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Mo Nov 30, 2023
please i will not be specific and brief because this house is tha mfkin shit and i will rant bout it as long as i please. Jkriv omgggaaah soo good never stop. House,disco, hip hop lets join forces
Professor Groove Jul 19, 2019
Hey DrGeoffrey, here it is on Karma's youtube. Not sure if it's available anywhere else now
drgeoffrey Jun 28, 2019
I can't find anything on Google about karma atchykah - urban nights. Is it mis-labeled? Nice track!
Пётр Dec 13, 2018
Peggy Gou took me away! Show is pure flames.
Jani Parikka Oct 30, 2018
I just have to leave a comment on this AMAZING show. What a show!
Chico Mann - Esta Bueno, heard it for the first time.
Incredible tracks. I have to bookmark this one (playing with a web browser).
Hope to see you guys in Finland some day soon!

Professor Groove Oct 23, 2018
I updated the playlist, thanks guys!
sugarface Oct 23, 2018
@jvgraph, you are right! Kiki Gyan track is "Disco Dancer" not "Keep On Dancing", equally a great track but not the same one!!! It was 1am when I typed these out lol Thank you for catching it!

jvgraph Oct 20, 2018
SUP WEFUNK!!! Been a minute since I commented but you guys are still rockin' the oh so fresh and classic cuts. Really like the kiki gyan track but I believe the name is incorrect. I looked it up and the track name is "Disco Dancer"???

Show 958

Sugarface serves up international delights from Joni Haastrup, Kiki Gyan, Joutro Mundo, Rosa Maria, Peggy Gou, Djavan and more. Plus true school perfection from Genra, futuristic slappers from Low Limit and Diame Heatmaker, and a powerful Faze-O retouch by the Xtraordinairs.

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DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Professor Groove, Sugarface / RECORDED August 3, 2018 / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • karma atchykah - urban nights
  • talk (over fusion unltd. - the sun instrumental)
  • q-tip - breathe & stop (anthos flip)
  • kingdom gaya - hollywood shuffle
  • goldlink feat. wale & radiant children - summatime
  • genra - rain or shine
  • joni haastrup - greetings   (start of sugarface's 1st set)
  • kiki gyan - disco dancer
  • joutro mundo - nao force
  • jkriv - relaxa (jkriv rework)
  • popular people's front - party over here (gigamesh rework)
  • peggy gou - gou talk
  • chico mann - esta bueno
  • flamingosis - gucci gang   (end of sugarface's 1st set)
  • low limit - where you been 7.5
  • diame heatmaker - next level
  • joey bada$$ - no. 99
  • vince staples - war ready
  • lords of the underground - here come the lords
  • ta-ku - day 1
  • jurassic 5 feat. d.j. yutaka - it's all about the hip hop
  • freddie joachim - chance
  • elia y elizabeth - alegria   (start of sugarface's 2nd set)
  • djavan - nereci (d.j. marky's boogie rework)
  • eric b. & rakim - don't sweat the technique (altered tapes rework)
  • shiftee feat. t.t. the artist - dope girls (foxtrott remix)
  • hade - range rover h.s.e.
  • leroy hutson - don't it make you feel good (remix)
  • fugees - ready or not (lucas chambon remix)
  • flamingosis - pleasure palette
  • abjo - fela interlude
  • rosa maria - avenida atlantica
  • sammy barbot - new mexico (lovefingers barrio edit)
  • oslec - obrigado   (end of sugarface's 2nd set)
  • pendletons - telling lies (buscrates remix)
  • xtraordinairs feat. chromadadata - love high
  • talk (over doc mastermind feat. pi.isaac - "x".unknown playaz)
  • george semper - universe
  • quincy jones - summer in the city
  • brandon coleman - giant feelings

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