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funkettone Mar 28, 2014
spettacolo...anche l'italia ascolta wefunk
DJ Chris Phunk Dec 1, 2009
Lyrics and California vocals are already flowing!
DJ Chris Phunk Dec 1, 2009
I might be looking you up bruh for a gut bucket, peanut butter & maple syrup dogged out funk mix with that West Coast Twist! Damn that beat is absolutely evil!
Kusto Sep 11, 2009
Hey!! I am From Ukraine
Cool Music!!!!!
And Respect for All Bboys

smae.nsf Sep 9, 2009
damn this is funky as hell.. awesome set
coleone.tws Jul 14, 2009
an other nice day with wefunk!
thx from germany

DJ NAZE Jun 2, 2009
another hit :
funk machine - dance on the groove and do the funk...whooh skake it baby...AWESOME!!

jcw1963 May 23, 2009
I agree about the Hackshaw. Like ice cream on a hot summer day. So damn good!
Above May 17, 2009
yo that alan hawkshaw joint is so damn fresh!!!!!
Gulherme May 7, 2009
How can i get the music nightlife groove, man this music is really awnsome!! We can share it for some brazilian grooves!!! Thanks a lot
boris Apr 28, 2009
thank you SO much for playing Eddie Bo!
jumpdafunkup Apr 24, 2009
Can't wait to see ya in Biel/Bienne!!! :-)
Nigel Apr 24, 2009
Flippin da funk here in Bangkok
from Russia_Vova Apr 22, 2009
great show, fellas...keep it in the same way...
KaLok1 Apr 22, 2009
I love WeFunk! Listening to show at work...
shabba d Apr 22, 2009
man you guys have got taste!
keep up the great work!

Above Apr 20, 2009
Yall made my b-day with this show! fresh as always
Fiftypence Apr 19, 2009
Incredible as always. Great job Guys

JT-Pixel Apr 19, 2009
BooM... another BOmB
Vcyne Apr 19, 2009
Amazing show! You should play more 80's stuff like that.

Night Train Apr 17, 2009
Great Job guys huge fan keep the good grooves flowin and come play a set in Seattle so i can hear ya!!
DJ Jdeck Apr 16, 2009
Fresh show! All the 80's stuff was surprisingly tight! Also Really feeling the DJ Silent Jam

d'liteful Apr 16, 2009
Who needs caffeine when you got the WEFUNK?! Puchika! This show is making my co-workers look at me all strange as I funk about in my desk. Jejeje, nice going!!! Sending so many thanks and funkload of love from Guatemala!
Jaque Mate SF Apr 15, 2009
That players association song was so treal it hurt. What if we played that kinda stuff in the club so dudes didn't just stand around and girls didn't just have to grind? You really put it down this week, much love from Barcelona.
RuiNEd Apr 15, 2009
dope as always ;) SO MUCH feel good music , that i could even do all my school work without feeling tired AND at the end even feeling HAPPY!!!!
overall ''sly & family - dance to the music (medley) made my day awesome , it gave me so much positive energy , that i even dont know where to use it XD
Tnx this show and keep doing what you do.
Peace :)

Dj BoneyLegs Apr 15, 2009
Thanks be to the higher powers that gave the world We Funk Radio.
Always straight groovin'!!

Calou Apr 15, 2009
Show is dope from A to Z..PEACE

Show 557

Guest DJ Ilya dives deep into the 80s post-disco underground, unearthing crazy vocoders, fat synths and funky basslines. Plus: latin heat from Monguito Santamaria and Jack Costanzo, jazzy storytelling raps from Maspyke and DJ Silent, and a tribute to New Orleans legend Eddie Bo.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Ilya / RECORDED March 27, 2009 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & daopossum / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • eddie bo & inez cheatham - a lover & a friend
  • talk (over eddie bo - getting to the middle)
  • eddie bo & the soul finders - the rubber band
  • eddie bo - check your bucket
  • jack costanzo & gerrie woo - jive samba
  • monguito santamaria - groovetime
  • james brown - out of sight
  • dr. john - mama roux
  • sly & the family stone - dance to the music (medley)
  • alan hawkshaw - funky fanfare
  • funk machine - dance on the groove and do the funk
  • wynd chymes - alakazam
  • s.o.s. band - groovin' (that's what we're doin')
  • michael wilson - groove it to your body
  • kano - i'm ready
  • players association - turn the music up
  • b. bra - nightlife groove
  • count bass d. - jussa player
  • cee-lo - free (live on 88.5)
  • redman - can't wait
  • godfather don - rip dat
  • tha dogg pound - i don't like to dream about gettin paid
  • keith murray - life on the street
  • d.j. silent - feels good
  • maspyke - lost in belief
  • __ - rise   (unknown artist)
  • wreckin' crew - found the groove
  • little toni marsh - video burnout
  • prince charles - we can make it happen
  • tata vega - get it up for love
  • azymuth - may i have this dance
  • instant funk - everybody
  • vaughan mason & crew - bounce, rock, skate, roll (part 2)
  • u.t.f.o. - hanging out
  • talk (over d.j. assault - detroit summer)

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