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re-co Jun 12, 2010
I just keep coming back to this show for that Leonard Seeley track. Absolutely nuts! Keep rocking guys, this is THE best radio show around!
Respect from Amsterdam!

undergroundhiphop702 May 6, 2010
definitly the the dopest dope hands down jammin to the music late night
DoseOne May 5, 2010
RIP Guru

DoseOne May 5, 2010
Yo Respect to Frank BLVD for puttin' it down! Shouts to Mr. Mosco and Tempt. Can't foreget RIP to the LA legend, Dusk Uno!
nzymatic Apr 26, 2010
guru was huuuge for hip hop from say 1989-present. helped shape my love for hiphop.
kamel Apr 22, 2010
un bon son, des skeuds rare et frais

esdee Apr 22, 2010
Venry nice radio

Fonkfilipinoe Apr 22, 2010
Yo from Germany Berlin Kreuzberg,
...we funk 4ever...

jason from england Apr 20, 2010
this radio station rocks-cant get enough of the funk!!
alexandre caversan Apr 18, 2010
Saudações Brasileiras
klusi Apr 17, 2010
theres no way u catch me.. so many nice sounds wefunk introduced me.. should b awarded a medal..
Tomcruise Apr 10, 2010
keep on playin' wefunk
jvgraph Apr 7, 2010
Sup WEFUNK oh I can feel it... That Leonard Seeley track is nice just what i need to keep me going at work.
cheeba Apr 4, 2010
don't get better than the blvd...deeeep diggin' the boogie bombs as always.
harris (edinburgh) Apr 3, 2010
bring the heat, cant beat the heavy synth sound of the 80s.
AlloY:Deejay Apr 2, 2010
loving this show...diamond in the ruff..1 of the oringal shizzle manizzle shows still rippin it up..big up the scottish hip hoppers..
olskoolsis Apr 2, 2010
respects as always!
@ORGNL Mar 31, 2010
its been awhile since Ive listen, diggin the new player & the whole page! SALUTE!!!!
modernb_boy Mar 30, 2010
I'm Feelin the new intro, who ever did that make that the new standard!! That is ruff, i wish i had a that instumental so i could put that on my phone for Real!!!!!!!!!!
localPatron in Oslo Mar 30, 2010
I love you guys !!!

EKSPO Mar 28, 2010
big up from Naples Italy!!
dtr45 Mar 27, 2010
THE LEATHERS.....greetings from the more cows must die tour, live today in fargo north dakota, where we're bringing leather, good times and canadian hip hop to the fine folks here... still no sign of steve buscemi or that wood chipper.
thanks for the spin guys! wefunk forever!

kssnell Mar 26, 2010
Thank you so much wefunk!
JetLeg Mar 26, 2010
Nothing gets me through a day of report cards and marking like WeFunk! Big up to Frank!
David B Mar 26, 2010
Damn fine!! Always the best grooves.. Thanx again!
Shyrock, Esq. Mar 25, 2010
Your shows are what get me through the day at work! I've been listening to your shows for years, and I hope you keep rockin' forever!
crispy roll Mar 24, 2010
yo guys, that's one of my favourite shows so far! especially because of glass, sun and kool & the gang with 'funky granny' :) keep dem shows comin'!
zigmatic Mar 24, 2010
Man, I hope you guys do this forever! You guys are making me dance in my cubicle. My coworkers think Im on drugs.
Golden Era!!! Mar 24, 2010
Iam listening this show On and On... Big Thumbs Up Guys...
The Golden "era"

Scramblelock Mar 23, 2010
Much respect to Frank BLVD, one of MTL's illest DJs and Funk Soldiers!!!!!! Be sure to check his blog

Show 595

Frank BLVD digs up dusty heat for the 80s funk freaks, plus lots of golden age hip hop from the days of drum breaks & funk loops: Glass, Omni, Sun, Biz Markie, The Dismasters, Life-N-Def, Chill Rob G and much more. Del delivers a heavy slice of funk on "Simple Satisfaction," Lou Piensa recounts Nomadic escapades on "Catch Me" with Think Twice & David Rhysphan, and Kool & The Gang's "Funky Granny" pulls on her yellow hot pants & purple boots and shows how it's done.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Frank BLVD, Adrian, Alan / RECORDED February 26, 2010 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • del tha funky homosapien - simple satisfaction
  • talk (over b.k.-one - here i am instrumental)
  • j. rawls & john robinson are jay a.r.e. feat. tiffany paige - relax ur mind
  • voice - so fly
  • rasul syed a.k.a. mangolasi - higher for hire
  • de la soul - i can do anything (delacratic)
  • leathers - paul & devin
  • think twice & david ryshpan feat. lou piensa & elena stoodley - catch me
  • roots - section
  • desi - i want to be with you   (beginning of frank's 1st set)
  • glass - what's your name
  • sun - legs
  • bobby glover - so mean
  • eddie "ski" white - baby be mine
  • bobby thurston - my love's the real thing
  • first love - party lights
  • prime time - baby don't break
  • george howard - steppin' out
  • klaps - all the way you move
  • spence - get it on
  • khemistry - i can't lose with the stuff i use
  • omni - body groove (dub mix)   (end of frank's 1st set)
  • kool & the gang - funky granny
  • diplomats - she's the one
  • 20th century - hot pants
  • bernie hayes - monkey scratch
  • south bronx - the big throwdown
  • checker kabb - by my side
  • south bronx - the bottom line
  • twennynine with lenny white - peanut butter
  • leonard seeley's heritage - feel it (u-tern edit)
  • m.c. e.z. & troup - get retarded   (beginning of frank's 2nd set)
  • dana dane - this be the def beat
  • lakim shabazz - need some lovin (remix)
  • chill rob g. - let me show you
  • prophet l-cee - ace of s.p.a.d.e.
  • biz markie - off the top of my head
  • lord finesse & d.j. mike smooth - bad mutha
  • new style - droppin' the bomb
  • life-n-def - gangster boogie
  • 2 bad to be real - ill tempo
  • m.c. sugar ray & stranger d. - knock 'em out sugar ray (45 king remix)
  • lover kool dee & d.j. freeze - the crew
  • rangers - i'm hot
  • n.m.c. & a.d.j. - messiah
  • talk (over dismasters - small time hustler instrumental)
  • dismasters - small time hustler   (end of frank's 2nd set)

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