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moemix Jun 28, 2016
FUNK FUNK AND AWAY!!!... moemix was here
Zeitgeist Jun 19, 2015
See my comment below? That was posted almost exactly 4 years ago. I'm still here :)
C.L.S. Dj Sep 9, 2011
Nice one folks! Great tunes
dasmb Jul 15, 2011
no offense Groove & Static but Ruby Jane is becoming one of my FAVORITE DJs. What a courageous, upbeat selector!
Zeitgeist Jun 25, 2011
OMG, finding myself coming back to Rubys 2nd set for weeks now. Its perfect, Flypaper, Cure right to the very end. Going crazy over this mix. FRESHEST!
JIRI CZ Jun 9, 2011
I love Wefunkradio...
But please guys take a map and you will realize that Czech Republic is not in Eastern Europe (we are in geographical western part) and it is called correctly Central Europe.
If you will be next time in CZ consider to play in Prague where is available for you attractive space for big party...
Enjoy CZ, our beer and girls :-)

jew from st.lou May 20, 2011
keep coming back for that k-iller k-os track
hindsightufuk May 5, 2011
props for the red head king pin, shades of red was the shit!
MattyC May 4, 2011
I heard the Guest DJ talking about rocking at the Goodlife in Boston. That spot has been holding it down by bringing in maaad famous DJ's. We need some Wefunk love! Static and Groove! Come through Boston and rock the house!
JebbieSmalls Apr 26, 2011
Great mix from Flypaper into the Cure. Totally unexpected, keep up the great work!
Danboy Apr 20, 2011
With this frozen rain over Montreal in this 20th of april, Bill Withers put a ray of sunshine in my day...
Nucu Apr 15, 2011
It's always a pleasure to listen to your shows. Keep it up!
Jew from st.lou Apr 7, 2011
from Mayer to Mayhem, wefunk got the product to get you out your playpen
Action as the main attraction
posting Ruby Jane like a pin up
damn- at two hours in the spin's up

mons Apr 7, 2011
un saludoo desde España dont stopp we funkk!!
far.out.x Apr 6, 2011
wtf, who remixed ny sh** ?! anyone?
Tlac Apr 6, 2011
Glad you guys dug Austin! Thanks for the YEARS of awesome music.
mp Apr 6, 2011
... a lovely day , a lovely day .. its gonna be ..
Syntax Apr 6, 2011
Sebe Apr 5, 2011
Thanxxx xx x
Tayo Apr 5, 2011
Just dicovered the station, I love it collage radio is always better than commercial
Ron Solo Apr 5, 2011
"I am not your Casanoooova!" Thanx again for playin an awesome Set!
One Love!

stazeOne Apr 5, 2011
Yes, yes – SLEEP TALK by Alyson Williams!
Classic Bomb. Needs to be pitched up a bit though to get ya ass started on tha flloor fo real. Keep on bringin tha good shit. WeFunk4evayall ;-)

tones Apr 4, 2011
damn good show, and its the cure on wefunk. i love it! what happend to HipHop :-)keep on freakin the funk
rudebwoy Apr 4, 2011
always the finest in music, WeFunk baby!
Yann Apr 3, 2011
Nice show guys! Discovered that the theme to 'Mad Men' is 'A Beautiful Mine' by RJD2. With WEFUNK, discovering 'new new', 'new old', and 'old new' tracks never stops!!! Greets from Belgium

Show 638

Ain't nothin like a Friday night: Ruby Jane mixes up lots of soulful 90s R&B like Zhané, Soul II Soul and Redhead Kingpin, plus some tasty drum-heavy remixes of Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers. Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson timewarp back to 90s New York rap on "Typhoon", and Mr. President puts down an exquisite uptempo redux of Al Green's "Love and Happiness".

Check out more from Ruby Jane on Mixcloud

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Ruby Jane / RECORDED March 4, 2011 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • platinum pied pipers feat. j. dilla, invincible & m.e.d. - shogun (remix)
  • talk (over hustle simmons - outta control instrumental)
  • freestyle professors feat. d.j. rockalot & stanley grimes - luv u
  • meyhem lauren feat. action bronson - typhoon rap
  • t.r.a.c. feat. baron a.k.a. drue davis - step rite on in
  • levert - cassanova   (start of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • zhané - saturday night
  • soul ii soul - get a life
  • teddy pendergrass - joy
  • alyson williams - sleep talk
  • redhead kingpin & the f.b.i. - do the right thing   (end of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • d.j. honda feat. syndicate - every now & then
  • camp lo feat. jungle brown - luchini (brinks remix)
  • fearless four - rockin' it
  • o.c. feat. big l. - dangerous
  • busta rhymes feat. k.r.s.-one - new york shit (remix)
  • ghostface killah - cobra clutch
  • k-os - flypaper   (start of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • cure - close to me
  • mayer hawthorne - your easy lovin' ain't pleasin' nothin'
  • platinum pied pipers - 50 ways to leave your lover
  • stevie wonder - positivity (mark ronson '68 remix)
  • bill withers - lovely day (d.j. eleven do-over)
  • shuggie otis - aht uh mi hed
  • rjd2 - a beautiful mine (instrumental)   (end of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • quintessence - broken
  • minnie riperton - strange affair
  • klymaxx - never underestimate the power of a woman
  • talk (over evasions - let's dance (the passage), orgone - the score)
  • mr president - love and happiness

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