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onnurb funk fockers! Jun 7, 2012
yo niggaz big respetc from guarulhos SP Brazil we lov this radio man!,just no talk'in so much dj's i wanna dancing we wanna enjoy !!! ok pz lov and respect brazilian favela bboys!!!
Jornada May 15, 2012
Great as usual. The Song Melo do Mao Branca is from Gerson King Combo, the brasilian James Brown.
Ed Powers May 14, 2012
that prime cut joint is the mottz!!! great show always keepin it raw
Tjordache May 13, 2012
It's been a few years since i've tuned it. Loving the jams. you guys are still the best.
aa May 13, 2012
How to listen in more than a 64kbps quality?!?
jcarlitos May 11, 2012
jinx, what a great track! listening to it since yesterday alot of times. now: next show
jason May 10, 2012
funk greetings from asheville, n.c.
jinx May 10, 2012
Thanks a lot jcarlitos!
jcarlitos May 10, 2012
Good Show!!!
Kim Tolliver - Party light

jinx May 10, 2012
wefunk is the best show! another great show here. anyone know the song comes after fela kuti - ye ye de smell (f.u.n.k. break edit) (end of f.u.n.k.'s 2nd set), before dudley perkins?
the "party lights make you feel like dancing dancing dancing" song??

Soyasoce May 10, 2012
Newcleus + 90% humidity in Hong-Kong = sweatsweatsweat!!!
Keep the good job runnin'

busterbeam May 9, 2012
jesus guys you are ****ing killing it today! GREAT SHOW!!
i love you but... May 9, 2012
You're a very good radio, but you speak too much, so i change for a radio who don't speak, with no pub.
thanks and have a good day.

Danboy May 8, 2012
And nice mix with Newcleus
Danboy May 8, 2012
Quantic...Life in the rain ...yesss it'is in Montreal...nice groove
Redrum May 8, 2012
Oh man thanks for this showww I finaly found that song after months of research HAAA Dope show !
Marcel May 7, 2012
So dope to see some Nujabes thrown into a set here
bootsy44 May 5, 2012
Any set with Bootsy has gots to be funky! Keep bringing the raw uncut gems!
funkettone May 5, 2012
bellissimo show...sono ormai anni che vi seguo e mi stupite tutte le volte
complimenti wefunk numeri1

Simon May 4, 2012
This is one of the best mixes you have put out. You are on it!
JT May 4, 2012
Another great show! I've been listening to you guys for many years and it never gets boring..always on top!!!
skinglouie May 4, 2012
Greatest show for years! Efyouenkei! Thanks.
Pussy Pete May 3, 2012
shit is raw. big up
Funky Bonee May 3, 2012

mikeB May 3, 2012
I'm only 1/2 way thru this show and my head hasnt stopped bobbing and I'm ready to claim this as one of the best! WFR kills it again, boyeeee....
DJ Phillie May 3, 2012
love the Heart Streets - Keep It Together track. wish I could track down a copy.
great show F.U.N.K.!

funkg May 2, 2012
when of the best shows i have heard from you guys!
Mario Eme May 2, 2012
Awesome Show. One of the best i´ve listened in WFR !!
Jordy May 1, 2012
The Jeff Lorber Fusion?!? Another sample gem coming out of the woodwork. Had no idea Crush on You was based on this. Thanks Static, Prof. Groove, and F.U.N.K.!
Once again, San Francisco is calling your name!!!

Mr.IMP May 1, 2012
Great show as always!
Someone tell Mor to stop stepping all over the lyrics on the Mtume's "Hip dip skip"!

Abdur Rahman May 1, 2012
Lovin' this show! Nice one guys
vova May 1, 2012
excellent show, thank you!

Show 682

F.U.N.K. all night: All the way from Kleeer, Dam-Funk and Masta Ace to Funk Inc and Fela Kuti, DJ F.U.N.K.'s got the funk locked. Plus a cut from 4th Pyramid's new LP "Pyramid Scheme", rough funk favorites from the Soul Searchers and Sugar Billy Garner, and smoldering soul, funk & jazz samples from Consequence, Kendrick Lamar and MOR.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ F.U.N.K. / RECORDED March 9, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • soul searchers - funk for the folks
  • talk (over w.d.r.e. & freqnik - favela bboy funk, lack of afro - the outsider)
  • sugar billy garner - brand new girl
  • new birth - got to get a knutt
  • bootsy collins - formula for funk (f.u.n.k. edit)   (start of f.u.n.k.'s 1st set)
  • venus gang - love to fly
  • cyclist - prime cut
  • first touch - all because of you
  • kleeer - tonight
  • royal flush - funk power
  • mao branca - melo do mao branca
  • masta ace - postin' high
  • quantic - life in the rain
  • newcleus - no more runnin'   (end of f.u.n.k.'s 1st set)
  • 4th pyramid - webslinger
  • notorious b.i.g., busta rhymes & labba - modern day gangstas
  • roc marciano feat. dino brave - boulevard
  • nujabes feat. c.l. smooth - sky is falling
  • mor - gangster choice
  • consequence feat. rick ross - the more i get
  • consequence - weekendz
  • le pamplemousse - do you have any (ya' know where i can get some)   (start of f.u.n.k.'s 2nd set)
  • gwen guthrie - ain't nothing going on but the rent (larry levan mix)
  • funk inc. - just don't mean a thing (f.u.n.k. edit)
  • gwen mccrae - all of my love (f.u.n.k. edit)
  • venus - don't leave home without it
  • fela kuti - ye ye de smell (f.u.n.k. break edit)
  • kim tolliver - party lights   (end of f.u.n.k.'s 2nd set)
  • dudley perkins - falling
  • apollo brown & o.c. - prove me wrong
  • heart streets - keep it together
  • kendrick lamar - rigamortis
  • talk (over willie jones iii - the thorn)
  • jeff lorber fusion - rain dance

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