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daop May 16, 2024
make my day : what a journey ;)
Edmoondo May 15, 2020
RIP Son of SOUL, his mix on this show is one of my favs.
bvm Jul 18, 2010
the unknown artist performing "such a lady, such a lover" is The Faith Band.
jvgraph Apr 18, 2009
Defiantly one of my favorite shows nights over egypt is such an awesome song. I can listen to that bass all day.
Live in Socal Jan 28, 2009
This is my second comment on this one.

2 Live Nov 25, 2008
The unknown at 1:38 is a Blackbyrds "Unfinished Business" remix. I'm about 99.9% sure
HairyMan Nov 11, 2008
Not bad... Not bad.
Liz Mar 20, 2008
lovin' this show for all its soulfulness... missin' living in Montreal and seeing you guys live, but your internet radio keeps me going wherever I am
skratchnerd Dec 27, 2007
Thanks WeFunk fam! Happy New Year 07 from Cali
cleantowel Nov 10, 2007
Finally, at place to hear REAL music!
Thank you soooo much!!!!
Long live noncommercial radio!

Son of S.O.U.L. Oct 30, 2007
Peace bvm. The track in question (with the orgasmic intro,lol) is Xavier: Love Is On The One. As for the track after Pete Rock, it's not Dilla, it's Sa their EP. Easy mistake though. Please excuse the sleepy typing below. It should have read "Get in touch WITH me",LOL!!!
Son of S.O.U.L. Oct 29, 2007
If anyone wants to get in touch me, feel free to e mail me at:

Son of S.O.U.L. Oct 29, 2007
Peace all! Respect to WE FUNK for having me everytime I come back 2 my ol' hometown. As for B-Boy Mango's comment....correct song title, but wrong group. Blessings!!!
Hung Sep 16, 2007
i like the cut you guys did on babe ruth - the mexican
TuRo!! Jun 13, 2007
Just discovered you guys...
This is Pure Pleasure.

zoo sister LV May 17, 2007
'inner life - i'm caught up' is da track of the show. imo. ;p
fish´n` chips audioplaisir Crew Feb 27, 2007
Hi Guys,
nice slide of the funky cake... yeah i can tell ya!
The first unknown song in your show 452 is performed by
"Julie Driscoll & the Brian Auger Trinity"
Big up to you, love the shows.
Cheers from germany!

maximo Feb 20, 2007
Yo for real this shit is off the hook
bvm Feb 18, 2007
There's also a hot little number between "The Funk is On" and "In the Raw" that isn't listed. Female vocalist, orgasmic intro. Anyone know who she is?
billsville mike Feb 9, 2007
I love when you guys skim the seas of cheese
DJ Uro Feb 7, 2007
Vaughn Mason takes me back to the good old days!!!!!
Live in Socal Jan 30, 2007
Abso F-ing Ridicolos as Ricky Ricardo would say. Consistent and a sublime Dilla finish- you guys keep me hangin on-
Bboy Mango Jan 23, 2007
One of my best wefunk shows ever.
First unknown beat is Such a lady, such a lover by Limousine
Second unknown beat is Unfinished business by The Blackbyrds

blackmozart Jan 19, 2007
great sound guys, thanks a lot for giving us so good music.
From paris, a lot of respect!!!!

Robman Jan 19, 2007
Have been listening to lots of roolerboogie recently and that mix was sweet- tied alot of tunes I love together! Keep up the god work and hope to catch you guys in the Ireland or the UK soon!
SHNOOK (Van city) Jan 16, 2007
the unknown artist - unknown track at 1:38:45 is fucking deadly.
ahmmi Jan 15, 2007
I feel jazzed hearing Show 452. Thank you for playing so much music that I loved.

Show 452

DJ Static and Son Of Soul close out 2006 with some rollerboogie glide in their stride, underground disco breaks on the side, and some choice Dilla cuts to round out the show.

DJs & GUESTS DJ Static, Son Of Soul / RECORDED December 22, 2006 / PLAYLIST MARKING sirbaihu / HOSTING daduke, PJ, Oliver & Mike. You can help too!


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  • intro
  • crown city rockers feat. gift of gab - fortitude
  • talk (over jurassic 5 feat. dap kings - red hot instrumental)
  • p.m.d. - swing your own thing
  • vaughan mason & crew - bounce, rock, skate, roll
  • central line - walking into sunshine
  • james brown - rapp payback
  • positive force - we got the funk
  • de la soul - keepin' the faith
  • slave - just a touch of love
  • sugarhill gang - rapper's delight
  • chic - good times
  • kurtis blow - christmas rappin'   (start of son of soul's set)
  • herbie hancock - ready or not
  • tom browne - thighs high
  • war - galaxy
  • pleasure - nothin' to it
  • jones girls - nights over egypt
  • inner life - i'm caught up
  • super-wolf - super-wolf can do it
  • earth, wind & fire - gazillian rhyme (remix)
  • alicia myers - you get the best from me (say, say, say)
  • jimmy "bo" horne - get happy
  • limousine - such a lady, such a lover
  • babe ruth - the mexican
  • blackbyrds - time is movin'
  • blackbyrds - unfinished business
  • instant funk - the funk is on
  • xavier - love is on the one
  • whispers - in the raw
  • rahsaan patterson - the one for me
  • pete rock - collector's item (instrumental)
  • sa ra creative partners - __   (unknown instrumental)
  • j. dilla feat. guilty simpson & madlib - baby
  • lucy pearl - without you (remix)
  • d.j. spinna - intergalactic soul
  • talk (over j. dilla & common - so far to go instrumental)
  • j. dilla & common - so far to go   (end of son of soul's set)

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