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David Dec 2, 2012
Bears love WEFUNK! Feb 8, 2011
cool thing this is

Kdeez Aug 11, 2010
super slick show/mix, thank you!
Gibsn (CZE) May 23, 2010
TOP playlist, thanx a lot!
Calou Apr 16, 2009
Mais qu'est ce que c'est? c'est francais?Je sais pas mais on sait jamais.C'est le wildstyle!!!Show is a bomb.PEACE
joeybuttaz Apr 29, 2004
so smooth...
strangeburningsensation Nov 20, 2003
great flow, great show. gonna plug it on my radio show. keep up the good stuff boys. Jersey's gonna know about this, believe me.
defhiphop2000 Jan 23, 2003
..very tasty indeed!!! im eatin this fo breakfast, lunch and dinner! and as snacks inbetween! jst plain f**kin amazing! it cant get any bettah than this! IT JST CAN'T!!!!
thank u all so much!!!

DankNYC Jun 10, 2002
This sh-t is hot! Butta beats!
peaceman May 23, 2002
in my opinion one of the muthaf*ckin dopest shows on wefunk!!!! especially in part III the funk breaks around 21:30 and the freestyles on the dopest beat i've ever heard around 40:30! check the ill shit out!!! May 8, 2002
You hip-hop boys are just too sexy....i'll keep listening now that i've found you...
funkflex May 2, 2002
This is the bomb, I'm working, funking, grooving, sweating. My cubicle's on fire!
yellzabove Apr 28, 2002
hey BLESS how do I get a cd of u kiid.

Chemist Apr 21, 2002
Transitions like butter
toan Mar 27, 2002
professor groove i really dig your bush babees - the love song remix.
Mowie Mar 24, 2002
New listener.
Much luv to the music.

mello Mar 19, 2002
jeeeeeeeez man...pleeeeze make an appearance in DC sometime! i'll pray that i find out about it and feel the goodness first hand! til then, peace & blessings :)
Keynaan Mar 10, 2002
Professor Groove I like your SOS remix. Thanks for playing INI-PROPS,
that is cut.
much love,

Professor Groove Mar 10, 2002
polyvinyl-- that's what the playlist is for. Click the playlist link for the list of songs.
polyvinyl Mar 9, 2002
Great Radio, i'm addicted to FUNK
Why don't provide the Name of the artist and the title of the song ?

Show 223

Mmmm... funky hip-hop, heavy funk, freestyles... very tasty indeed.

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static, J King, Butta Beats, Legace / RECORDED March 1, 2002 / PLAYLIST MARKING antimony / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • organized konfusion - audience pleasers
  • talk (over unknown instrumental)
  • shyheim - one's 4 da money
  • talk (over professor groove - three for one)
  • mood swingaz - the blessin'
  • tame one - in the area
  • i.n.i. - props
  • a tribe called quest - 1nce again
  • bush babees feat. mos def - the love song (professor groove remix)
  • clarence wheeler & the enforcers - right on
  • village callers - hector
  • ripple - a funky song
  • james brown - stone to the bone
  • ricky calloway - tell me
  • talk with legace (over ace lover - lucky 7 instrumental)
  • legace - indecent proposal
  • notorious b.i.g. - party & bullshit
  • cypress hill - the phuncky feel one
  • redman - time 4 sum aksion
  • wu-tang clan - protect ya neck (the jump off)
  • e.p.m.d. - rampage
  • lowell fulsom - tramp
  • african music machine - black water (gold)
  • johnny pate - shaft in africa (addis)
  • chosen few - funky buttercup
  • james brown - she's the one
  • war - me & baby brother
  • kool & the gang - chocolate buttermilk
  • talk with butta beats & j. king
  • live rhymes by butta beats & j. king (over de la soul - ego trippin' part two instrumental)
  • masta ace - i got ta
  • masta ace - so now u a m.c.
  • live rhymes by butta beats & j. king
  • aboriginals - number 3
  • talk (over mic geronimo - hemmin' heads instrumental)

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