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Andy Sep 5, 2014
Well i love the edit mix by favourite Wefunk mix to date
Souled Out1 Aug 22, 2014
Dude, anyone who can playa hate on a mix this dope needs to have their head checked. I don't give a rats ass if some of these are remixes, it's like repurposing a visible gas pump into a kegerator. Some haters like Hugh see this as a perverse corruption of a historical artifact, while the more open minded degenerate audoisseurs such as my self view this as an old trusted bell bottom wearing pop & locking friend of yours from 1973, rocking the lamb chop sideburns, reincarnated as a skinny jean wearing tatted up emo kid and honestly, I’m ok with that. If loving remixes are wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
Professor Groove Aug 20, 2014
@HughPhug: I agree and disagree. For me it's case by case and depends on the edit. I've played a bunch of originals on WEFUNK that I discovered via an edit, but didn't feel like the edit justified itself enough. But I've loved and played plenty of edits! A matter of taste or preference I guess.
HughPhug Aug 19, 2014
look i don't wanna be a dick, or a miserable shit, but a lot of these remix's/reworkings etc, well, they arent needed in this world. Roy Ayers, Tom Browne, Byrd, Striplin, Gil etc. These are classics that don't need to be fucked with. I love making a beat as much as the next man, but cmon, leave the classics as classics, you're not gonna improve them, so all you're doing is lessening them. love WeFunk, been here since the beginning, no disrespect meant.
squirrel Aug 15, 2014
Heavy, heavy dancefloor fire! Throw this shit on if you need to free up some chairs!!!
DJ.Cutsfaster Jul 21, 2014
LOVE this SHOW ... very good !!!
Keifus Jul 21, 2014
ι♫♪ |̲̅̅●̲̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|♫♪
Ferrious Jul 9, 2014
Classic WEFUNK goodies here, Evo just funks up those sets, the way it should be!
DJ.Cutsfaster Jul 7, 2014
Bucketheads ... sounds like 70' we need more new music like this !!!
build an ark - you've gotta have freedom (j-rocc remix) ... MORE of them ... MORE MORE MORE !!!

cisman Jul 7, 2014
pozdrowienia z Polski show 777 pleasing to the ear:]
Sir Real Jul 5, 2014
Always a funkin' good time over at WEFUNK.
Carolyn Jul 4, 2014
HOT DAMN! Funkin' for suuuure! Thank you guys-- you bring so much flavor to my world!! Groovin and doin it!
HughPhug Jul 4, 2014
Evo's second set is bloody marvelous!
jvgraph Jul 2, 2014
SUP WEFUNK! loving the new show with some good hip hop and a great blend of classic tracks with a little twist. Yo Groove thanks for putting up the original cut of fancy clown. I have always wondered where that beat came from.

Show 777

Evo goes straight to the groove with big tunes and heavy remixes from Sylvia Striplin, William Devaughn, Bill Withers, Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd, Minnie Riperton and more. Plus Nappy DJ Needles' Biggie transformation from his "Notorious Exchange" mashup project, two synthed-out Potatohead People productions, and tasty original samples from ZZ Hill, Roy Porter and Ray Bryant.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ EVO / RECORDED April 25, 2014 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • outkast feat. kendrick lamar - ms. jackson (potatohead people remix)
  • talk (over erick sermon - bomdigi remix instrumental)
  • nas feat. prodigy - tick tock
  • z.z. hill - that ain't the way you make love
  • madvillain feat. viktor vaughn - fancy clown
  • fab samperi feat. joelistics - brand new day (funky mix)
  • roy porter sound machine - party time
  • roy porter sound machine '94 - slaughterhouse
  • harleighblu - play me
  • ray bryant - up above the rock
  • mighty underdogs feat. d.j. shadow - u.f.c.
  • heidi leonore - everybody loves the sunshine (reflex rework)   (start of evo's set)
  • minnie riperton - all this love i have (young pulse rework)
  • le frank 'o - keep on gettin' down (nicholas remix)
  • donald byrd - change (whiskey barons edit)
  • roy ayers - running away (noodleman rework)
  • alicia myers - i want to thank you (bosq's whiskey barons rework)
  • build an ark - you've gotta have freedom (j-rocc remix)
  • soho - hot music
  • t.s. monk - bon bon vie (gimme the good life)
  • special touch - this party is just for you
  • tom browne - funkin' for jamaica (n.y.)
  • sylvia striplin - give me your love (young pulse rework)
  • gemini - ain't no love (better than your love)
  • nightlife unlimited - tell me (monk-one edit)
  • twilight - you're in love (kon remix)
  • gil scott-heron - three miles (reverend p. edit)
  • william devaughn - be thankful for what you got (onur engin edit)
  • gredit - s.m.g.
  • kon & the gang - get it together
  • bucketheads - got myself together (kenlou mix)
  • nick straker jazz band - a little bit of jazz
  • bill withers - lovely day (theo parrish unreleased edit)   (end of evo's set)
  • konk - baby dee
  • brother to brother - in the bottle
  • tiger & woods - t&w lab file #01
  • chas jankel - 3,000,000 synths
  • david axelrod - mucho chupar (edit)
  • iamnobodi - flowers
  • busta rhymes & q-tip - the abstract & the dragon
  • notorious b.i.g. vs. foreign exchange - be funk (nappy d.j. needles blend)
  • potatohead people feat. frank nitt - back to my shit
  • kenny dope & raheem devaughn feat. rhymefest - final call
  • astrological - jelloberry flats
  • talk (over quasimode - los conquistadores chocolates, million dollar disco - thegetdown)
  • harold johnson sextet - afro freak
  • orchestra & chorus les humphries - mandrake

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