn / RECORDED February 13, 2009 / PLAYLIST MARKING tsangari & adamlynn2 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • sharon jones - hook and sling meets the funky superfly
  • talk (over sly & the family stone - positive)
  • chosen few - hit me with music
  • 8th ave. express - funky hot pants
  • brother soul - life is like a maze
  • king sporty - reggae rock road
  • geraldo pino & the heartbeats - let them talk
  • johnny harris - stepping stones
  • talk with d.j. platurn
  • contours - don't let her be your baby
  • eik - mr. sadness   (iceland)
  • trubrot - am i really living   (iceland)
  • gunter kallman choir - daydream
  • willie hutch - i choose you
  • staple singers - let's do it again
  • parliament - sir nose d'voidoffunk (pay attention - b3m)
  • staple singers - let's do it again
  • ice cube - it was a good day (remix)   (west coast)
  • colonel bagshot - six day war
  • d.j. shadow feat. mos def - six days (remix)   (bay area)
  • minnie riperton - les fleurs
  • ramsey lewis - les fleurs
  • jefferson airplane - today   (bay area)
  • black sheep - similak child
  • opus - vinur i raun (true friend)   (iceland)
  • afram stelpur - gulloldin okkar var ekki ur gulli (our golden age was not made of gold)   (iceland)
  • groove collective - everybody (we the people)
  • parliament - the big bang theory
  • cameo - rigor mortis
  • encore feat. walter brooks - right in the middle
  • eddie craig - funk time
  • puncher - shot out
  • above the law - livin' like hustlers   (west coast)
  • roger collins - foxy girls in oakland   (bay area)
  • fjorefni - disco dans   (iceland)
  • lalo schifrin - jim on the move
  • wiseguys vs. the jets - ooh la la vs. crush on you (platurn blend)   (bay area)
  • bette midler - daytime hustler
  • ballin' jack - found a child (kon & amir special disco edit)
  • big john hamilton - big bad john
  • big daddy kane - warm it up kane (bladerunners edit)
  • jimmy castor - it's just begun (larry levan mix)
  • jimmy castor bunch - it's just begun (instrumental)
  • el michels & others - it's just begun (u.b.b. instrumentals version)
  • unforgettables - too much trouble   (bay area)
  • apollis - what it is   (bay area)
  • tower of power - ebony jam   (bay area)
  • talk (over funky constellation - street talk (madame rapper))

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