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Ron Solo Jan 25, 2010
Just decided 2 donate your station well the nex dayz! You guys make day everyday allday!
One Love from Hamburg, germany.

hepme Aug 13, 2006
You guys are SCARY good. I've been jamming your station almost constantly for the past month. Who needs cds when you have wefunk? Thanks for breaking my neck.
ricky d Apr 6, 2005
off the chizzain ..almost spained my ankle dancin so hard
mordecai Aug 28, 2004
dropped the Session plus mad hot breaks

danny in Vermont USA Apr 15, 2004
you guys are the shit
nothing gets me going in the AM like some vintage funk and underfground
keep dishin' out the goods

B Powder Feb 6, 2003
First time i've heard this station... left it on all night. I don't recognize any of the songs but as a Dj I recognize alot of the samples, which tells me one thing... oldskool. props.
balaam Dec 18, 2002
the pace, the switching back to forth - it's the same tight shit that keeps me gobbling bandwith - but i just got to Nina / funkier'n a mosquito's and it pushed this grant application i'm trying to write soberly into elevated levels of metaphor involving the Empire's New Clothes and land as warp, technology as woof and culture being seing the pattern we've made and guessing where we're going... shit this is too long - how do you guys DO this?

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The funk gets soulful, a JBs/PE sample moment, and some butta early 90s/late 80s hip-hop

DJs & GUESTS Professor Groove, DJ Static / RECORDED March 8, 2002 / PLAYLIST MARKING antimony / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • james brown - sayin' it and doin' it
  • kool & the gang - love the life you live
  • black heat - love the life you live (professor groove edit)
  • talk
  • marva whitney - i'm tired, i'm tired, i'm tired
  • soul providers - earl's backyard barbeque
  • public enemy - rebel without a pause
  • j.b.'s - the grunt
  • public enemy - night of the living basehead
  • chubb rock - treat 'em right
  • main source - peace is not the word to play
  • eric b. & rakim - follow the leader
  • big daddy kane - raw
  • laura lee - crumbs off the table
  • murray mckay - don't let the pusher push you
  • sly & the family stone - advice
  • j. hines & the fellows - victory strut
  • jamal - keep it real
  • genius - liquid swords
  • blahzay blahzay - danger
  • arsonists - the session
  • ten thieves - it don't matter
  • 7l & esoteric - operating correctly
  • brass horizon - we just want to play
  • donald byrd - love's so far away
  • manzel - jump street
  • fabulous originals - it ain't fun, but it's fun
  • king curtis - changes (live)
  • ike turner - funky mule
  • nina simone - funkier than a mosquito's tweeter
  • crooklyn dodgers - crooklyn
  • dream warriors - california dreamin'
  • powerule - pass the vibes
  • talk

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