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!yaboi Nov 23, 2013
these 700s will be the sounding of greatness at@.@wefunk
HughPhug Mar 1, 2013
awesome couple of sets from Majess.
fucking loving it

nicb205 Nov 28, 2012
Enjoying the dope beats from Australia. Thank you WeFunk
firebelly Nov 26, 2012
Praise the classics, damn fine show.
antonin Nov 1, 2012
what an incredible show... thanks for blessing us...
coco Sep 29, 2012
cindy mizelle - "this could be the night" es un track de BEATSTREET!!
Jimmy Muller Sep 23, 2012
Vicky D. Rasper! Been a while since I heard that.
Boss mix.

Narkh Sep 20, 2012
Woo... Quick slick uptempo!! Damn good show, made me shake my head for two hours. Guys, come to Lyon again on your tour!
jvgraph Sep 19, 2012
SUP WEFUNK, big ups to majess's for playing some classic sample tracks that with stand the test of time.
Anahata Sep 19, 2012
Gracias por tanto boogie chicos!!!
Son super geniales desde Argentina
martes miercoles y jueves

kalvokanº Sep 18, 2012
real hiphop from bogota
Check it out broooo!

Keifus Sep 17, 2012
One of my favorite shows....
cHinostylepm Sep 17, 2012
gracias por tanto ritmo! Excelente Show. WeFunk, lo más!
funkitaly Sep 17, 2012
Jharri74 Sep 17, 2012
I think of Beat Street when I hear the Cindy Mizelle joint. Crazy!
stazeOne Sep 17, 2012
Fucking hell yeah!
Dope ass show right there.
That boogie saves the day.
Big up from Dortmund City
GerMoney. Bring em on, yall.

Show 703

DJ Majess takes us back to the 80s old school with lots of classic funk, boogie and deeper cuts from Carol Williams, Jeanette "Lady" Day, Fatback, Komiko, The Little Dabs and more. Plus some fat vocoder funk from Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble, back-to-back classics from Ice Cube and Das EFX, and the return of Necro with "Rough Jew" tactics from his latest LP.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Majess, Frank BLVD, Alan, Adrian / RECORDED August 17, 2012 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • stephanie mills - put your body in it (glenn rivera restructure mix)
  • talk (over jimmy ross - first true love affair instrumental)
  • jimmy ross - first true love affair
  • buscrates 16-bit ensemble - computer boogie
  • pennye ford - change your wicked ways
  • stacy lattisaw - feel my love tonight (professor groove's rappity rap splice)
  • syreeta - quick slick
  • carol williams - no one can do it (like you)   (start of majess's 1st set)
  • trussel - love injection
  • jeanette "lady" day - come let me love you
  • billy ocean - stay the night
  • ritchie family - i'll do my best (for you baby)
  • toney lee - reach up
  • war - you've got the power
  • fatback - gotta get my hands on some (money)
  • cindy mizelle - this could be the night
  • little dabs - e.t.
  • janet jackson - say you do
  • rufus - do you love what you feel
  • secret weapon - must be the music   (end of majess's 1st set)
  • ice cube - doing dumb shit
  • ice cube - jackin' for beats
  • das e.f.x. - straight out the sewer
  • das e.f.x. - baknaffek
  • indikator - back 2 yorktown
  • 3rd bass - wordz of wizdom
  • boogie down productions - who protects us from you
  • billy griffin - hold me tighter in the rain   (start of majess's 2nd set)
  • michael wycoff - looking up to you
  • rené & angela - love you more
  • shalamar - there it is
  • kleeer - intimate connection
  • sylvia striplin - give me your love
  • first choice - love thang
  • locksmith - far beyond
  • pino d'angio - ma quale idea
  • komiko - feel alright
  • vicky "d" - this beat is mine
  • sharon redd - beat the street
  • carol williams - have you for my love   (end of majess's 2nd set)
  • necro - set it off
  • necro - tough jew
  • danger doom feat. ghostface killah - the mask
  • talk (over masta killa - old man instrumental)
  • joey bada$$ feat. capital steez - survival tactics

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