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Tomas Aug 19, 2013
Haven't listened in a year. BC I burned them all 8 years ago!! This makes me want to give them the money I owe them. :)
DJ Phillie Jun 27, 2013
this show is definitely one of WeFunk's top 10! Thank you DJ Devious!!!
Professor Groove Jun 20, 2013
@Homie4life: Thanks, I should have caught that!
Homie4life Jun 20, 2013
The Bob James track at the end of devious's 1st set is not "Nautilus". It's called "Take me to the Mardi Gras" also by Bob James. I'm sure you knew, just a heads up!
trueninjagreen May 8, 2013
Dj Devious your a beast keep up with the bboy hiphop flavor forever wefunk
Bleek from The Hague Apr 26, 2013
Wow! All those originals make me wanna dance. Get up and do my thang. You know?! LOL 1nce Aga1n a great show. Thank you.
BAKA Apr 12, 2013
Who made the first song in the intro and where can I find it?
sTaZeOnE Apr 11, 2013
Killer golden age section by devious !!!
That shit iz still tha greatest.
Like Fab 5 said: Hype slammin flava, hehe.

Walla P Apr 9, 2013
That Frankfurt Funk into that Kreamcircle; Extra Jammy
Soyasoce Apr 9, 2013
Little nostalgia over my
Electric Boogie years...
but, Still dancin'
Thanks to WEFUNK.

Kevin Apr 7, 2013
This show is, top to bottom, AMAZING! Keep it up boys, Toronto's best doughnuts are made EVERY DAY to WEFUNK!!!!
mike Apr 1, 2013
lovin THAT!
jvgraph Apr 1, 2013
SUP WEFUNK! Checking out the new show with some funky 80's tracks. Also I tested the new app out all weekend and I want to say thanks Groove for hooking it up. It's so nice being able to listen to any show and see the playlist. This is truly WEFUNK on the go.

Show 720

DJ Devious rocks the set with 80s funk jams from Cameo, Mtume and Ozone, then some raw golden age rap by J Rock, Supreme Nyborn, Kool G Rap and many more. Plus fat funk synths for the poppers with Jerry Knight and Frankfurt Funk/Kreamcicle, and raw beats and rhymes by Queens representatives Noreaga and Prodigy.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, DJ Devious / RECORDED January 18, 2013 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • father's children - intellect
  • talk (over apples - killing dub)
  • a tribe called quest - midnight
  • albino gorilla - psychedelic shack
  • donny hathaway - sugar lee
  • jeff cooper & the stoned wings - getting busted
  • mtume - green light   (start of devious's 1st set)
  • ozone - strutt my thang
  • whispers - tonight
  • chocolate milk - take it off
  • cameo - shake your pants
  • midnight star - no parking (on the dance floor)
  • finis henderson - skip to my lou
  • rick james - cold blooded
  • rick james - ghetto life
  • midnight star - midas touch
  • lakeside - fantastic voyage
  • al jarreau - boogie down
  • bar-kays - let's have some fun
  • marva whitney - it's my thing
  • esther williams - last night changed it all
  • 7th wonder - daisy lady
  • bob james - take me to the mardi gras   (end of devious's 1st set)
  • skyy - let's turn it out
  • jerry knight - do it all for you
  • frankfurt funk - enjoy my pain
  • kreamcicle - hold on
  • don blackman - let your conscience be your guide
  • lee moore - reachin' out for your love
  • la may & company - free the soul man
  • miami - funk it up
  • m.c. gee que - all nite   (start of devious's 2nd set)
  • j. rock - the messiah
  • main source - atom
  • supreme nyborn - versatile extension
  • divine force - my uptown beat
  • busy boys - classical
  • kev-e-kev & ak-b - keep on doin'
  • unique poet supreme - lyrically climbing
  • top choice clique - you can't deal
  • 16:16 - it is done
  • chill rob g. - let the words flow
  • super lover cee & casanova rud - girls i got 'em locked
  • jungle brothers - feelin' alright
  • kool g. rap & d.j. polo - men at work
  • masta ace - letter to the better
  • u.m.c.'s - one to grow on   (end of devious's 2nd set)
  • p.a.p.i (n.o.r.e.) feat. large professor - built pyramids
  • presto feat. sadat x., o.c. & large professor - conquer mentally (large professor remix)
  • o.c. - outsiders
  • talk (over g.z.a. - duel of the iron mic instrumental)
  • raekwon feat. ghostface killah - silver rings
  • prodigy - keep it thoro

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