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Alp Sep 13, 2016
First time listening, great show, music is just awesome!
Balex Jan 10, 2014
No idea Billy Joel had the funk. Beauty show boys.
kasid Nov 27, 2013
good show need new !!
pearlygirl Mar 20, 2012
That version of The Bottle is SLAMMIN!! WeFunk is k i l l i n g i t.
jvgraph May 20, 2010
chss - freddie's dead tracks is crazy. I feel like I just went to outer space and back, all from the desk in my office. Much thanks and love from So Cal.

ruffi May 11, 2010
thank you.fantastic show
Tobstar Apr 30, 2010
This set is magic, the best set from start to finish, nothing competes.
pandachang Apr 25, 2010
Fuuuuuuu! so Funky!
kawikabrown Apr 16, 2010
We Funk - stank you very much for this show - it's DANK, sho' nuff
GinaMac Jan 27, 2010
5 months later and this is still one of the hottest shows I've heard. Can't thank you enough for the morning stimulation in the East Bay! Keep on rockin' me baby...
smae.nsf Oct 17, 2009
dude, you cannot be serious of how sick this show is (571)... you guys kill it on a regular basis, have it on the internet stream all the time. cheers!
mix professor Sep 28, 2009
aww man we need more websites like this-ty so much for this!!!
nealedarkside Sep 24, 2009
as always dope, dope, dope...'Everybody needs somthing', a la Gil Scott and Brian Jackson and this is it! All Love...
zye Sep 24, 2009
your site is really great - especially the track list with complete songs ! keep on grooving - zye from AT
dmitry Sep 12, 2009
to Professor Groove: "Let the Sunshine In" is the track by Melodiya Ensemble & George Garanian from one and only USSR label "Melodiya"
alexel Sep 11, 2009
people under the stairs...this track is hot!!!
Professor Groove Sep 9, 2009
@rostek: I want to know too! I got that version of "Let the Sunshine In" as an mp3 while touring in Russia. From the info in the tags it appears it was originally released on the Soviet label Melodiya (Mелодия). Hey Russian diggers, can you help us identify the artist?
rostek Sep 9, 2009
anyone knows who performs this version of 'let the sunshine in'?
Ming The Merciless Sep 6, 2009
Listening in London on a late summer Sunday afternoon.
Lovin it :)

diabolik Sep 6, 2009
solid gold funky soul ... my favorite show yet!
B!G 5paDe Chi-RocK Sep 3, 2009
some of the hottest shit iv heard. pass me that bottle
kiki blaze Sep 3, 2009
Let the sunshine in- WOW, excellent remix!!!
HansVanRock Sep 2, 2009
Excellent! Show #563 is still missing.
Rahsaan Sep 2, 2009
Peace fam! This shit can rock a party out or a Pops from Cali cleaning up and shit.
Stay Blessed

PNSB Sep 1, 2009
A Pimp named slickback cosigned ^^
sebastian Sep 1, 2009
a medida que fui conociendo a gil scott heron, comprendi de donde venia gran parte de la inspiracion de chuck d de public enemy, y de a poco se fue transformando en mi cantante de soul favorito. From Argentina, Mucho Amor para We Funk !
polojoZ Sep 1, 2009
Incredible radio shows !! This bottle version is huge !
morgan971 Aug 31, 2009
Big pleasure for my ears continue please
jaffesz Aug 31, 2009
the best radio
FunkyWay Aug 31, 2009
Abrazos grande a todos los funkateers ... No hay palabra para describir todo su trabajo chicos, es un placer cada manana de leventarme con ustedes !
keep it alive

utility Aug 29, 2009
say no more!!!
dapperdun Aug 28, 2009
Static you gonna be missed dun, hope you realize that you will be tha illest hip hop dun!, Wefunk won't be tha same w/o ya but i've been listenin for over 4 years and your voice is stuck in my head son, u got me up to the get down and u and the groove will 4eva have the funkiest hands down sound!!!!........WEFunK 4 eVa from the dap MaN in MonTana!!!
woodnoise Aug 28, 2009
This is the smoothest show eva, and that's saying something. Please keep rockin' us farther!
slimbo Aug 27, 2009
classic shit...keep up the good work

Show 571

"Summer Madness" - Guest DJ Marie B joins Groove for a session of warm laid-back vibes. Jazzy hip hop from The Sound Providers and Edan, soul selections by Marlena Shaw and Shuggie Otis, rough funk from Laura Vane and Manito, Gil Scott Heron's fantastic live version of "The Bottle", classic summertime Kool & The Gang, and Soul Village's fresh take on "Everybody Loves the Sunshine".

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, Marie B / RECORDED July 24, 2009 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • hassles - four o'clock in the morning
  • talk (over march wind - all the way down)
  • lyn collins - take me just as i am
  • cecil holmes soulful sounds - freddie's dead
  • kool & the gang - summer madness (live)
  • soul village - everybody loves the sunshine
  • rasputin's stash - mr. cool
  • shuggie otis - sparkle city
  • ugly duckling - journey to anywhere
  • typical cats - the pavement
  • sister goose & the ducklings - super shine #9
  • chamber of commerce - i'm free to live
  • mitty collier - i can't lose
  • jesse anderson - let me back in
  • sheila wilkerson - baby you're a jive cat
  • marlena shaw - wade in the water
  • natural yogurt band - latin illusion
  • mighty chevelles - shadow boxing
  • manito - gang's back again
  • __ - let the sunshine in   (unknown artist)
  • monosapiens - dwight
  • laura vane & the vipertones - roof off
  • gil scott-heron & brian jackson - the bottle (live)
  • sound providers feat. maspyke - the throwback
  • homeliss derilex - fraudulent
  • edan - mic manipulator
  • diamond d. - best kept secret (remix)
  • mass influence - all out
  • d.m. & jemini - ghetto pop life
  • c. rayz walz - rhyme doublin'
  • king gheedorah - anti-matter
  • people under the stairs - los angeles daze
  • count bass d. - seven years
  • talk (over philly armada - for the love of money)

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