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Alex May 12, 2011
Can't belive i missing the hot damn euro tour in london. When are you back?
Trygve, Denmark Mar 26, 2011
I funk too! This is the best radioshow ever!
Stoycho Mar 25, 2011
that Lewis Parker joint is awesome!!
jvgraph Mar 23, 2011
SUP WEFUNK digging the new shows, I've been away but know I’m back. Life can get busy but there is always
time for WEFUNK!

Mr. Funk Mar 23, 2011
Peace and love y'all. Muslims, christians, buddhists - we're all in this shit together 3
jew from st.lou Mar 20, 2011
Damn yo-Action Bronson definitely sounds a lot like Ghostface, but even so, he does have his own brand of canned heat on tap.
Cman77 Mar 19, 2011
Thanks so much for the good music over the years guys. Listening to your shows inspired me to start DJing. I just did my first gig last night! hope to one day catch your live gigs!
Professor Groove Mar 18, 2011
@Andy: Same bitrate as always, but some of the early funk tracks are pretty low-fi!
Andy Mar 12, 2011
Sounds like you lowered the bitrate guys? Mar 11, 2011
WOW ARMANDO TROVAIOLI was a surprise....nice italian music...someone should listen another piece of italian funk music by JAMES SENESE and the NAPOLI CENTRALE band. Mar 11, 2011
totally addicted to wefunk radio...maybe an italian date?
magarac Mar 10, 2011
big up from croatia, i've become addicted, can't turn this 5H!T OFF! :D
sashlondon Mar 9, 2011
cutting some corners, love it!
ValhallaPrime Mar 8, 2011
"this track is making me nervous"... Hahahahaha Groove! Sitting at work listening, made me spit my coffee out on the desk when you said that. Great tour of the funky corners...
SmallWorldBakery Mar 8, 2011
death defying sets. that kenny delt dub is somethin else. big ups
DJ Jdeck Mar 8, 2011
Funky Corners set was dope!! Some fresh hip hop and Dilla beats! I really liked that D-Sisive track too.

Show 635

Featuring a "funky corners" mix with tracks by Lee Dorsey, Richard Marks, The Highlighters, Breakestra and more. Boogie basslines from Unlimited Touch & Halloween, and syrupy jams by George Duke & Bernard Wright. A Dilla retrospective marking the 5th anniversary of his passing. Plus Janelle Monae's genre-defying "Dance or Die" featuring Saul Williams off her epic 2010 LP "AndroAndroid".

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED February 11, 2011 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • cinematic orchestra - theme de yoyo
  • talk (over shawn lee's ping pong orchestra - accelerate)
  • willie & the mighty magnificents - funky 8 corners
  • breakestra - 16 corners medley
  • highlighters band - funky 16 corners
  • t.s.u. toronadoes - getting the corners
  • lee dorsey - four corners
  • richard marks - funky four corners
  • jimmy norman - gangster of love
  • lone catalysts - back to school
  • action bronson - shiraz
  • lewis parker feat. steele - international takeover
  • ghostface killah - chunky
  • allure feat. nas - head over heels (remix)
  • a.z. feat. the firm - firm biz (remix)
  • rampage - take it to the streets
  • unlimited touch - i hear music in the streets
  • halloween - come see what it's all about
  • kenny lynch - half the day's gone and we haven't earne'd a penny (professor groove dub)
  • casper - groovey ghost show
  • consequence - rock n roll
  • keith murray - dangerous ground
  • jamiroquai feat. slum village - black capricorn day (remix)
  • slum village - get dis money
  • slum village - raise it up
  • q-tip - let's ride
  • q-tip - move
  • george duke - someday
  • bernard wright - won't you let me love you
  • latimore - let's straighten it out
  • armando trovaioli - sessomatto (jim stuard disco mix)
  • ayinde feat. indigo - shhh (you don't want that)
  • d-sisive - if...
  • janelle monae feat. saul williams - dance or die
  • tayone feat. blu rum 13 - get some more (remix)
  • electric feat. yarah bravo - beautiful (suonho italian boogie mix)
  • talk (over d.j. deckstream feat. junji chiba - creeper)

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