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jessica Sep 7, 2012
we funk!!!!
ilarius Jan 1, 2012
thanks guys! hope to see you soon again!
iaian Mar 2, 2011
Hey guys, keep rockin the funk!! the website is awesome, i might end up listening here more than on itunes :) keep up the good work
ron Oct 10, 2009
the shit is fresh!
mojo., AkA Harvester emcee Jul 26, 2009
big up big up!! wefunk youfunk the whole world lets funk! as always you guys provide the mad flavor, much respect to PG & DJ Stat for this banger show,.
peace.. form the land down unda!! AUS., SA, ADL represent......

mangolasi Jul 14, 2009
baqu Jun 24, 2009
what can I say? fire.
greetings from Poland, big up

Vcyne Jun 20, 2009
What's up! I was wondering where I could buy the track you played from Mangolasi, love it! I checked his myspace page, but I found nothing about that.

DJ Static Jun 15, 2009
@Zoe: Drop Charles Herron a line at!
zoe Jun 4, 2009
where can i get quarter 2 eight hoppa?
thanks for being the best radio show everrrrr.

jvgraph Jun 4, 2009
Great show it getting ready for tonight. WEFUNK in LA its going to be siiiiick!!!
Solar-C May 30, 2009
jota_jota May 28, 2009
Seguid dándole tíos!!! Peace and funk love from Spain!!
hody3ck May 21, 2009
dru comment c'est bon toujours a l'écoute des news. big big up
HanJobSolo May 20, 2009
Swwweeet tunes WeFunk!
meters - i need more time

bobak May 19, 2009
greatstuff, we need you in the UK!!
jordanus May 19, 2009
larga vida al funk! greetings from finland...
Hotzick May 17, 2009
We love your music ! Greetings from Belgium
Bboy Tomekk May 15, 2009
listenin' since 2003...
Peace from Hungary

bextown May 14, 2009
ill repost my comment just to spread the word ;) : yo greetings from germany. great site, and the new improvements are great as well. keep up the awesome music. we are chilling with ur music for over 7 years now, since we found the stream over winamp. this stream opend our mind for hiphop. thanks a lot guys and keep it up.
Alexel May 14, 2009
what a great mix...
L^ May 10, 2009
dope mix, keop it up!
Deeznutz IV May 8, 2009
BoOm May 8, 2009
KeeP iT Real !
David in Victoria BC May 7, 2009
The sound track to my mind. Keep the goodness rollin'.
nico May 7, 2009
this website makes me so happy- :)
gfunk May 7, 2009
great show! nice selection of classic funk tunes, with a sick selection of hip-hop!
VISEone May 6, 2009 and only show worldwide! Big Up!
cheers from germany...

trueninjagreen May 5, 2009
what an ill set you guys did big big big ups

skankpickle May 5, 2009
the site is great. so tight! thanks for what you guys have been doing over the years - keepin' me smilin' and the booties shakin'
NorthShore Funkster May 4, 2009
Sic site! The track player on the right is dope-a-licious! Keep up the GREAT work
- peas

DJ NAZE May 4, 2009
waiting for you in France !
funk & hip hop party fever...

Show 560

Hip hop is worldwide: Swiss producer Ilarius gets "Connected" with MC's from Jurassic 5 and Tha Alkaholiks, and DJ Static selects stand-out Canadian tracks, all the way from early k-os to brand new Sikh Knowledge and Masia One. Plus: funk heavyweights James Brown and Kool & The Gang at their prime, Rufus Thomas doin' the "Push and Pull" live at P.J.'s, and chill jazz perfection from O'Donel Levy and the Roy Hargrove Quintet.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED April 17, 2009 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu & tsangari / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • charles herron feat. sonny cheeba - quarter 2 eight hoppa
  • talk (over ghostface killah & doom - chinatown wars remix instrumental)
  • ghostface killah & doom - chinatown wars remix
  • outasight feat. the kid daytona & donny goines - fame & fortune (remix)
  • ohio players - jive turkey
  • meters - i need more time
  • kool & the gang - rhyme tyme people
  • james brown - i don't want nobody to give me nothing (open up the door i'll get it myself)
  • sikh knowledge & humble the poet - technorganic
  • d.j. sarasa feat. elzhi, masia one & cymarshall law - bullet train
  • mangolasi feat. solar c. - to each their own (revised mix)
  • k-os feat. laylow & p.o.s. - rise like the sun (the dusk)
  • da grassroots feat. arcee - thematics
  • notes to self - days like these
  • freda payne - unhooked generation
  • young gents - big things
  • different bags - closed mind
  • rufus thomas - push & pull (live)
  • dave williams - into the streets
  • ashantis - safari
  • lace da booms feat. royal flush & kwaze modoe - cut that weak shit (buckwild remix)
  • blahzay blahzay - don't let this rap shit fool you
  • jeru the damaja - d. original
  • pharcyde - my soul
  • ilarius feat. chali 2na, akil & j-ro - connected
  • thrust - in other words
  • wu-tang clan - take it back
  • sharon jones & the dap-kings - how long do i have to wait for you? (ticklah remix)
  • o'donel levy - people make the world go round
  • roy hargrove quintet - strasbourg-st denis
  • talk (over james moody - unchained, magnum - composition seven)

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