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A Junghans Jul 19, 2015
Guys, this is great music! Tried to buy CD of Ednah Holt but it's not available..

Mike zenzey Jun 25, 2011
Yeeeessss!! WE FUNK
Forever my radio station!!!
from Naples whit love!!! ^_^

duisburg - m2o Nov 22, 2010
very nice fm best radio i heard ever.. nice
chiccomox Dec 20, 2009
Best show ever! Thanks WeFunk.
Küde Dec 13, 2009
du seisch es hurricane! diä show isch ja wohl tammigeil! BigUP!
hurricane Dec 3, 2009
yes baby, das isch öpe en geile sender, aber anderscht!!! :)
es grüessli vo de schwiiz!! ;)

IRD1 Nov 29, 2009
Best Station Ever!! love the fusions and transitions, so natural. Dis station is vital. Long live Hip-Hop
hary Nov 27, 2009
it's just all good . and i love this new site stuff like profile etc. at last. made by music lovers for musik luvverz. vorsprung durch technic. keep it up and up static and groove.
GinaMac Nov 25, 2009
Everybody in the East Bay knows Sugar Pie Desanto is the queen of the Blues 'round these parts. Peace to Static n Groove for a great groove with a great Lady!
Edmoondo Nov 25, 2009
I've had enough of posting "this show is the best" i'd have to post that on all the bloody shows!!!
luminous_glow Nov 24, 2009
It's been too long since my last connection to Wefunk! Posted before praisin the new features. The best add on is the pics of the artists especially the old soul music you play. Nice touch, classy thing to do. Never knew what Ruby Johnson looked like.... thanks for lettin me know!
Marc Nov 22, 2009
One of the best shows ever!
Karim Nov 21, 2009
Yees siiiir!
i love it man, WeFunK!
Greats from London to Madrid

jacksk2002 Nov 20, 2009
Yes!! I can finally listen to wefunk while photographing in the city!!
HSosa Nov 19, 2009
Best show yet (still at Jackie Moore tune!).
Pissed guy from Shoreditch, London.

TheBassTian Nov 19, 2009
Ahh, that Gravediggaz tune brings back memories. Big Up!

Show 582

Featuring rare 90s tracks from the Flavor Unit MC's and Legion (with Black Sheep & Chi-Ali), outer-space grooves by Ednah Holt and George Clinton, live bands blessed with vocals from GZA and Grand Puba, and energetic sister-soul by Sugar Pie Desanto and Jackie Moore.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove / RECORDED October 30, 2009 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • g.z.a. with the fyre dept. - fame
  • talk (over bekay - i am instrumental)
  • bekay feat. d.j. revolution - i am
  • bekay feat. masta ace - brooklyn bridge
  • danny white - natural soul brother
  • sugar pie desanto - soulful dress
  • ruby johnson - weak spot
  • j.j. barnes - every time i see you i go wild
  • jackie moore - time
  • majestics - tighten up
  • curtis mayfield - superfly
  • beastie boys - egg man
  • eazy-e - i'mma break it down
  • e.p.m.d. - scratch bring it back
  • flavor unit m.c.'s - roll wit tha flava (kid capri bounce track)
  • legion feat. black sheep & chi-ali - who's it on (part 2)
  • kid capri feat. buckshot & cocoa brovas - follow me
  • meters - just kissed my baby
  • george duke - reach for it
  • ednah holt - serious, sirius space party (unreleased instrumental)
  • george clinton - mothership connection starchild (the second coming)
  • kutiman - no groove where i come from
  • j. dilla feat. black thought - reality t.v.
  • gravediggaz - unexplained
  • j-scrilla feat. x.o. & k-beta - guns n butter
  • dr. dre feat. kurupt, lady of rage & r.b.x. - lyrical gangbang
  • camp lo - coolie high (remix)
  • pete rock & c.l. smooth - i get physical
  • brand new heavies feat. grand puba - who makes the loot?
  • roy c. & the honeydrippers - roy c's theme
  • sisters love - ha ha ha
  • lyrics born - i changed my mind (d.j. spinna remix)
  • james brown - people get up and drive your funky soul
  • talk (over joe farrell - canned funk)

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