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Benlipervier Jun 3, 2022
Kobal, tu nous balances des perles, tes un Oufs, c’est un délice pour l’âme, totale respect ! Sans oublier le Professor , le Static et bien entendu les personnes cachées (( dans ou par ...l’ombre... )) qui font que Wefunk existe. Peace!
nz Dec 15, 2013
real goooood music thanks (france)
fenugrec Sep 2, 2011
Gwen McRae (All This Love That I'm Giving) is nicely sampled in Cassius - Feeling For You !!
prasák Apr 29, 2011
smrdí to hroznou pohodou
easy E Mar 28, 2011
great show, ty...keep on jammin ...greetz from germany
Cheeba Cheeba Kid Mar 17, 2011
fyah! sweet job on the canjazz, kobal!
kayo Mar 1, 2010
classic NYC underground jams "Come Let Me Love You," drums are sick the P Rushen... Shetler, Garage and Loft Classics. You rock!!!!
grandkingpin Feb 6, 2010
wefunk is nothin but banging deep classic fuck...the hip hop played is keeping my ears tuned in to see what is he gonna play next, 3rd bass/downtown science maybe...
word to hip hop!!!

ben Feb 6, 2010
après ski - le grand marc that track just kicks ass Feb 4, 2010
Great music... Great Show...
Welder_dj Feb 3, 2010
Eeee hi from Russia. Nice show. It's very hot.
ZLOY STRELOK Feb 3, 2010
tee Feb 1, 2010
hi, good mix, yesterday i've also listened the hip hop skit mix, that was good too

jbizzle Jan 29, 2010
head noddin'
Kendog Jan 29, 2010
Sweeeeet set. Takes the pressure of while at work. Thanks for the great work guys!!!!!!
luminous_glow Jan 29, 2010
I like the fact that you have album art or a picture of the band or persons song. Like Strawberry Soul, Had no idea! Keep up the good work and improvements to the site! The best site on the internet!
AnnaSan Jan 29, 2010
gnome Jan 28, 2010
Professor Groove Jan 27, 2010
@ill_Tizz: You'll find The Brothers' track on their 1976 album "Don't Stop Now" (RCA Victor). Also comped on "Disco Spectrum 3".
ill_Tizz Jan 27, 2010
nice one ! the third tune: brothers - under the skin - where can I get this? I can't find it...label..compilation...can anyone help ?
bee.rad Jan 26, 2010
may favorite show so far. i can't stop listening to this one. keep killin' it, we funk!
Professor Groove Jan 26, 2010
@ill.i.cit: yeah you're right, the original is by Blues Project, I probably should have double checked that before getting on the mic. Great version by Seatrain though.
ill.i.cit Jan 25, 2010
That is NOT the same Flute Thing sampled by the Beasties. But close! Keep diggin'...
Cas.B Jan 25, 2010
Nice job with tha set. Loved the dizzy track.
Remof Jan 24, 2010
Nice show!
Trapps Jan 23, 2010 of the best shows ever!! We're cooking some Paella while listening to Dizzy and Co. puta madre!!! Erasmus students in Salamanca/España
NASA Jan 23, 2010
K-1 Jan 23, 2010
Grooviest first half with smooth ending second half. By far my favorite WeFunk show. Mad props to DJ Kobal and to WeFunk as always!
Mariani Jan 23, 2010
Great Great Great Show!!!!!!!!!!
Mihai Jan 23, 2010
Pace guys!!! Sibiu is moving on wefunk music..
polishfunklover Jan 23, 2010
I love this flute thing ,btw sampled by beastie boys.
Cracow is waiting for WEFUNK SHOW there!!

Frode kommode Jan 22, 2010
Fly as always. Dayum, this makes me wanna move.
lekku Jan 22, 2010
yeeey, new show :D
Peter Jan 22, 2010
Thanks for the party in Sibiu. Make it funky. God bless you.
J Jan 22, 2010
Show was worth the wait, nice set fellas!

Show 588

DJ Kobal unveils a world of Canadian jazz & funk treasures, dropping selections from Les Lutins, Billy Martin & The Soul Jets, The Ensemble Jazz-Rock and Roger Simard. Plus: Del's space rap meets Q-bert's otherworldy cuts on N.A.S.A.'s "Samba Soul," The Philadelphia Flyers and Brownout throw down psychedelic breakbeats, and we check out a rare version of the Outsidaz's "Keep On" featuring Pacewon, Rah Digga and company.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Kobal, Malik, Z.Otro / RECORDED December 18, 2009 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • seatrain - flute thing
  • talk (over norman connors - back on the street)
  • brothers - under the skin
  • dizzy gillespie - ozone madness
  • philadelphia flyers - run and hide
  • bronx river parkway - el resbalon
  • brownout - chancias de ninja
  • ensemble jazz-rock - hot streak   (start of kobal's first set)
  • peter appleyard - open the gates of love
  • strawberry soul - funky feelin'
  • après ski - le grand marc
  • les lutins - la junglomanie
  • 21 guitar hits - scorpio
  • roger simard - p.s. spécial
  • billy martin & the soul jets - i turn you on   (end of kobal's first set)
  • d.j. einstein & m.c. zaakir - have & have nots
  • wax tailor feat. speech defect - b-boy on wax
  • j-live - at it again
  • n.a.s.a. feat. del & q-bert - samba soul
  • craig g. - feel ya way
  • casual - lose in the end
  • pharcyde - devil music
  • chops feat. c.m.n.r. - still life
  • outsidaz - keep on
  • pete rock feat. raekwon, prodigy & ghostface killah - the game
  • dialect music feat. roy ayers - chaque seconde   (start of kobal's second set)
  • chemical brothers feat. q-tip - galvanize
  • dazz band - let it whip
  • jeanette "lady" day - come let me love you
  • patrice rushen - number one
  • alicia myers - i want to thank you
  • gwen mccrae - all this love that i'm giving
  • joe coleman - get it off the ground
  • joe bataan - sadie (she smokes)
  • talk (over fat larry's band - here comes the sun)   (end of kobal's second set)
  • dâm-funk - 10 west

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