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Cameron Jun 7, 2021
Yo! Where can I get the Incubator cuts Scott C has played on his shows? Amazon link goes to a literal incubator. He’s got some nice stuff. I appreciate your show!
fL0W Jan 17, 2011
Dude.....Sweet!!! love your sets! greetz from germany. btw that Incubator track just kicks it. 3
DJ BIG PHUNK Sep 21, 2010
Q (ATL) Jul 25, 2010
dela, incubator, and john forte
sweet goodness, Scott C. can rock!

jvgraph Jun 17, 2010
SUP WEFUNK Groove that incubator track is SSSSSSICK man that beat goes for dddddays. Good looking out.
CM Smooth Jun 14, 2010
Incubator niceeee
Imported Jun 13, 2010
Damn nice brother! I'm digging the late 70's early 80's vibes!!!
illBert Jun 11, 2010
I'm working on a draft for a new statute, and this chillin' mix boosts my mind to come up with ideas...
Eastbayrk Jun 10, 2010
These tight sounds fuel my creative fire. Keep em coming!
D-roc Jun 9, 2010
We funk preshow before the hockey!!!! Chi town all day!
Peter Jun 9, 2010
@ P G, I didn't know that :) Thanks
slikkr Jun 8, 2010
Nuttin like chillin on a hot summer day cookin stuff from scratch... and bumpin the is good
Professor Groove Jun 8, 2010
I fixed the artist photo for Incubator (Scott C)
Professor Groove Jun 8, 2010
@Peter: The Incubator is Scott C, our guest this week. His youtube account is Chezney. Yes, the picture is wrong. :-)
Peter Jun 8, 2010
Hi, the incubator's picture is incorrect. The guy who made that track is called Chezney, and he has this project Incubator Experiment with the track re:us. look up for Chezney user on youtube. Cheers.
Jono in DC Jun 7, 2010
love the lettuce/forbidden ensemble/sir bentley trifecta
Big Fish Jun 7, 2010
I missed John Forte. Glad you guys included him in your playlist.
loFi Jun 7, 2010
Dope mix. Great funk choices.
trueninjagreen Jun 7, 2010
let the funk be with u
Mau Jun 6, 2010
Absolute dopeness
J Jun 6, 2010
Ahhh... very, very nice. Very nice indeed gentlemen

Show 604

Scott C jumps in the mix with lots of hip hop from Masta Ace, Saukrates, Gang Starr and Chilean emcee Ana Tijoux, as well as rough boogie funk selections from People's Potential Records. Ghostface joins Soulico and company on a Middle Eastern rhythm excursion, DOOM shines on "Gazzillion Ear" from his latest effort "Born Like This," and we get into wild breakbeat soul by Kings Go Forth, Andy Lewis and The Apples.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Scott C, Lawrence / RECORDED April 30, 2010 / PLAYLIST MARKING bogz / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • collage - do you like our music
  • talk (over michael zager band - soul to soul (pat les stache's safari soul re-edit))
  • netwerk - why you wanna treat me like that
  • saucy lady - star bright
  • surface - falling in love (instrumental edit)
  • cormega feat. lil' fame - 718   (start of scott c's 1st set)
  • gang starr - ex girl to next girl
  • blu - get it now
  • probe d.m.s. - off & on love
  • ana tijoux - mar adentro
  • incubator - re:us
  • fleur earth feat. frank nitt - changes (suff daddy refill)
  • gang starr - gotta get over (large pro remix)
  • saukrates - can't touch us   (end of scott c's 1st set)
  • soulico feat. ghostface killah, saz, tomer yosef & riham - el nur
  • memphis bleek - still ill
  • masta killa - brooklyn king
  • ol' dirty bastard - protect ya neck ii the zoo
  • doom - gazzillion ear
  • john forte - style free
  • j-live - school's in
  • incubator - boom   (start of scott c's 2nd set)
  • masta ace - da answer
  • dela - kiss
  • ana tijoux - sube
  • mayer hawthorne - maybe so (bluntspeakers remix)
  • space invadas - done it again
  • lettuce - by any shmeeans necessary
  • forbidden ensemble - of course, this way madam - i want to show you the bathroom first
  • sir bentley - street shuffle
  • minority band - tasty tune
  • caprice - candy man
  • checker kabb - by my side   (end of scott c's 2nd set)
  • kings go forth - one day
  • s.b.b. - bitwy na obrazach
  • andy lewis - devastated (mr. comicstore remix)
  • apples - stack it up!
  • talk (over dâm-funk - red, dâm-funk - love is here 2nite (i can feel it))

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