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Keifus Aug 22, 2016
Bam Bam!- Pull Up~ Dat Selecta!!!!
♫♪ ( ( (d[-.-]b) ) ) ♫♪

Mr. Mark Aug 21, 2016
Omg can I get Wefunk hooked up intravenously!? It keeps me alive!
moemix Jul 31, 2016
Jordy Jul 28, 2016
Of all the We Funk shows in the world, this may the most We Funkiest! Ruby Jane and Scrambelock outdid themselves on this one...
Chinostyle Jul 26, 2016
Merecido homenaje al inolvidable Prince! Wefunk como siempre, lo mejor !

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Prince gets the royal treatment in a beautifully curated tribute by Ruby Jane and Scramblelock, including tracks across his vast career and candid interview moments with the Purple One himself. Diamond Ortiz and Julian Flenoy reflect Prince’s paisley presence, Andy Cooper and the Allergies ride fast and furious on “Rock Rock”, and DJ Shadow teams up with Run the Jewels for a no B.S. bruiser.

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DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, Ruby Jane, Scramblelock / RECORDED May 6, 2016 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • psychic mirrors - draw me your favorite funk
  • talk (over aurra - satisfaction instrumental)
  • julian flenoy - turn me out
  • diamond ortiz - my my my
  • prince intro "i never talk down to my audience" (over prince - lady cab driver instrumental)   (start of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • prince - the line
  • prince - i would die 4 u
  • prince interlude "the more i write, the closer i get to my destination"
  • prince - (untitled instrumental)
  • prince - traffic jam
  • prince - noon rendezvous (live)
  • prince interlude "i'm just like anyone else... i need love and water"
  • prince - kiss me quick
  • prince - just as long as we're together (a.k.a. jelly jam)   (end of ruby jane's 1st set)
  • crotona p. - let the horns go
  • j-zone - crib issues
  • dinco d. feat. b. the hard way - dinc to the dinc
  • bobby konders & massive sounds feat. mikey jarrett - mack daddy
  • fugees - boof baf
  • digable planets - 9th wonder (d.j. static blend)
  • roots - pass the popcorn
  • prince intro "i don't look back much at all"   (start of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • prince - funknroll
  • prince - black sweat
  • prince - race
  • prince interlude "i decided i was going to push as hard as i could to be a musician, and win at it"
  • prince - 1000 x's & o's
  • prince - right back here in my arms
  • prince - love sign (shock g. remix)
  • prince interlude "define love" (over prince - kamasutra)
  • prince - how come u don't call me anymore?   (end of ruby jane's 2nd set)
  • allergies feat. andy cooper - rock rock
  • restless soul fun band feat. shea soul - turn me out
  • kendrick lamar - king kunta
  • talk (over jason glover, dominic glover & gary crockett - golden swagger)
  • d.j. shadow feat. run the jewels - nobody speak
  • purist feat. tree - death and taxes

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