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pjqbik Aug 11, 2011
belibaste Jul 5, 2011
RIP gil!
belibaste Jul 5, 2011
thx for taana gardner!!!!!!
phil May 31, 2010
fuenf sterne deluxe represent! Apr 7, 2010
Can't thank wefunk enough for bringing the funk!
sj42 Dec 26, 2009
great playlist here on show 562 but it needs some early Level 42 to be perfect.
Chance Aug 29, 2009
Wefunk, Fuck yeah. Packing for the playa and you helping me get down like i should. Thank you so much.....
ICWeener Aug 25, 2009
yo, freakin' the funk from montreal straight to poland!! welove wefunk ^^ check out ortega cartel, polish rap from montreal! 5, one nation under a groove peace to the beat
Canada South Aug 21, 2009
A crucial part of my day! Keep Funking Ish up!! Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Mawanga Jul 22, 2009
Super-sweet guys, keep it up. Love from Glasgow, Scotland.
dr. nick Jul 17, 2009
spread love and love and love and never never never give it up.

d Jul 9, 2009
WEFUNK in Southern Oregon!Thanks and praises.
DJ Funk-o-nauta Jun 29, 2009
CHEEEERS FROM MEXICO!!! KEEP ON DIGGIN in pure gold (soul music) YEEEAAAH!!!
mfielding Jun 23, 2009
Hands down one of my favorite shows! - mfielding - CBus, Ohio
kelrock Jun 20, 2009
Poems/Love song is tuff stuff, all hittin' me really strong today. Peace from SLC.
oldmanvegas Jun 17, 2009
It's like you dug in my crates and picked out my fave joints - as always very dope - keepin the funk freshly squeezed.
Calou Jun 12, 2009
Ahhh C'est Mortel !! - I was wating 4 this 4 sooooo Looonnggg ;-) Yo Static Yo Groove U know I luv Ya!! Hope next time we'll ba able to spend a little bit more time together ;-)
Hope you enjoy the LP!!
Thx4All Bros
So Much Love&Respect!!

magnatron_2 Jun 10, 2009
thanks for the angola louisiana injustice has entered my living room
dcaroff Jun 7, 2009
props for including an MD in the mix!!
- med student from philly

Live in SoCal Jun 7, 2009
Predictably Awesome. Great to finally see you guys live. Onward!
VanCity Realtor Jun 6, 2009
Hip Hop has become Hip Pop and R&B has become Pop. Finally a show that has some Funk, Old School, and Rare Bangers. Mad love from the West Coast! Keep delivering the heat. You gotta swing out to VanCity soon. Save us from the bland music scene out here.
Delonc- UK Jun 6, 2009
Been listening for a while now, absolutely dangerous! Respect and long may it continue.
Djsurg1 Jun 5, 2009
Good mix! U guys keep doin ya thang. WeFunk, funks me up. Peace
dawishkid85 Jun 5, 2009
Yall boyz keep making dem fire mixes
^L^ Jun 5, 2009
just great mix.
cameo cutz Jun 4, 2009
finally i've been waitin 4 bout a month 4 this,i am now cured!!!

Show 562

James Brown lets it all out on "Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing", Herbie Hancock & Patrice Rushen fire off scalding jazz-funk selections, and DJ Static cuts up Reflection Eternal's long-awaited new single "Back Again." Plus the hard-edged posse cut "Graveyard" featuring Big L, Lord Finesse, Jay-Z and friends, and classic ol skool selections including Taana Gardner's "Heartbeat" and T-Sky Valley's "Catch the Beat".

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED May 22, 2009 / PLAYLIST MARKING tsangari / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • sonny stitt - slick eddie
  • talk (over rhythm makers - zone)
  • herbie hancock - swamp rat
  • patrice rushen - what's the story
  • wizdom life & matt fingaz feat. talib kweli - fruits of labor in the sunshine
  • poems - love
  • truth enola feat. jean grae - ill lovin' (pt. 2)
  • jonell & method man - round & round (remix)
  • masta ace incorporated - the i.n.c. ride (phat kat ride)
  • g.w. manning, m.d., p.h.d. - the art of heart auscultation
  • taana gardner - heartbeat
  • gil scott-heron - angola louisiana
  • donald byrd - wind parade
  • kamal & the brothers - brotherhood
  • illegal - illegal will rock
  • show & a.g. - you want it
  • big l. feat. grand daddy u.i., jay-z, lord finesse, microphone nut & party arty - da graveyard
  • nas - halftime
  • meters - chicken strut
  • booker t. & the m.g.'s - sing a simple song
  • sly stone - what was i thinkin' in my head
  • rufus thomas - jump back '75
  • james brown - talkin' loud and sayin' nothing
  • sadat x. feat. eddie cheeba & g.s. - come on down (remix)
  • kemo the blaxican - 5th of may
  • reflection eternal - back again
  • special ed - i'm the magnificent
  • t. ski valley - catch the beat
  • talk (over ronnie gee - raptivity instrumental)

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